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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for January 18, 2010

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - January 18, 2010


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for January 18, 2010

Bo Buchanan

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
Matthew will sure be happy that Dani is coming back to town. I loved the conversation Matthew had with Bo when he admitted that he and Dani had kissed and that he was afraid he’d never see her again. I love the relationship between Matthew and Bo, especially now that Matthew is becoming a man and can talk to his dad about these things.

Ford is back in town and he is showing way too much interest in Langston. He is also way too full of himself. He is looking for a place to live and winds up moving in with Layla and Cris since Oliver spends so much time at Kyle’s place. David has come back to town and intends to sue Ford for making a video and using David without his permission. The video, “Ugly David” is something that David thinks could make him a lot of money and he gets very excited when Ford tells him he will turn over his royalty check. Poor David, he thinks he’s getting a gold mine and Ford gives him a royalty check for eighty-seven cents. Hey, you don’t make a lot of money on Internet videos as David soon learns.

Stacy has an appointment with her doctor and Rex goes with her. The doctor hears another patient ask Stacy her due date and Stacy lies about it. When the doctor confronts her (with Rex out of the room), Stacy has to admit the truth but also gets nasty with the doctor and knows the doctor can’t rat her out. I read about how Stacy and Kim are going to deal with the early due date and I couldn’t believe it, but we’ll discuss that another time.

Meanwhile, Schuyler hears that Stacy is in danger from Mitch and that she is at the hospital so he runs to see how she. After all, he thinks she is carrying his baby and when she tells him she doesn’t need him hanging around, they loudly discuss the fact that he is the father and they are keeping the secret. Kyle happens to overhear the whole thing and confronts Stacy and Schuyler, but Kyle decides he has been involved in enough drama with Stacy and agrees for now to keep his mouth shut.

I have now come to the conclusion that Schuyler is really no better than Stacy. He has crossed the line in his quest to keep Gigi with him, even if it means giving up a child that he believes is his. That is pretty disgusting. He is desperate and behaving in a way that wipes out any kind of respect I ever had for him. And when Gigi finds out what he has been hiding, he will deserve whatever he gets.

Dorian was surprised to see David back in Llanview and in true Dorian style, she immediately figures that she can get David back. She assumes he will come back to live with her but she has a rude awakening when David tells her how mad he is that she fired Bo, his dad. Dorian can’t talk her way out of it and David tells her he wants nothing to do with her after what she did to his father. Good for David!

Well, more Cramer girls are temporarily headed back to Llanview; Cassie, Adriana and Kelly. I guess Mitch will be working overtime to add them to his list of people to torture. What fun! NOT!

In closing, I just want to put out a little information I received from Diane Casale, the President of the One Life to Live Fan Club. Diane is working on her second event for the show since she became President in 2009 and you can go to the site www.oltlfanclub.com, click on events and read about her upcoming party and how to buy tickets.

See ya next week.



Rubytuesdi writes: “I think the character of Mel Hayes should come back permanently. Stephen Markle is a great actor and if Mel were back just think of the powerful story that could be told as far as the love/hate relationship between Dorian and Viki. To have both women married to alcoholics could really be a powerful storyline and put Viki and Dorian in a place where they would have common ground helping the men that they love. Charlie and Mel would also be a dynamite duo! So much can be done with the four of them!”

Dear Rubytuesdi: I totally agree with you. I would love to see Mel come back into Dorian’s life because I love the fact that he makes her think about all the nasty things she does in a different light. Somehow though, I don’t think even having something in common like alcoholic husbands could put Dorian and Viki on the same side of any situation for too long. Dorian just can’t do it. The biggest thing in the world that Viki and Dorian have in common is their love for their families and you would think that would make Dorian think twice before trying to screw with Viki every chance she gets, but no! Viki is completely dedicated to her family with no exceptions while Dorian is completely dedicated to hers until she comes up with some selfish goal that steers her onto the path of destruction. And as much as I loved Mel, if anyone else is coming back from the dead, it better be Ben. I’ve waited long enough.

Sharon writes: “Watching Bo and Nora in their hotel room after Nora confronted Clint has been a real treat. They have had a rough time of it lately and it was nice to see them get back to being just a regular couple. The scene where Bo asked her to move in was just flat out adorable. I loved when he said "you want to find a nice little place to live with your unemployed boyfriend," and she responded with " Honey I'd live with you in a teepee if I had to." That's the Bo and Nora I remember watching from way back when and I liked seeing that nothing had really changed. I hope they give us more light hearted moments like that because they really are a treat.”

Dear Sharon: I, too, love watching Bo and Nora together and I’d love to see them finally be able to get on with their lives as a couple. It’s too bad they have to keep living in the same town with Clint, but it will also be a hoot watching Clint behave like the fool he is. I can’ believe some of the decisions Clint makes when it comes to handling his personal life. He comes off like a total buffoon and doesn’t seem to care.
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