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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 38 (Part 1)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 38 (Part 1)

How will Nora ever get over the terrible crime Troy MacIver committed against her?

Copyright by ABC, 2013
(The camera flashes in and out to both squad cars. John watches Bo from his rearview mirror, observing the torment on his boss' face and the desperate attempt to stop tears. Flash to Nora...Patrick can see her from the passenger sideview mirror...she is quietly sobbing and pulling the blanket around her for safety. They arrive at Llanview Hospital and are whisked away to separate rooms. John and Patrick meet in a private corner of the corridor.)

JOHN: “Something is really wrong here, Thornhart. Those two would never turn their backs on each other that way. What the hell happened out there?”

PATRICK: “Come on, McBain...you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the obvious crime was committed against Nora. She has the classic reaction of a rape victim. I recognized it right away...I remember that devastation in Margaret.”

JOHN: “I am not talking about that...MacIver has had it bad for Nora for awhile...what happened that would make them turn away from each other? Bo seems almost ashamed.”

PATRICK: “Maybe because he felt he failed to protect her.”

(John's eyes widen with revelation. He quickly pulls out his phone and dials a number. Split screen to Llanfair...Clint looks down at the screen of his phone and hurriedly answers it.)

CLINT: (rushed) “Lieutenant! Any word?”

JOHN: “They're both safe. Finn and MacIver held them hostage at one of her family's properties on the outskirts. We discovered that she is the sister of Gary and Carl Shanks.”

CLINT: “Gary Shanks? The attorney?”

JOHN: “Bingo.”

CLINT: “Where are they?”

JOHN: “I'll get to that in a minute. You need to know that they are both in a very bad state.”

CLINT: “What do you mean? Are they hurt?”

(Viki and the family look on in horrified curiosity.)

JOHN: “No, not physically. I mean emotionally. Something big happened up there, Clint. When we were done at the crime scene, Nora and Bo couldn't get away from each other fast enough. They rode in separate squad cars.”

CLINT: “They what? That doesn't sound like them at all! Bo would never move away from his wife for a second...especially after an ordeal like this one.”

JOHN: “My thoughts exactly. They're in Llanview Hospital.”

CLINT: “Thanks, John.”

(They hang up and the camera fullscreens to Llanfair.)

VIKI: “What was that all about?”

(Clint relays the info he received from John.)

REX: “That doesn't sound like Bo and Nora at all!”

CLINT: “That's exactly what I said, son. John said they couldn't get away from each other fast enough. I wonder what could have happened to make...”

VIKI: “Um, darlings? Would you all excuse me for just a sec so I can speak with Clint privately?”

GIGI: “Sure, Viki. I'll go check in on Natalie and the boys before I pick my bones with you, Balsam.”

JESSICA: “Come on, Bree. Let's go up and see your cousins, okay? Bobby, can you make it?”

FORD: “Yep! Hey, Joey...would you mind bringing Ryder up?”

(The younger generation piles out of the room and Clint closes the door.)

CLINT: “What is it, sweetheart?”

VIKI: “I think I know what is happening to Bo and Nora, darling.”

CLINT: “Well, please fill me in.”

VIKI:”Honey, what do you already know about how Troy MacIver feels toward Nora?” CLINT: “He believes he loves her.”

VIKI: “Right, and what do you think he would do if he had Nora under his control for hours without Bo being an obstacle?”

CLINT: (instantly understanding) “Oh, dear God. That bastard!”

VIKI: “Not to mention that Kathleen Finn was a part of this. What if she hurt Bo the same way? Or what if Bo feels helpless because he cannot help his wife deal with her hurt? Rape instills shame on the victim and helplessness on their loved ones. You and I have to make them understand that they must band together in this crisis, or their persecutors win. You taught me that.”

CLINT: (pulls her close and kisses her) “Let's go.”

(They walk arm-in-arm out of the family room and leave after telling the family where they're going. Flash over to the hospital...Leann Rimes' “How Do I Live Without You” is playing and the camera takes turns showing Nora and Bo going through their individual tormenting recaps of their captivity. Nora's mind plays back images of Troy pulling her clothes off, interchanging between her fighting him off and crying. Her mind recalls his words... “Bo couldn't stand watching...he walked away.” She sobs into her pillow.

