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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for February 25, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for February 25, 2008


Of course there was plenty of drama last week on One Life to Live, but you know me, I get the biggest kick out of the comedy and I don’t think there was anything funnier than all the drama surrounding the secret confessions spilled all over the lobby floor at the Go Red Ball. It was funny enough watching Lindsay and Nora grappling on the floor both looking for Lindsay’s confession (obviously for different reasons), but the best part was when Lindsay actually found hers. I figured they’d have a good tussle over it, but it was pure writing genius for Lindsay to actually eat the piece of paper to literally destroy the evidence and then for Nora to try to Heimlich it out of her. I am really kind of tired of Lindsay, but if we can keep seeing her and Nora tangle this way, I’d keep her around forever.

It was interesting that we didn’t actually get to see the burning of the rest of those confessions, but they sure provided a lot of fun, especially when Dorian caught Roxy going through them as if her life depended on it and then Roxy came back to find Dorian doing exactly the same thing. I don’t know why Dorian bothered to go through them. By now it seems like she knows all the important secrets in town. But leave it to Dorian; she nearly died when the security guard caught her and Roxy and he informed her that there were security cameras all over the place. It didn’t take her long to bribe the guy to give her the tape and now she has Nora in living color rummaging through the piles on her hands and knees. That will definitely add nicely to Dorian’s little blackmail stash.

So now Jared is a hero. There is no doubt that the decent side of him came out when he stepped between Alison’s gun and Jessica. Most people would have just run for help. And can you believe how long it took for security to figure out where that scene was taking place. It’s a good thing Jared was able to hang on (which was really unrealistic), because it took longer for them to find him, Jessica and Alison in that one hotel than it takes someone in Llanview to fly across the country in soap opera time.

What I found really ridiculous was that whole scene where Jared was finally going to come clean to everyone about who he really is and Dorian stopped him. He had already told Natalie that he’s in love with her, leaving her totally flabbergasted and now as he’s supposed to reveal all, everyone is just supposed to walk away just being puzzled over what he was going to say? Viki was the only one who kept trying to shut Dorian up and I just thought it was ridiculous how Dorian took over the situation, convincing Jared and Charlie that if the truth came out they could go to prison for fraud. Please, the mayor and the FBI just pulled off the dirtiest deal of the year getting Bo fired and putting Ramsey in his place and we’re supposed to believe that these two men can be lead around by their noses by Dorian? Yeah, tell me another one!

It wasn’t hard to convince Jared to keep the secret after all, because he was so overwhelmed by the gratitude and acceptance he got from the Buchanans because of the fact that he saved Jessica’s life that he realized for now he would keep up the charade. He even got to form sort of a bond with his real father, Charlie, after Charlie jumped right in to save his life on that balcony. And hey, he has Jessica on his side now instead of having her try to run him out of town and Clint has invited him to sit in on a big meeting at Buchanan Enterprises. Jared has come a long way overnight. Too bad he still can’t have the woman he loves.

I hope Bo does some serious digging on his own so that he can blow the whistle on the mayor and Ramsey and find out exactly what dirty dealings they have in mind for Llanview now that they have edged him out. Maybe he can team up with Rex (I would love that). Could you see Bo and Rex in their own P.I. firm?

And I know that the mayor was just looking for a good excuse to get rid of Bo, but I didn’t appreciate Lindsay’s attitude when Clint told her why Bo lost his job and she said, “Hey, you can blame this on me.” It’s true that she was a convenient excuse for the mayor to use, but once again, she was a factor in hurting Bo and of course, he denies that she could be a problem to him at all.

Have I said recently that I love Matthew? I love that kid. He is so smart and has the biggest heart in Llanview. He felt so bad for his dad when Bo lost his job and I loved the scene where Nora, Clint and everyone else was consoling him and telling him that Bo was upset and probably worried that Matthew wouldn’t be proud of him anymore. That kid is smarter than all of them and I loved it when he told them that they were crazy to think that he wasn’t proud of his dad; that he would be proud of him whatever he did and that he was sad for his dad because he didn’t want his dad to be upset. They sure did something right in raising that boy.

Every show that goes by, my disdain for Ramsey grows and do you know why? It’s simple; he is another Spencer Truman. He is heartless, without a conscience, unscrupulous and devoid of human feelings and, like with Spencer, I have a hard time looking at him. He has Gigi running scared and now he has convinced her to stay in Llanview where he can keep an eye on her. He knows every fact about her life and she’s smart enough to know that he probably thinks Shane is Rex’s son. She knows he can ruin her life. At least she’ll be under Viki’s roof and she will have John, Rex and a lot of people who know what Ramsey really is looking out for her.

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