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And Blair can’t find Todd. Wow, when have we seen this before? She’s probably right in thinking that somehow Spencer is involved in all this. How else can we explain why that woman from the adoption agency lied about going to see Todd and promising to help him find his son, then luring him to that crack house to be attacked and abducted? And I had to laugh when Dorian showed up. Do you remember Blair telling Dorian where she was? I mean, come on. Chicago is a big city and we’re supposed to believe that Dorian tracked Blair to a crack house so she could help her out? And here’s another joke. Who is taking care of Starr and Jack? Obviously, their mother is away chasing down their father who is missing in action. Aunt Dorian has joined the search in Chicago. Aunt Viki is at the hospital with Jessica. So, I guess Starr and Jack are on their own. I’d love it if Ms. Higley would try to remember that while she’s writing all these ridiculous “events”, the most loyal and dedicated fans are sitting by their television sets shaking their heads over her lack of attention to the real details that are important to the lives of the characters on the show.

Then there is more drama around the corner where Brittany has hammered poor Henry into the ground with her insults and derogatory comments and has no conscience at all when it comes to hurting people. Of course the Driver’s Ed teacher was nowhere to be found when Henry got into that car for his lesson and Brittany jumped in after him to torture his soul a little bit more than she already has. And of course the keys will already be in the car. I cannot, for the life of me, believe that Starr and Cole jumped into that car with Brittany and Cole. If we are trying to inject a bit of reality into the show (which is obviously what’s going on), then it would have made sense for the car to pull away and then Starr or someone should have called 911. I guess that will be Langston’s job. I know, I know, that would be the smart thing to do and on soaps the smart thing rarely happens. But I’m here thinking, what’s going to happen if they crash that car and Starr is hurt. It’s a good think Aunt Viki is in town and already at the hospital. At least it’s convenient. See what I mean? Ridiculous!

And how smart was Adriana to tell Dorian about her kiss from Tate? For once Dorian was the smart one when she wondered if and when it would happen again.

How far off base is Rex in deducing from his conversation with Tate’s ex-wife that Tate is gay? Yes, she divorced him and said it was fraud. I’m hoping he did something illegal which would be a lot worse than being gay. It would add an interesting twist if he were gay, but I don’t think that’s his secret. And how arrogant is Tate when he looks Adriana in the eye and makes her admit that the stunt he pulled on The View was great for her business and so there could be nothing bad about it? Then to top it off he said he’d do it all over again. I also thought it was a very empty threat when Adriana threatened to fire Tate if he pulled a stunt like that again. I didn’t believe her, so why should Tate? If Rex doesn’t strangle this guy, I’d like the chance to do it.

I see that Marty and John are getting closer. I guess John found time in his busy schedule to go and personally tell Marty about Cole visiting him at the firing range. I don’t think Miles is going to take kindly to Marty spending time with John. I hear that Miles is going to turn out to be different that he appears to us right now. Hey, big surprise. He was under Spencer’s influence for so long, how could he be normal?

I was wondering just how much Miles was going to tell Marty about his date with Jordan. He couldn’t wait to tell he that he’d “been with” a woman. I was thinking, hey Miles, too much information, but he withheld all the gory details. He sure is proud of his romp with the hooker. Wouldn’t Marty be proud? Oh boy!

And for the one bright spot in the week, Michael and Marcie were so cute on their anniversary. Too bad this is the calm before the storm. I hear that Marcie is going to take drastic measures when she finds out the truth about Todd being Tommy’s father, so this love fest between Michael and Marcie cannot end well.

Boy, Vincent really laid the bull on Viki, didn’t he? I am quite sure that he really is concerned about Natalie’s welfare and sending her those flowers was very telling, but was he kidding when he ran into Viki and tried to convince her that he was only interested in Natalie as a friend and that Natalie wasn’t ready for a new relationship right now? Hey, if he had the chance and Natalie gave him the tiniest opening, he’d jump on a relationship with her the first chance he got. He doesn’t know Viki very well if he thinks she didn’t see through him. Or maybe he wants her to know he’s after Natalie and wants her to think he’s this wonderful gentleman who is hanging back and letting her get over John and start her new life on her own two feet. Either way, he still bugs me a lot. I also think he’s keeping his options open with Layla, just in case she has a change of heart. He just had to show up at her apartment to make sure that she and Adriana were locking their door. I just can’t trust this guy.

There are constant rumors that Dena Higley is on her way out, some even saying that she’s already gone. And people all over the place talk about Brian Frons, the head of ABC Daytime and how he knows what women want in their soap operas. Well, I’ll say this; he doesn’t have a clue what women want or even what men want for that matter because the vast majority of soap viewers watch to enjoy some time away from the murder and mayhem of everyday life. They don’t need Mr. Frons to provide more of it for them on daytime television.

See ya next week.


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