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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for January 18, 2010

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - January 18, 2010


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for January 18, 2010

Langston cramer

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
Across town, Starr and Langston are both getting tired of the crowd staying at Todd’s house. Cole stops by to see Starr and when they discuss the chaos at Todd’s house, Cole asks Starr to get Hope and come live with him. Todd immediately tells Starr she’s not moving in with Cole. She reminds him that she will be 18 in a few days and he can’t stop her. Blair comes home and although she doesn’t like the thought of Starr moving out, she convinces Todd that they have no choice but to let her go. Todd finally agrees but he and Blair inform Starr that she is on her own and they won’t be supporting her. Starr says they will be fine which I find very funny since none of those kids has a job except for Markko and Marty has agreed to pay for their apartment while Cole is in college. Markko invites Langston to move in but that doesn’t really work because Hope’s crying annoys them too much and they decide to look for a place to live. I guess Langston has some money because Markko surely can’t afford his own place.

Oh, and isn’t it funny how the threat, “I’ll kill you” is thrown around like “What would you like for breakfast?” Everyone in Llanview has threatened to kill Mitch and just as Starr and Hope are leaving Todd’s house with Cole, Todd says to Cole, “If you don’t take care of them I’ll kill you.” What a pleasant, carefree town they live in!

Mitch continues to infuriate everyone with his antics. He continues to know every step each and every person makes and it was no surprise when he showed up at Todd’s house and told him how much they have in common. Basically that is true, but Mitch is a whole lot smarter that Todd in a lot of ways and in many ways he is a lot sicker. Shocking, but true.

So Mitch wants Todd to help him with his dirty work and Todd refuses. Mitch isn’t happy about that because he feels Todd owes him something from all that craziness with his brother Walker, who is Todd’s double. Mitch thinks he has Todd’s attention when he tells him that he can arrange for Cole to have a fatal accident so Starr will come home, but Todd throws him out of the house. Of course Mitch vows revenge because no one turns him down and gets away with it. I’m so bored with Mitch. He has become a one-note character.

Mitch is also doing his best to torture Charlie and no matter what Viki does to try to handle Charlie, he takes the bait from Mitch every time. I think Mitch enjoys torturing Charlie most of all because it’s s easy for him. Charlie won’t listen to Viki and takes off and of course he winds up in a bar. Dorian happens to be in that same bar because she has just come from a session with John and Brody where they let her know that they are well aware that she is being blackmailed by Mitch. They want her to work with them to bring Mitch down but nothing can convince Dorian that going against Mitch won’t get her girls hurt or killed.

Dorian quickly figures out that the only way to deal with Mitch is to kill him, but she can’t do it by herself. Now that she and Charlie have wound up at the same bar trying to drown their miseries, Dorian will figure out that since Charlie has as much reason to want Mitch dead as she does, she will try to team up with Charlie to do the deed. You know this can’t end well.

Does anyone think Blair is as pathetic as I do? She certainly didn’t waste any time jumping into bed with Eli and then they wound up almost having sex in Bo’s office before David barged in. Then Blair gets the bright idea to text Eli to come over to Todd’s house for a booty call and she answers the door dressed in her Saturday night best from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Blair needs some serious therapy. I couldn’t believe she and Eli were getting into it right on Todd’s couch. She may think she has faced the music as far as Todd’s feelings for Tea are concerned, but she is dealing with losing that battle the way she deals with everything. I get embarrassed for her just watching her.

Dani and Tea are shocked when Ross shows up very much alive in Tahiti. Dani is thrilled and it doesn’t take long for Ross to resort to his old tricks and try to get Dani to run away with him again. Tea isn’t having any of that and the situation gets heated when Dani starts talking about how much she hates Todd and tells Ross how she stole a gun and almost killed him. At that point, Ross realizes he has to do what’s best for this young girl he loves and he finally tells her the truth; that he’s not her biological father and that Todd is. Dani doesn’t want to hear it or believe it. All she wants is for them to be a family again like they used to but she has to face the fact that that won’t happen. Ross tells Dani that she has to go back to Llanview with Tea and get to know Todd and although Dani doesn’t want to, she knows she has to be with her mother. She is worried that Ross will go to jail for kidnapping now that he is alive, but Tea agrees to keep the fact that his is alive a secret, if Dani will come back to Llanview with her and get to know Todd. More than anything, Dani wants Ross to be safe and not in jail, so they agree.

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