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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for April 8, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for April 8, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for April 8, 2008


Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
Okay, so here’s a question. How did the Buchanans ever keep their business afloat without Lindsay? I’m wondering if she might be behind the whole takeover scheme. She just pops up with dirt every time Clint needs it and it’s like she’s his drug dealer when she says, “Just give me a name. I can help you.” She’s like the spider to Clint’s fly (and I do mean bug, not zipper, LOL!) It is getting to the ridiculous point. She’s making it sound like she’s got all these nasty files lying around, as if Sam only represented the scum of the earth. I’m finding this storyline and Lindsay more than annoying. Even though I enjoy the tussles between Nora and Lindsay, I’m not thrilled to see that Lindsay is still that insecure little girl who constantly thinks Nora is after all of her men. You’d think the cabin was on fire or someone was dying the way Lindsay carried on when she found out that Clint had sent Nora and Bo to the cabin together. Bo and Nora both have her figured out. Lindsay told Bo she was worried about Clint, but Bo is no fool (well, most of the time). He knew she was worried about him being with Nora. Frankly, Lindsay has something to worry about because when Clint starts relying solely on incriminating evidence from her to save the company, it won’t sit well with Bo and Nora who have very high standards for what’s right and wrong and it might just bring them together. Bo and Nora have some really great memories and it didn’t take them long to stroll down memory lane when they were stuck in the car together. I loved those flashbacks of them dancing together. I thought it was too bad that Lindsay and Clint found Nora and Bo so quickly.

How long will Ramsey get away with setting up and controlling everyone in Llanview? Now he has framed John with drugs in that phony drug bust he set up so he could get John off the force. I was very surprised that Ramsey gave John so little credit. John had already caught Ramsey in his office and it didn’t take John thirty seconds to figure out that Ramsey had planted drugs in his jacket that Antonio could conveniently find later on. John won’t every easily be fooled by Ramsey. What I don’t understand is how along with losing his money, Antonio lost every brain cell in his head. Why does he trust Ramsey and accept everything he says so easily? And since he knows Talia and knows how long she had feelings for him before he admitted his own feelings, why is he so eager to believe that she wants John? Hey, I’d want John in a heartbeat over Antonio but Talia doesn’t. Antonio is a lot sharper than he’s acting and everything that happens that keeps him on Ramsey’s side makes this storyline more and more unbelievable and tedious to watch. It’s not like Antonio to let himself be played like a puppet and that’s exactly what Ramsey was doing when he offered to split Talia and John up and told Antonio that she wanted things to stay the way they are. Good for Talia; I hope she lets Antonio do his sulking and leaves him in the dust. He doesn’t deserve her and he’s treating John like dirt when John has always been a good friend to him. Ramsey is a puppet master and he’s got complete control of Antonio’s strings. I thought so little of Antonio when we found out that he even told his mother that he thought John and Talia were involved and Carlotta gave Talia the cold shoulder. Carlotta should take a good look at her little boy and not be so quick to think someone is trying to hurt him.

Let’s move on to Nash. This guy worries me. I have always really liked Nash, but lately he’s like a boulder barreling down a hill picking up speed and heading for a crash. Before he met Jessica he was a very ambitious man, ambitious to the point where he did some not so nice things to get what he wanted to succeed in business. That all changed when he met Jessica, but now I am seeing that side of him trying to rear its ugly head and even though I know he will do anything to be a success without Buchanan money, he’s getting a very big head because of what these new investors are giving him. He has done nothing but put his hand out for more money because he thinks things have to be done in a big way or they aren’t worth doing. BIG MISTAKE NASH! He hasn’t once stopped to wonder why they are giving him endless envelopes full of cash and he’s signing papers without even reading them. I guess his ego has convinced him that he’s going to be a great success in the wine business and these investors know a great thing when they see it. Jessica is worried about his risk taking and I think Nash is being very cavalier where his wife is concerned. Now we have Sarah in the mix, traveling alone with Nash. Six months ago I would have said there was no way Nash would do anything stupid that he couldn’t take back. Now I’m not so confident that I can say that. We’re hearing too much about what a risk taker Sarah is and how she’s a risk junkie. That’s right up Nash’s alley. This storyline certainly has the potential to become very dirty and nasty very quickly.

Well, just when I have about all of Todd that I can take (do we have to see him every day?) he is going to insinuate himself into Gigi’s life to work against Ramsey. I can’t say I’m going to be sad if Ramsey does something nasty to Todd, but unfortunately, hurting Todd means Ramsey will hurt his family and guess who will be responsible for that? Gigi has enough trouble in her life and she has just begun to deal with Adriana and Dorian. She’s going to need someone on her side like Rex who knows Dorian like a book and hopefully he will see that Adriana is going down a nasty path, too.

See ya next week.


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