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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for March 9, 2009



Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for March 9, 2009

Mitch Laurence

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
So, who is Rex’s father? I shudder to think that the answer is “Mitch Laurence”, but that seems to be what everyone is thinking. If ever there was a character that made my skin crawl as much if not more than Todd Manning, it was Mitch. I actually think Todd still annoys me more because I know we’re not getting rid of him, but if Mitch comes around to haunt us, he probably won’t be around long term. Fingers crossed.

So, Roxy goes to see the mystery man lying in the hospital bed and she is terrified that someone will find out he’s the daddy. I can’t imagine it being anyone else that Roxy would be so terrified of. Don’t you think Rex and Gigi have enough to deal with at the hands of Little Miss Stacey without throwing someone like Mitch into the mix?

Oh, where do I begin? This Stacey chick, on an annoyance scale of 1-10, scores about a 500 in my book. And I certainly did believe her when she untangled herself from Rex after helping him stretch his back and said, “Oh, I know lots of ways to make a man relax.” We just bet you do little sister. And tell me why men are so oblivious to the motives of women like Stacey. Does it not occur to Rex that Gigi, not really even knowing her sister, could be upset about her inappropriate behavior? I know, I know, Rex doesn’t think anything of it because she’s Gigi’s sister and all he knows is that she is back in Gigi’s life as the only family member she has. I don’t know about you, but I have serious doubts that Stacey’s little story about what happened to their parents is even true.

And now Gigi at least knows that her sister is a liar and never applied for the job at the café, which wises her up to the fact that she doesn’t know her sister at all. At least she was able to talk to Viki, who more than anyone knows what it’s like to have psychotic siblings, and get some comfort along with some good advice about watching her back.

Now we know that Stacey had a previous relationship with Schuyler. Oh yeah, we’ll get to him later. But Stacey didn’t waste any time plotting her next move, which of course, is to get Rex. She conveniently overheard Layla and Cristian talking and when they mentioned Rex, Stacey’s ears perked right up. She used a typical ploy to start talking to Layla, saying she loved her bag, and got Layla to spill the beans about Rex’s marriage to Adriana, Gigi’s involvement and the fact that Rex was a player in the past. Obviously, we see where this is going. Stacey wants what Gigi has and that means Rex and she doesn’t even stop at drugging him to get what she wants. Maybe Stacey is really a long lost daughter of Dorian’s. After all, where better to learn how to use drugs to get a man to do what you want him to do?

I was appalled at how far Stacey would go to get what she wants. She arranged for Deb to call in sick so Gigi would have to go to work and she then arranged for Shane to sleep over at his friend’s house, leaving her alone with Rex. Roxy showed up with a pizza, but she left pretty quickly when Stacey let her think she knew her big secret about Rex’s father. This is going to cause a big blow up for Rex and Gigi and I hate that. Gigi will kick Stacey out of the house, but the damage will be done.

Layla does have a big mouth, although I can’t blame her for not having anything nice to say about Rex. It is time she got over it though, don’t you think? Her dear friend Adriana was as much to blame for that marriage fiasco as Rex was and Adriana did some very nasty things to get what she wanted back then. Actually, Stacey and Adriana probably would have been good friends. LOL!

I will give Layla a big round of applause for not giving Cristian an inch. What the heck is he thinking? Now that Vanessa has made a total ass out of him, he decides he wants Sarah’s phone number because he knows he treated her badly and he has things to say to her. Layla really let him have it and at first I was mad that she even gave Cristian Sarah’s phone number, but I was totally happy and cheering Sarah on when Cristian got her on the phone and she wouldn’t listen to a word he had to say. I loved it that she hung up on him. Go Sarah! Cristian has a lot of nerve even thinking he has the right to talk to Sarah. He made his bed, literally, and now he needs to lie in it.

Ray is now a free man, with all the charges against him having been dropped. So now he wants to have a relationship with his daughter and who could blame him? He got a nice welcome when he showed up at Dorian’s house to make peace with Lola and Langston and Dorian clocked him over the head with a vase. Of course she demanded he leave her house when Moe conveniently showed up and reminded her that the house was his and that he had the papers to prove it. Moe and Ray quickly got along with each other and when Ray surprised everyone by telling them he has decided to stay in Llanview so Lola and Langston could be close and he could get to know Langston, Moe invited him and Lola to move in. LOL. Out of the kindness of his little “hick” heart, Moe also invited Dorian to move back in. Oh boy!

Ah Blair, what are we going to do with you? John shows up in her room and he’s very angry that she gave an interview to The Intruder. Blair doesn’t think she did anything wrong, even though she went so far as to take pictures with her cell phone of the crime scene where Wes was killed and give them to the reporter. Blair insists that John is just marking time with her until Marty realizes her feelings for him and to prove it is not true, John takes her to bed. Ugh! I was a little bit disappointed with John this week. As much as I love him, I started getting the feeling that he was thinking with something below his belt where Blair is concerned, if you get my drift. He was disgusted that she gave that interview and yet he was ready to hop into bed with her. Hey, as much as I like John, I don’t make excuses for dumb behavior.

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