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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for April 5, 2010



Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for April 5, 2010

John McBain

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
Back in Llanview, John is preoccupied with Marty who has been examined by her doctor and although she and the baby are okay for now, her pregnancy is high risk and she needs to be very careful. So, John decides to move her into his place and she doesn’t argue.

John and Natalie keep getting thrown together. Natalie is at the hotel to see Roxy and gets a bunch of towels dumped on her to deliver to John. So she winds up going to his place and he knows something is wrong. He consoles her when she tells him the whole Alison story and when she winds up in his arms being comforted by him; she quickly gets up and decides they shouldn’t be in these kinds of situations any more. John isn’t happy because he thinks they should be able to be friends, but they both want more than that but can’t admit it, especially with Marty in the picture and moving in with John.

I can’t stand watching Langston lie to Markko anymore and I think it is despicable the way she has dragged Starr into her web of lies. That’s not what friendship is about and this is all going to blow up in Langston’s face. I couldn’t believe that she wanted to hang on to Ford even after she confronted him and he didn’t want her to break up with Markko and doesn’t care that she still sleeps with him. Gee, what a dedicated guy. Markko is about one hair away from having the truth smack him in the face. He probably already knows and doesn’t want to face it. I can’t wait to see what happened when Starr confronts Ford.

Believe it or not, Clint and Kim seem to be falling into a decent relationship (whatever that means for these two) when David Vickers shows up at the door and blackmails Kim. He has some paper that he shows her and she becomes terrified that he will tell Clint about it. David is worried that Kim will blow through all the Buchanan money that he wants for himself so he tells her that he will show the paper to Clint if she doesn’t pack up and leave right away. I have no clue what was in that paper because when Clint came home and found Kim on the way out, she confessed to everything she and Stacy did with regard to the baby and it still didn’t push Clint to want her to leave. David kept flashing the paper at her and she knew she had to leave, so she told Clint she cheated on him because she knew that was the deal breaker. Sure enough, Clint told her to leave and not let the door hit her in the butt. What does David have on Kim and do we like this ruthless David?

I don’t have much to say about Jessica. Her silliness annoys me to no end and I can’t believe that the best advice her family can get is to leave her alone and let her continue to live in the past. Right now, she is just a young version of Tess and that’s not who Jessica was back in high school. I don’t blame Layla for being annoyed and it seems like Jessica is just getting a pass from everyone she is annoying.

At least it was an interesting week. How many lives does Mitch have left? And I’m with Gigi in wondering how Mitch’s stem cells saved Shane’s life if he’s not a blood relative. Could it be that much of a coincidence? And we still don’t know the secret Alison is keeping from Jessica and Natalie. Ugh!

See ya next week.



Catherine writes: “Your suggestion that Jess's next alter's name be 'Mess' cracked me up. I actually adore Fish and hate to see him go. That's a big loss for the show. He's a refreshing and fun character and has a heart of gold. The demise of Markko and Langston sickens me. Now that Bo and Nora are back together, we rarely see them.”

Dear Catherine: I sure do agree about Fish. Now that he has taken responsibility for Sierra, I would love to see him in the role of father and Kyle would do a good job as his partner now that they have made him a decent human being. As far as Markko and Langston go, I really can’t stand this storyline. I could honestly see it if they broke up and moved on since they were each other’s first love and I understand Langston when she wonders about what else is out there in life for her, but I dislike her tactics more and more every time she sees Ford and how she drags Starr into her web of lies. She is better than that and Markko certainly deserves better. And believe me, I am plenty mad that we have so much nonsense to watch and never get to see any good stuff between Bo and Nora. I hope it is coming.

Nicole writes: “I must say that Roxy's performance with Rex and Natalie was her best yet! She always says goofy and awkward things that sometimes make her seem 'out there', but hey, that's who she is, right? That scene where she poured her heart out and told Rex she wasn't his mother was very real. She really stepped out of her character for that and it was nice to see that she had a 'normal' side to her! Kudos to her!”

Dear Nicole: I couldn’t agree more. I think Ilene Kristin’s Roxy is one of the most underrated characters on the show and she should be a contract player as much as any other valued actor. Roxy is a real person who wears her heart on her sleeve and she has had such a tumultuous past that we knew it was going to be an emotional explosion when the truth about it came out. She never disappoints and I give Ilene the highest marks for never letter me down, especially this time.
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