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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for March 17, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for March 17, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for March 17, 2008

Rex and Adriana

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2007
Dorian sure was a busy little beaver last week, wasn’t she? Was there anyone’s business she didn’t stick her nose into? She never learns her lesson and somehow she always gets let off the hook, but maybe this time someone will put her in her place, at least for a little while.

I guess it wasn’t enough of a lesson for Dorian to learn a couple of years ago when she tried to break up Adriana and Rex by getting Adriana kidnapped and nearly killed by that Bruce creep. It just about killed Dorian when Adriana decided that she’d had enough of her mother’s antics and just about disowned her. Dorian did everything in her power to win back Adriana trust and it took her about five minutes to break that trust. She has never made a secret of the fact that she thinks Adriana is too good for Rex, but Adriana just accepts these days that her mother will never change. However, Adriana has no clue at this point that Dorian is behind the scheme to keep her in Paris longer than necessary, just to keep her away from Rex. Dorian has such a warped sense of right and wrong and she thinks that she is doing this out of love. The problem is, Dorian has a very skewed idea of what love is. I’m sure that Rex isn’t going to help himself at all by hanging around Gigi and Shane all the time. It’s just a matter of time before Dorian gets her claws in that juicy information and uses it to her advantage. I can just see her licking her chops right now.

And Dorian wasn’t content to meddle in her daughter’s life. No, she figured she’d make some more trouble and offer to help out that disgusting new police commissioner, Ramsey, by letting him know that she had plenty of dirt on the good citizens of Llanview that could help him down the line. At least she thought better of spilling her guts when Ramsey wanted to take her up on the offer and she remembered being threatened by Jared and Charlie.

Speaking of Charlie, I am so glad that he’s finally wising up a little, even if it did take Jessica spilling the beans about the hatred between Dorian and Viki to open his eyes. I enjoyed watching him confront Dorian and expose all her lies. She thought she had him, didn’t she? She made no bones about admitting that she hated, despised and loathed Viki and didn’t even deny it when Charlie accused her of messing with him and Viki because she was so furious over Clint dumping her. I thought it was tons of fun to watch that smug look wiped off her face when Jared appeared and let her know that they had taped the whole conversation. I wonder if she also realizes that she took that call from whomever is helping her keep Adriana in Paris while that tape was running and she admitted to Charlie that she would do anything to keep Rex and Adriana apart because her daughter can do much better than Rex. I love seeing Dorian blackmailed. It gives me great joy since she’s so often on the other end of the blackmail.

Jared’s secret is going to come out pretty soon and there will be lots of fallout, but I can’t wait for it to be out in the open. I’m anxious to see how Natalie handles Jared and how Viki handles Charlie.

Okay, since he dominates so much of the airwaves these days, I guess we have to talk about Todd. You know, someone wrote to me and told me I was missing the point where Todd is concerned because he was just protecting his daughter’s virtue and that it’s just wrong for a young woman of Starr’s age to enter into an intimate relationship under any circumstances. I don’t disagree for a minute that sixteen is way too young for girls or boys to be involved this way, but let’s be honest here. Todd did not go on a rampage and nearly beat the life out of two young men because he was upset about his daughter having sex. Sure, I’ll even give Todd credit for having that normal protectiveness when it comes to his daughter having sex, but this is about so much more than that. Todd knows what he is capable of doing, namely raping a woman, and he refuses to believe that Starr having any intimate contact with Cole could be anything but forced. It feeds Todd’s sick ego to believe that Cole came after Starr to get back at him for raping Marty and he can’t see beyond that. Blair hit the nail on the head when she told Todd to stop making this all about him and Marty. I was shocked when Todd heard that and said, “This isn’t about me. You think that I’m more of a lowlife than Cole?” OMG Todd! Now I know he has lost touch with reality if he can even make that comparison and think Cole’s behavior is worse than his was.

It is going to come out that Starr and Cole did actually have sex, even though she swore to her parents that they didn’t. Hey, who could blame the girl for lying? She probably figured that if she admitted they had sex, Cole would be dead by now.

I have very mixed feelings about Blair these days. On one hand I admire her for obviously having spent time talking about sex with Starr and making an impression to the point where Starr remembered what Blair told her. She understood what her mother said about waiting until the time was right, but for Starr, the time was right. Starr truly believes Cole is the right person and it is no one’s fault but her father’s that she felt so desperate about never seeing Cole again that she was driven to become intimate with him earlier than she normally would have. I also admire Blair for showing Starr her support, even though she thinks Starr was too young to have sex, too, but she realizes that Starr is really in love and she knows that Todd is responsible for everything that happened. It’s too bad she can’t make him understand that.

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