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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for January 18, 2010

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - January 18, 2010


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for January 18, 2010

Todd Manning

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
So, since we don’t have enough egotistical, annoying, sociopathic men running around Llanview, I guess it stands to reason that we need someone like Stanley Lowell in the esteemed position of Police Commissioner. Todd, Mitch and Ross couldn’t possibly be enough for us to deal with, right?

Lowell’s plan to have John arrested and put in jail quickly went into the dumpster when all of a sudden, Jessica walked into the police station with a letter opening and confessed to stabbing Mitch, followed by Marty and then Cole doing the exact same thing. Nora played dumb as if she didn’t know what was going on and proceeded to tell the new mayor that she couldn’t possibly prosecute John for the crime because with three other people confessing, she didn’t have a case against him. Poor little frustrated Stanley had no choice but to drop the charges against John, but since he couldn’t let John get away that easily, he decided to fire him on the spot. John didn’t care because now he was free to work with Brody and Bo to go after Mitch. And let’s face it, John and Bo have lost their badges so many times it’s like a temporary distraction at this point. Of course Mitch wasn’t happy that his little puppet Stanley didn’t put John behind bars. Lowel should be very afraid of Mitch. Mitch will chew him up and spit him out in a minute.

And speaking of chewing, it was pretty funny when Mitch showed up at Dorian’s house to make more demands of her and was about to eat the breakfast that he no doubt forced her to make for him. He hesitated at that first bite of scrambled eggs and figured Dorian might have poisoned him. I’m sure she did try but he stopped just in time. Shucks! He almost drank the coffee though but thought better of that, too. And how stupid was Dorian to think that he would be done with her just because she followed his orders once or twice?

Clint’s behavior with Kim is about as ridiculous as I’ve seen from a man his age. Kim went back to Stacy’s place after work and Stacy informed her that Rex was moving in to protect her from Mitch. I died laughing at what great friends these two girls are when it took Stacy about ten seconds to ask Kim when she was moving out. Of course Kim had nowhere to go but she got lucky because Clint came by at that moment and when he found out she would be homeless, he invited her to move into the mansion. Hey Clint, that’s not your house; it belongs to Nora!

Clint is hell bent on revenge and he immediately has Nora served with divorce papers. Nora is shocked to hear that Clint wants $42 Million, which covers all the jet fuel he paid for shuttling her and Bo back and forth to be with Matthew and oh yeah, all his pain and suffering. Nora quickly shows up at the mansion with Eli as her attorney and confronts Clint who is there with Kim. Nora can’t believe that Clint moved her in and Clint thinks he is holding all the cards. With Eli at her side, Nora informs Clint that if she has to pay him all that money she will have to sell the mansion. You could smell the fear on Kim at that point as she could see her new digs flying out the window. She quickly pulled Clint aside and made him see that there were other ways to get back at Nora and that he should keep the house. Clint agrees to drop his demands and Nora agrees to turn the house over to him.

I think it’s pretty pathetic that Clint is allowing himself to be led around by the nose by someone like Kim. Renee certainly has Kim’s number and so does Nigel but Kim doesn’t give a hoot what they think, even when Renee lets her know that she’s nothing more than a hooker. Renee should know. Kim just calls Renee an old lady and lets her and Nigel know that their days in the mansion are numbered. OMG!

Kim has guts; I will give her credit for that. When David showed up at the mansion expecting to see different people living there, he was confronted with Kim. It didn’t take long for David to let her know that he had her number and that they had a common goal. They both want a piece of the Buchanan pie, but David wants Kim out of the pictures since he is a real Buchanan and she is nothing but a gold digger. Kim keeps her tough face on and she doesn’t even flinch much when David lets her know that Neville told him exactly how she manipulated him into telling Clint about Bo and Nora so that she could break up their marriage and have Clint for herself. Kim wasn’t about to let David push her aside and when he threatened to tell Clint the truth, Kim decided she better do it herself and face the music. What was totally ridiculous was that when Clint came into the room and found Kim and David, she stepped forward and told the truth about how she got Neville to do her dirty work. Of course she used the excuse that she overheard the truth about Bo and Nora and thought Clint should know what was going on. Kim is really a piece of work.

So, just as David figures that Clint will be a decent, self-respecting man who wouldn’t want to be manipulated, Clint goes and praises Kim for what she did and even gives her a raise. Clint thinks that Kim is the only person who has his back (poor fool), so he kicks David out of the house, telling him that since he has disowned Bo, David is nothing to him either.

I guess Clint thought he was in charge when he told Kim, “I know what you are. You want a sugar daddy and if I’m going to be the daddy, sooner or later we’re going to talk about the sugar.” Does Clint think that Kim is threatened by that? She’d rip her clothes off for him or do any of his dirty work for a few new dresses and a nice dinner. Clint continues to reinforce my opinion of him.
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