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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for April 14, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for April 14, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for April 14, 2008

Todd Manning

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
Todd is still living in fear of Ramsey, so much so that he figured out that Ramsey is the reason Gigi has remained in Llanview. Is Gigi wise to even talk to Todd, let alone become allies with him? Of course not. He’s just using her as leverage to get Ramsey to leave his family alone. If Shane gets hurt in the bargain, so be it. Locking Ramsey up won’t help Shane once the damage is done. Gigi would be so much better off just going to John and telling him what’s going on with Ramsey. Getting involved with Todd will only lead to more trouble for her and that’s a guarantee. Do we need to wonder whether or not Todd would hang Gigi out to dry if it suited his needs? I was shocked that Todd told Viki that he kidnapped Shane in Texas. If he can tell his sister something like that with a smile on his face, it just goes to show you that he’s not too worried about the consequences of anything he does.

And what kind of wacko is Lee Ramsey anyway? Who is that woman who is taking care of things at the penthouse for him and who the heck was he hallucinating he was talking to up in his bedroom? Was he hallucinating or is something or someone really there? Did he totally lose his mind when Caitlin was killed? We know that’s why he hates John, but how sick is this guy? He is manipulating everyone’s lives at the police station and causing lots of friction between the cops that didn’t exist before. I don’t ever remember the cops being so petty as they are now, spying on John and Talia and report back to Antonio. Ramsey has done a brilliant job of pitting Antonio against John and it’s going to blow up very soon. I would think that Antonio would be on to Ramsey’s manipulations by now. Maybe he is and we just don’t know it yet. Maybe he doesn’t want anything to do with John and Talia and will try to bring Ramsey down on his own. Who knows? I can’t imagine any other reason why Antonio would put up with Ramsey for even a minute, especially when Ramsey congratulates him on his work on the Angel Square project with a left-handed compliment like, “Great work for an ex-con.”

Now John and Talia are plotting something, obviously to trap Ramsey. And Ramsey set them up well when they let him overhear that they were meeting at the motel and he sent Antonio and Eddie to find them. Sure, Ramsey figures a hothead like Antonio will take John out for him and his hands will remain clean. Will Antonio stop to wonder why John is fully dressed and Talia is undressed in the bed?

I think Antonio has gone too far in giving Talia the cold shoulder when at this point it is going to affect Jamie. I thought he was pretty pathetic when she told him she had seen Jamie and that she was going to braid her hair and Antonio told her it wasn’t a good idea. The one thing he vowed never to do was let Jamie get hurt again and he’s throwing that promise down the drain.

And what is Starr going to do? She came close to telling Blair that she’s pregnant and she came even closer to telling Cole. It hasn’t been any fun for Starr to be back in school, dealing with a pregnancy and dealing with trying to avoid being anywhere near Cole. Cole knows that Starr is very upset about something big and he can’t stop wanting to be with her and help her deal with whatever she is going through. What’s going to happen when Cole goes to see Todd?

Does Rex have to go and get the hospital records of Shane’s birth before he admits that this boy is his son? I guess he doesn’t quite believe it yet because he doesn’t see any reason why Gigi would keep the truth from him, but it is time he confronted Gigi and didn’t let her get away with excuses. Her lame excuse about Shane being premature when Rex found out Shane’s birthday was ridiculous. They were both remembering exactly where they were and what they were doing when Shane was conceived on July 4th. It has become very plain to Gigi that Rex is paying an awful lot of attention to Shane and to her and although she doesn’t admit it, you can tell that she knows Rex’s interest is in her as well as in Shane. Her resolve is weakening and her love for Rex shows more every day.

Is Layla going to become that annoying character that spends her time going around spying on her friends’ boyfriends and reporting back to them? It was bad enough that she was running back to Adriana every time Rex and Gigi were in the same part of town and now she has told Adriana that Rex was seen taking Shane to school. Now she’s getting on John’s back for going after Talia and coming between her and Antonio. I was applauding when John just walked away from her. Whatever is going on, Layla needs to keep her nose out of it. And wasn’t Antonio the defensive one when Layla went up to talk to him at the bar and he assumed she was thinking that since he couldn’t afford to keep the bar, he couldn’t afford to drink there either? Antonio needs to get a grip.

I have to admit that to some extent I do feel sorry for Marcie. She just can’t seem to get her life back on track and that’s not hard to understand. Unfortunately, it seems that she and Michael are having a hard time recovering from everything they have been through and their relationship seems so strained. I was surprised that Michael turned Rex down when he asked him to be one of his groomsmen. His excuse of having to work so much was very lame and he kept insisting he couldn’t be in the wedding even when Marcie kept telling him he could switch a shift with another doctor if he had to. Maybe Michael has just had it with everything and is throwing himself into his work to avoid dealing with his problems at home. It’s sad.

I hope things continue to heat up and that May sweeps are worth waiting for. There are a lot of things that can blow up in Llanview and I am anxious to see some storylines resolved this spring. Aren’t you?

See ya next week.


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