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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for April 26, 2010

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - April 26, 2010


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for April 26, 2010

Langston Cramer

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
Langston can’t believe Ford would do such a thing so she runs for cover. Markko figures Ford has a girl there, but doesn’t guess who it is and when Markko finally leaves, Langston is furious because Ford took such a chance and humiliated Markko. She then realizes that she actually made a fool of him and decides to leave, but not before she punches Ford in the stomach. You’d think Langston would be smart enough to end it there, but no, she lets Ford creep right back into her pants the next day when she tries to tell him it’s over. Ford’s ego wouldn’t let him accept being dumped by a little girl, so he faked the sad sack routine and told her he was falling in love with her and she caved in like a tower of dominoes. Hey, now that she knows he loves her, she can’t let him go. OMG, give me a break! She again lied to Starr and it was the biggest lie of all when she swore on their friendship that she wasn’t the girl in the hotel.

Are you sick of Hannah yet? I am. This girl makes me remember Langston’s cousin, Lola. She is needy and desperate and that is a dangerous combination. Hannah shows up at the apartment to see Cole and finds Starr alone there. Starr is sick of this girl and rightfully so. Hannah thinks it is perfectly normal for her to just drop by to see Cole as a friend but Starr lets her know that it is not okay. I like the way Starr handled Hannah, but it was obvious that Hannah wasn’t dealing with a full deck when Starr told her that Cole’s mom lost her baby and Hannah wanted to run right to Cole to console him. This girl is trouble and Starr knows it, so she warned her that she would be the one to take care of Cole.

I was just thinking of how crazy this show gets and I figured that Hannah could easily slip over the edge in her desire and need for Cole. If she is as sick as Lola was, she could have pushed Marty down those stairs so she would be able to be there for Cole in his hour of need. Hey, Lola killed her own mother and let her father go to prison for the crime. Hmmmm, something to think about. If Hannah could try to kill herself over a piece of dirt like Ford, who knows what she is capable of?

So, there’s a new boy in school who is playing the role of Cole in the musical and Matthew is not too happy that he will be around Dani so much. Meanwhile, Dani shares a kiss with him in rehearsal and some bells start ringing. This could get sticky. We don’t know enough about Nate yet, but I’m sure we’re going to find out plenty.

Kelly is surprised by a visit from Rodney who actually can speak and mentions Melinda’s murder again. Rodney wants to speak to John and when Kelly comes back to the office to see Rodney, she finds him dead on the floor. The plot thickens.

And my favorite scene of the week was when Brody wanted to question Todd and Todd just blew him off telling him that if he wanted to question him he better get someone more intimidating. I died laughing at that moment when John walked in the door. That shut Todd up pretty quickly. Let’s face it; Todd hates John with a passion. He is intimidated by John and he is wildly jealous of him. Todd hates Marty and by killing her and/or her baby, he gets back and her with John as a bonus. Let’s see what happens.

See ya next week.



Daphne writes: “I've been an avid viewer of OLTL since the day the series began back in 1968. It seems now as if none of the characters have been in keeping with their original personalities, even Viki has been the mainstay but is falling under the ax of these idiotic writers. Sure, the ages of children have been changed, but Todd had Jack on the island well before Daniela was even conceived. They even refer to the kidnapping, but now Jack is younger than Daniela. Maybe we should call Dr. Oz in to figure that one out. I'm really sick of all this paternity child switching garbage......if you look back, ever since Natalie hit the show that is what all the storylines have dwelled upon. Can't they come up with something more exciting and realistic? There have been more baby switches in Llanview in the past 10 years than have been in the US in the past 100! And as long as I'm ranting on, I just want to say how sickening the whole Natalie and John thing is. I'm over it and I wish she would leave him alone and sink her claws into some other unsuspecting soul. The writers better wake up and smell the roses before the viewership dwindles down to zero.”

Dear Daphne: I certainly understand your frustration over what is going on with our show, but I can’t say any of it is new. They’ve been messing with children as far as age goes for as long as I can remember and switching babies and DNA tests, although ridiculous, seems to be a staple. Not too much makes sense which is why I often ask myself why we all watch, but I never quite figure out the answer to that one.

Sharon writes: “I just finished watching the hospital scenes with Bo, Nora, Matthew and Rex and I have to say they were very well done. All four actors did a FANTASTIC Job. The scenes where Rex comforted Nora when she broke down after he told her that Bo saved his life were very touching. And Brody bringing Matthew a soda and him commenting that his father always gave him change for the vending machine, aww. But the scene that REALLY got to me was when Nora was with Bo in the ER and she took off his oxygen mask to tell him that she didn't wait all these years to get back together with him just to lose him now and just the way they said they loved each other-- that's what you call chemistry.”

Dear Sharon: I also enjoyed all the scenes with Bo, Nora and Matthew. It’s wonderful to see them all together again. I hear we going to be getting a really nice, fun wedding coming up for them and I couldn’t be happier. I’m sure you agree.
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