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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for March 3, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for March 3, 2008


I think I’m going to enjoy watching John, Bo, Antonio and anyone else in the Llanview Police Department go after Lee Ramsey. I just hope we don’t have to wait two years to find out how he got that job away from Bo and how they’re going to get rid of him. There are so many people in Llanview who hate him and already know of illegal things he’s done that I don’t think it will be very realistic if they drag out his reign of terror for very long (although when has that stopped them from dragging out a ridiculous storyline?).

I think John was more shocked than anyone else when he got back to Llanview, walked into the police station and found out that Ramsey had taken over Bo’s job. Of course he couldn’t believe it and his first impulse was to go into the office and put Ramsey’s lights out. Too bad he didn’t get to do it. I did laugh my head off when Talia so easily got Ramsey to sign that batch of papers that just happened to include John’s reinstatement. Isn’t the world of soaps wonderful? It was totally unrealistic for some like Ramsey to sign anything without looking at it first but hey, I’ll take it. It was hysterical when he called administration and said, “Who signed John McBain’s reinstatement?” and he found out that he was the culprit. Ramsey thought he could get rid of John by ripping up the papers, but it’s not that easy and he can’t be happy about having John around because he knows what a good agent and cop John is and it won’t be easy for him to get over on John, not to mention Antonio, Talia and Bo. I expect that Ramsey will tear through the town and everyone’s lives before he’s through. Poor us!

Speaking of Talia, I couldn’t believe the disgusting manner in which Ramsey treated her when he asked her about Antonio, “that Hispanic cop” and wondered how her family felt about her seeing someone like that. He went even further over the line when he mentioned how surprised he was that being of Arab descent, she has such beautiful blue eyes instead of dark ones. This guy makes my skin crawl, but honestly, I don’t think he’s a smart as Spencer was. After all, Spencer was on his own and the mastermind of his own fate. He controlled everything in his sick little world, whereas Ramsey seems to be more of a puppet for some creeps above him. And hey, didn’t we just dispose of the most disgusting bigot when we got rid of Tate Harmon? Do we need another jerk in Llanview with the same mindset?

Now Todd feels he has no choice but to run from Ramsey and he comes up with the bright idea to move his whole family to Hawaii. This is just another example of Todd making an irrational decision and not caring how it affects everyone else. He behaves in that robotic way when he gets his mind set and his tunnel vision is infuriating. Sure, he is terrified of Ramsey and fears for his family’s safety, but let’s face it; the smart thing to do would be to go to John, Bo and whoever else will listen and tell them everything he knows about Ramsey, even though he was involved in the kidnapping fiasco with Gigi and Shane. With so many people against Ramsey, I can’t see Todd paying for any part of that mess, but no, Todd has once again decided that he knows the best way to do things and doesn’t even consider the fact that running solves nothing. He sure doesn’t care about how Starr feels and once again his unfounded disdain for Cole is rearing its ugly head. Todd should have taken the opportunity to tell Nora everything when she all but begged him to give her the dirt he had on Ramsey, even though he and Nora hate each other. He could have made a deal with Nora that would give him immunity, but he was too dumb to do it. Blair was smart to turn to Viki for help but it remains to be seen if she will have any influence over her insane brother.

Now Cole is thinking of running because he’s afraid that Ramsey will haul him in for shooting Miles. Once again, like Spencer, Ramsey has all of Llanview in turmoil. I have to give the writers some credit here. They sure know how to drag everyone who is breathing into a mess without much effort.

Do we have any faith at all that this new investor that Nash has found is legitimate? You know what they say. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. And why do they want Jared out of the picture? I can understand that Nash wants the vineyard back for himself and that he wants something that is an accomplishment all his own that didn’t come to him from his connection to the Buchanans, but I think if he jumps into this deal with both feet he’s going to be sorry.

Jared is looking better and better to the Buchanans, especially now that Natalie has convinced him to sell his shares of the vineyard to Nash. Jared didn’t want to give up the vineyard and Nash alone wasn’t going to get him to do it, but it seems like he can’t say no to Natalie. Maybe if Jared insisted upon keeping his half of the vineyard, Nash wouldn’t be able to get sucked into a bad deal. Jared does seem to have a good head for business. We’ll see what happens, but I’d hate to see Nash taken to the cleaners. Can’t we give this guy a good storyline where he gets to be in a normal situation for a change?

Well, Adriana has gone to Paris and honestly, I was glad to see her go. I don’t really blame her for being jealous, but it was getting very annoying, even though it is more than obvious that Rex has become attached and very interested in Shane. Deep down I think Rex really knows that Shane is his son. He shows too much interest in everything about Shane to not realize the truth, like when he asked Gigi how Shane does in school and especially when he found out that Shane has asthma, which he also had as a child.

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