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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for May 3, 2010



Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for May 3, 2010

Tea visiting Todd in the hospital after being beaten up by Cole.

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
So, Todd Manning is the proverbial cat; how many lives does this guy have? How many people have beaten him to a pulp and he lived to bounce back as horrible as ever?

I can’t say I blame Cole one bit for beating the living daylights out of Todd. Let’s face it; Todd has made it his mission in life to make Cole and his mother as miserable as ever for the past few years and at some point, Cole had to snap. Actually, I think Todd is still one up on Cole as far as beatings since Todd pummeled him when he found him in bed with Starr and later when he threw Starr down those stairs and went after him. Todd can’t stand for anyone to be happy, especially Marty and Cole since Marty is the reason Todd can’t find peace in his life. My problem with this whole fiasco is that the one I see will suffer the most is Cole. He nearly killed Todd and Todd won’t forget it, which he proved when he had just come back from the dead and told Kelly to make sure to put Cole’s picture on the front page of his rag newspaper.

Honestly, I think Todd is totally enjoying this latest beating. After all, this is his chance to get between Starr and Cole which is what he lives for most days. He has already put Starr and Cole at odds because he knows how much Starr loves him and even though she dearly loves Cole, this mess is going to cause lots of conflict between them. Todd was very happy to gloat to Marty that he would finally get his wish when he told her, “I’m the only man Starr loves more than Cole.”

Thank goodness Starr is as sharp as she is because she sees right through Hannah’s lies. Hannah is a very disturbed young woman and although she is lying about seeing Todd push Marty down the stairs, her involvement may still be unveiled. Starr really let Hannah have a piece of her mind and I loved it. Starr won’t have an easy time convincing Cole that Hannah is lying to break them up, but John will soon start to doubt Hannah, too, and then she will be toast. She’ll probably do something drastic that will hurt someone before Cole wises up.

I have to admit that I got a real kick out of Todd’s tour through Hell with Viki. It was funny enough when he saw that after his death, the town finally celebrated his demise; Tea reunited with Ross, Starr finally married Cole, but the absolute most hilarious thing was Dani showing up pregnant in a wedding dress and Todd realizing that John was the daddy. I died laughing and that was certainly enough of a jolt to bring Todd back to life. Even though I don’t think Todd pushed Marty down the stairs, I still loved John coming by and arresting him right after he came back from the dead. Todd had some choice words for John but John shut him up when he said, “Marty came back strong and you couldn’t make her a victim and you hate that.” I also think it’s very sad that with all that is going on, John has to deal with losing that child also and we haven’t seen the depth of his feelings yet.

I found it a bit unrealistic that Dani was all of a sudden ready to give Todd a chance before the incident with Marty occurred. I would think that rehearsing the play would reinforce her feelings about not wanting anything to do with Todd. Now Dani is very conflicted and she seems to have become attracted to her new co-star, much to Matthew’s dismay.

Back at the high school, Langston and Ford are getting very sloppy and careless, which resulted in Destiny seeing them making out in the rehearsal room. You know when a secret like that is known, it isn’t known for long. Then Markko left his camera running and it taped Destiny telling Matthew all about what she saw. I wish Markko would find out the truth already. Langston needs to learn a hard lesson here and Ford needs to be fired.

Rodney shows up in Llanview in Kelly’s office and she is shocked to learn that he can speak and wants to tell her about her mom’s death, but he wants to talk to John. Kelly steps out for a few minutes and comes back to find Rodney dead on the floor. What’s up with that? This is a mystery that so far doesn’t interest me.

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