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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for March 24, 2009

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - March 24, 2009


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for March 24, 2009

Lola Montez

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
I couldn’t believe the nerve of that little tramp, Lola. OMG, she walked right up to Markko in the kitchen of the café and started kissing all over him. He thought it was Langston and oops, big surprise, it was nasty Cousin Lola. Wow, she learned her lessons from Vanessa well. Actually, I think Vanessa could have learned a thing of two from her. Again, she begged Markko to keep her behavior a secret from Langston and when he didn’t want to do that, she threatened to tell Langston that not only did he keep the secret before, but that he enjoyed her advances. Oh boy! Markko is buying himself a world of hurt by keeping quiet, but of course, he will do it for now. I’ll call this an “MMM.” MAJOR MISTAKE MARKKO!

And then we have Natalie and Jared who are on the verge of being able to prove the true identity of Jessica’s baby and they just happen to run into Starr and offer to hold her locket while she takes a shower and changes at the hospital. Oh, and Jared just happens to steal Starr’s toothbrush. How convenient; the last pieces of the puzzle, Jessica’s baby’s hair, just happened to fall right into their hands. Actually, I’m very glad that the truth is finally going to come out. Everyone has been through enough already. Natalie and Jared are going to have a crisis of conscience because they will hesitate to reveal the truth since Jessica seems to be happy and Marcie is moving on with her life. But hey, this is Soapland and that secret doesn’t stand a chance of staying a secret!

I’m very glad that Fish is back on the Llanview PD. Now it’s only a matter of time before John gets his job back. We’re about to say good-bye to Antonio. I can live with John and Fish filling the void at the cop shop, can’t you?

See ya next week.



Lward4 writes: “The new Shane storyline is proving to be unbelievable. Roxy's scene with Rex when she was telling him how to be strong as a parent was great. I'm still playing it back over and over. What a fantastic performance! I'm just blown away. The storyline with Nora & Bo's son Mathew; wow! The effect on the whole show will be stunning. Bo and his family will have plenty of air time and that is terrific.”

Dear Lward4: I couldn’t agree more. All of the actors in this storyline are wonderful, including little Shane. And honestly, I have said it many times before; Ilene Kristin is the most underrated actress on the show and it is a crime that she is not on contract. Roxy may be the wackiest woman in Llanview, but don’t let her butchering of the English language fool you. She is as sharp as a tack and in spite of her rocky past, she has a heart of gold and loves her kids to death. As far as Nora and Bo go, I’m sorry it took a tragedy to bring them back together, but it is what I have always wanted and it makes me very, very happy. Giving the core families more airtime is what it’s all about and we haven’t gotten nearly enough of that lately. I’d also love to see more of Viki and reviving her friendship with Nora would be wonderful right about now. Nora needs the kind of comfort Viki has always been able to provide.

Ron writes: “I hate how the writers of OLTL always emphasizes Todd's wrongdoings while covering up the wrongs of other characters. It comes off like Ron Carlivati has favorites, who he "excuses" by the pen. For example, I love Dorian, but look how her hit man thing was just brushed under the rug. What about her drugging Charlie? Can Blair really be self-righteous about Todd making plans to kidnap the baby when she's living with Dorian who had her own daughter (Adriana) stalked and kidnapped? Starr, Langston, Blair and John are just not shown caring about it and in fact, if Starr is going to scream for the zillionth time at Todd's past doings, there are lists for others she can rattle off. That's why I think the show has lost longer term viewers.”

Dear Ron: Oh, where do I begin? First of all, let me say that I have likened Dorian to Todd many times. Yes, she has done horrible things to people but somehow she always manages to slip through the fingers of the law because there are usually gray areas where they can’t prove what Dorian actually did. Yes, Dorian has done some really horrible things, but she pays in a way that is very personal to her. Dorian has tried so many times to scheme to get what she wants and she’s not very good at it because it always comes back to smack her in the face. Dorian lives in her own personal hell because she is the unhappiest person in Llanview. She is jealous and insecure and whatever she has is never enough to make her feel happy. She thinks happiness is totally tied to money and prestige and can never get enough of what she thinks she needs. I think the difference between Todd and Dorian is that Dorian has a vulnerable side (which Todd used to have, even if it was tiny) and now Todd has nothing inside him. He changed when he started thinking it was okay to hurt his family (Starr) to get what he wanted and that started when he first went after Cole for seeing Starr. And honestly, the total of everyone’s crimes in Llanview don’t come close to equaling Todd’s.
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