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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for April 19, 2010

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - April 19, 2010


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for April 19, 2010

Bo and Nora

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
I was getting ready to smack some sense into Nora when she didn’t immediately accept Bo’s marriage proposal. I loved the scenes though, where they talked about it and he tried to convince her. All that Bo could think of was that he had just looked death in the face when he was shot and he didn’t want to waste any more time putting off his life with Nora. Nora was so easily convinced because she hasn’t been the luckiest or the smartest when it came to marriages and has royally messed up several times. She loves Bo more than anything but she figured since things were so good between them now, why rock the boat? Bo also felt bad because he figured that if things hit a snag, Nora would be worried that he would be unforgiving as he was in the past. In any case, she finally said yes and I was one happy camper. Now let’s have a fun wedding for these two.

Did you believe Langston when she had that sudden change of heart and told Starr she would break up with Ford and not Markko? She had me going for a while and I have to say I was disappointed and quite disgusted with this young lady when she selfishly told Starr she would hold off telling Markko the truth until after the school year ended for his benefit since he worked with Ford. Her level of deception is over the top and although I have always liked Langston, I would have been very satisfied if she had walked in while Ford was “doing” the pizza delivery girl.

There is no shortage of messed up young women on this show and Hannah is a prime example. She is very disturbed and needs some serious therapy after she tried to kill herself with those pills, but she has decided that her therapy will be Cole. The little miss innocent act has worn a bit thin and I wanted to smack her when she “accidentally” spilled that coffee on herself at Cole’s place and walked out of the bathroom in her bra asking to borrow a shirt. Wait a minute; I also wanted to smack Cole. How stupid is he? Sure, he’s a good guy and wants to help her and be her friend, but he should see through her act and tell her to get some real help, someplace other than his apartment.

And you just knew that someone was going to walk in and see her in her bra and sure, it had to be the most insane person in Llanview, Todd Manning. Now don’t get me wrong. Any dad walking in on a scene like that would be justifiably upset, but Todd swings first and asks questions later. Well, no, he doesn’t ask questions, he just jumps to conclusions. And there stood Hannah, looking all sorry and terrified of Todd when I think she was loving the whole scene. OF course Todd didn’t even have go to Starr with the news because she came home and found poor little Hannah being consoled in Cole’s arms because Todd scared her so much. Hey, Todd could scare anybody but I think Hannah should start being worried about Starr. Starr won’t put up with her act and Cole better wake up, too.

And speaking of Todd’s terrifying behavior, those were some unbelievable scenes he had with Marty. Todd is always a nasty jerk, but when he went after Marty in her office, every part of his evil, selfish, psychotic personality came blaring out. He was vicious, not to mention delusional when he accused Marty of coming back to Llanview so she could get her perverted son to seduce Starr. OMG! Is he kidding? He has the never to call anyone perverted? And he really was vicious when Marty told him she was happy with John and her baby and he looked her in the eye like a lunatic and told her she couldn’t be happy because he wasn’t happy since he lost Tea and his daughter Dani hated his guts. Todd’s hatred of John made him all the more insane and he even scared me when he said to Marty, “Take your sorry ass, your sorry ass baby and your sorry ass son and disappear.” This guy just creeps me out.

So Marty is overcome with stress after Todd’s visit and takes a call from Viki who asks to meet her for dinner. Of course the elevator is broken and Marty decides to take the stairs, which she should never have done in her condition and someone comes up behind her (supposedly to push her) and she fall down the stairs. Unfortunately, earlier in the day Marty also had a bad run in with Natalie who taunted her very badly and actually said that John wouldn’t be with her if she weren’t pregnant. Natalie was at the hospital to apologize and unfortunately Marty is going to lose her baby and blame Natalie. It really wasn’t Natalie who was in the staircase and that will come out, but was it Todd? He was certainly around and I wouldn’t put anything past him.

Gigi decides in court that Sierra belongs with her dad, so Fish and Kyle take custody of her, with the promise that Gigi can see her anytime she likes. Unfortunately, we won’t see any of that.

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