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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for March 17, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for March 17, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for March 17, 2008

Natalie Buchanan

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
On the other hand, I don’t think that Blair should have Todd living in that house with her, Starr and Jack right now. Todd is violent, unpredictable and is behaving like a tyrant. He’s not behaving like he’s involved in a marriage. He orders Blair around and doesn’t care what she says. It was only when he kept pushing her to pack for Hawaii that she had enough of him and said, “I’m not going anywhere. You can take Sam and go to Hawaii. I can’t stop you from ruining that little boys life, but you won’t take Starr and Jack and I won’t go either.” He only backed off the move to Hawaii because he knew he couldn’t ORDER Blair to do anything and she had a perfect right to stay in Llanview and keep her kids safe. Blair should have listened to Dorian when she told her to throw Todd out of her house, but I’m sorry to say that Blair isn’t willing to go that far. That is her mistake.

Starr really got a good taste of who her father truly is, didn’t she? She tried to talk to him like an adult and have a reasonable conversation and what did he do? He cut off her cell phone, cut off her bedroom phone, disconnected her Internet connection and jailed her in her own home with guards at all the doors. I guess the next thing he’ll do is nail her windows shut. I’ve seen Todd go very far when he has threatened other people and coldly stared them down until they shriveled up in fear, but I never thought I’d see the day when he would do that to Starr. When he threatened to have Cole thrown in jail for shooting Miles if she came near him, or if he even walked by her lunch table at school, he did it in exactly the same way he has threatened his worst enemies; the way he threatened Spencer, Kevin, Michael and Marcie and anyone else who got in the way of what he wanted. I felt terrible for Starr. She couldn’t believe he would go so far to hurt her but she finally realized he meant every word. Her response was very clear and very concise when she said, “Now I know that everything everyone ever said about you is true. You are the monster that everyone says you are. You are that man. You are that rapist.”

I think something has to be done about Todd if Blair is so afraid of what he’ll do that she convinces Starr that there is no alternative than to love Cole enough to let him go. WHAT BULL! Blair is doing the wrong thing trying to preserve this horror show of a family.

And what about poor little Jack in the middle of this mess? This kid idolizes his maniac father and is totally ready to move to Hawaii and embark on the adventure his father has been feeding into his head and now, just like that, he has to be disappointed by that screwed up family he lives with. When Todd is on a mission to destroy someone, everyone else shrinks into nothingness in his mind.

Wasn’t it convenient that Todd went to Viki and told her that Cole raped Starr and neglected at first to tell her that Starr said it was consensual? That’s just like Todd. He got Viki’s sympathy for about three seconds and then she saw right through him.

So, Gigi has a new job with B.E. It’s nice to see her having some kind of life in Llanview and out of the waitress’s uniform. She’s a smart young woman and I’m sure she will have a very interesting life now that she has moved to Crazy Town. Of course Rex is way over the top in his involvement with Gigi and Shane. It was nice of him to help her get the job, but it is even obvious to Natalie that Rex is more interested in Gigi than an engaged man should be. Gigi obviously never got over Rex and now she has to do everything in her power to keep him from finding out that Shane is his son. I can’t see that working for very long.

Was Ramsey involved in Antonio losing his inheritance? It was big of Antonio to agree to give everything back without a fight. The Santi family must have done some horrible things to whomever is demanding restitution and Antonio, being an honorable man, can’t deny them what belongs to them, even at the expense of Jamie’s financial future. It was nice to see Jessica go to Antonio to express her concern over his situation and I was glad that for once he didn’t turn her away. These two need to be civil with each other and it would be nice if Jessica could have some kind of relationship with Jamie since it is so obvious that they love each other.

I get the feeling that Ramsey is going to be involved in everyone’s demise, just like Spencer was. And the mayor is involved in some sort of money scandal at City Hall which John will do his best to uncover Is Ramsey involved in that, too?

At least Cristian will have a job working on designing the wine bottle labels for Nash. Oh Nash, why doesn’t he see that his new investors cannot be for real? They keep throwing money at him to run his vineyard with no strings attached and he doesn’t have a moment’s hesitation about it. Jessica obviously has some serious questions about this sudden great deal that Nash is involved in. She obviously thinks the deal is too good to be true and Nash just wants to make a success of himself and really isn’t thinking clearly here.

I’m getting tired of seeing Lindsay popping up at B.E. She obviously wants to gloat to Clint that she gave him the information that temporarily saved the company, but Clint, being an honorable man, hates the fact that he had to use that dirt to save B.E. I guess he doesn’t want to conduct business like his daddy did.

So, Natalie has a tape that will tell everything about Jared’s secret life as a non-Buchanan. Will she listen to the whole tape? And when?

And my biggest laugh of the week came from Todd, believe it or not. I was in shock but couldn’t stop laughing when he told Blair that he wanted to press charges against John for assault. Is he kidding? He said John walked into his house and assaulted him. Well, yes he did. But hey Todd, #1, you assaulted Markko and nearly killed Cole twice and seem to be getting away with it. Oh, and #2, IT ISN’T YOUR HOUSE!

See ya next week.


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