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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for February 16, 2009

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - February 16, 2009


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for February 16, 2009

Cole and Starr

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
Cole is out of control. He smokes the joint he took away from Matthew and Bo and Nora smell the pot. They rush to school and confront Matthew who tries to tell the truth but they don’t believe that the pot was Cole’s. Cole overhears the whole conversation and tries to keep Bo and Nora from blaming Matthew, but her doesn’t come right out and say he was the one who smoked the joint. Matthew wasn’t going to change his story until he saw his friends who don’t really believe he’s doing drugs and he decides to give in to peer pressure, telling his parents that it really was him smoking the joint. I don’t care how much Matthew tried to keep to that story; Cole should have come forward and admitted what he did. I don’t know who is spinning out of control more, Cole or his mother. It’s all such a mess. Oh, and now Bo is talking about sending Matthew to military school. Oh yeah, that will go over well.

How worried should Gigi be about Roxy taking a major role as Shane’s grandmother? LOL, Gigi comes home and finds her house a mess while Roxy is watching Shane and Roxy has to cover up the fact that she was going to let Shane play hooky. But the best was when Shane came downstairs and Gigi got a look at his hair. She reminds Roxy that she did tell her not to cut Shane’s hair, but Gigi realizes that he loves it and that he did it to look more like his dad. He does look like a Mini Rex and Gigi couldn’t help but agree that he was adorable. And it was even cuter when Rex saw Shane’s hair, loved it and told him he’d help him do it right.

In conclusion, I would like to take a minute to offer condolences to the families and friends of Clint Ritchie (the original Clint Buchanan) and Phil Carey (Asa Buchahan). These two beloved One Life to Live actors passed on within a week of each other in the past couple of weeks and we will all miss them. Along with Robert S. Woods (Bo) they brought the Buchanans to Llanview and once they arrived, things were never the same. We will miss you both!

See ya next week.



Carla writes: “When they hire writers, do they have a good grasp about the history of the characters? I feel sometimes that they don’t. Heck, they can always get Blair and Marty mad at each other over Blair being pregnant with Patrick’s child back in the day!”

Dear Carla: It sure doesn’t seem like they care about this history of the characters in many cases these days, does it? In the past I felt that the writers showed a lot more respect for history and more times than not they were true to the history as well as the characters’ personality traits. These days it always seems to me that except for very few characters, the stories are plotline driven instead of character driven. The characters do things that we know from history they would never do, but it moves the story along. That doesn’t work for me and I know it doesn’t work for a lot of fans.

Sheree writes: “I hated Todd’s trial. I didn't get emotionally invested because we ALL knew TSJ wasn't leaving OLTL so Todd would get off somehow. No payoff. What I did LOVE was Blair slapping Tea. WOW! I like John and Blair too. Unfortunately, Carlivati is going to ruin them by Blair getting drunk and sleeping with Todd. WHY? John and Marty are BORING! I would rather see Todd with Tea and Blair be alone.”

Dear Sheree: I never get emotionally invested in any storyline that will rid us of Todd because like you, I know it’s not going to happen. Too bad for us, huh? Tea deserved much more than a slap, but I agree, it worked for me, too. I don’t see John and Blair going very far, even without them sleeping together because no matter what happens, Blair and Todd will never be out of each other’s blood. John deserves better than that.

Carla writes: “Will there ever be a chance that Max, Tina and Cord will come back to Llanview? Furthermore, do you think there will ever be an Eterna storyline besides the 40th Anniversary? I think Rex and Gigi need something fun again like Eterna and happen on Sara Gordon (Jensen Buchanan), Cassie Buchanan to give Bo another leading lady! I miss these stories and characters. Heck I even think the second Tina wouldn’t be so bad if Andrea Evans doesn’t want the gig anymore!”

Dear Carla: As for Tina, if I never see her again it will be too soon. I was very sad that we lost actors we loved to make financial room for someone like Tina to return. I know lots of people love her and I have nothing against Andrea, but I think the character of Tina is a waste. As far as Rex, Gigi and another Eterna storyline, NOOOOO! I didn’t like it the first time around and Rex and Gigi’s recent trip back in time was silly enough to last a long time. Let’s stay in the present. PLEASE! Now, if some smart writer decided to take a trip back in time and tell us that Ben is still alive, I could easily go for that. LOL!
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