Flash over to Bo...he recalls Kathleen injecting him with the paralytic drug, scornfully laughing and forcing him to watch Troy rape his wife. He recalls seeing a horrified Nora helplessly fight against Troy, and he recalls Finn's words... “Nora thinks you walked away..MacIver's in there about to go for Round Two.” He throws the hospital supplies from his bedside table across the floor and sobs into his pillow. The camera split screens to show them both sobbing while the song plays loudly and the camera fades out.)

(Flash over to La Boulaie...Todd has filled Victor on everything that the mayor was involved in concerning Jack, and the speculation that she was also responsible for shooting Blair. Victor is completely enraged with what he hears.)

VICTOR: “So, Mayor Finn went on a hormonal revenge mission and took our boy hostage, shot Blair and hired a bunch of idiots to agree to cooperate with her. Is that about the jist of it?”

TODD: “UM...yep! That about sums it up.”

VICTOR: “Okay, then...how are we going to get the crazy bitch?”

TODD: “We're going to do things her way.”

VICTOR: “What?”

TODD: “Oh, jeez! Think like my twin for a minute, will ya?”

(Victor leans forward slightly and looks into Todd's face, as if he was searching for something. Just as quickly, he seems to have found the answer. He steps back and nods at his brother with understanding.)

VICTOR: “So, when do we take her?”

TODD: “As soon as I set up a hell hole for her. Won't be long.”

VICTOR: “Better hurry. She's about to head to court soon.”

TODD: (scoffing and chuckling) “Oh, she's not going to make it to the courtroom. She's not going to jail after what she did to our family. She's gonna pay.”

(The camera fades out slowly...fade in to the hospital...John and Patrick await news on Bo and Nora, and John suddenly excuses himself.)

PATRICK: “Going to check on Bo?”

JOHN: “No, I have to go give a young lady some relief. I'll be right back.”

(The camera follows John down the corridor and viewers watch as he stops and looks through the glass pane of the ICU. The camera glides over to show Starr lying in her bed, looking over a picture of Hope and Cole. He smiles and knocks on the door. She smiles and waves him inside.)

JOHN: “Hey, Starr! How are you?”

STARR: “I'm soooo ready to get out of here.”

JOHN: “I can imagine. What are the doctors saying?”

STARR: “I am getting out of here tomorrow. My lung is practically whole again, and as you can see, I got my voice back. I'll have to go into vigorous vocal training sessions to strengthen my cords before I can sing again, but it's worth it. What brings you here?”

JOHN: “We've arrested Mayor Finn and her accomplices. And I wanted to let you know that in just a couple of days, if not sooner, I'm going to be working on helping Cole. I think you both have been through enough.”

STARR: “Oh my God! Thanks, John!”

(John accepts a hug from her and tells her that he has to get back to his case. The camera slowly moves away from them and zooms in on the picture of Hope and Cole before fading out. Fade in to Clint and Viki...they had placed an off-screen phone call to Matthew and offered to have their driver pick him up to take him to his parents. They are in the car driving to the hospital.)

VIKI: “Matthew, darling, how's Drew doing?”

MATTHEW: “He's doing good, Aunt Viki. (chuckles) He has a serious problem with time, though!”

CLINT: (chuckling) “Get used to it. As newborns, they don't know that it's too late to scream at the top of your lungs at three in the morning, and as teenagers, they willfully forget that you can't come strolling in at three in the morning!”

(The three of them share a laugh. They pull up to the hospital entrance.)

CLINT: (to driver) “Max, you can take the rest of the night off. I'll call Thomas when I'm ready to leave.”

MAX: “Thank you, sir.”

(They part ways and Clint ushers Viki and an anxious Matthew indoors. Matthew races to the reception desk and finds out his parents' room information. The camera follows him as he rushes off to Nora's room first. He arrives in her doorway to see her sobbing into her pillow.)

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