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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction

Actor John McBain

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(We open in Allison's hideout. She has just put down her narration manuscript and turns scornfully on a struggling Victor, who's making futile attempts to scream through his gag.)

Allison: “You really should stop struggling, Victor. No one's going to come looking for a dead guy.”

(Victor glares at her as he struggles against his ropes. He mumbles something again, and Allison impatiently pulls the gag down.)

Allison: “Didn't your mother ever tell you not to try and talk with your mouth full? Oh, I forgot....your mother was Irene Manning. Enough said.”

Victor: “You're one to talk! Let me go, you twisted bitch!”

(Allison's eyes widen and she gasps, as if offended).

Allison: “You take that back! You need to learn how to respect a lady!”

Victor: (still struggling, through clenched teeth) “As soon as I run into one, I will!”

Allison: “Well...you might think twice about that one since your life is in my hands, Victor Lord, Jr. Gosh, that name alone makes me want to barf!”

Victor: “I don't think it's the name. I'd barf if I had to look at that face in the mirror every day, too! Let me go, or I swear I'll kill you!”

(Allison reaches in a drawer and pulls out a kitchen knife. She waves it close to Victor's face, and Victor is startled for a minute. She gets a crazed look in her eyes).

Allison: “Oh, really, Victor? That would be a really neat trick! The Mannings are psychos, not magicians! But you're really starting to tick me off, and I might just lose my grip on this thing and have an accident. Pipe down! I need to figure out my next move.”

(Fade out with the camera showing Victor continue to struggle while Allison wields the knife. Flash over to Blair and Todd, struggling to get dressed as John McBain and the Llanview PD flood their bedroom to arrest Todd. Blair is devastated).

Blair: “What are you doing, John?”

John: “I'm sorry, Blair, but we have to arrest Todd for Victor's murder.”

(Blair shoots a quick panicked and confused glance at Todd, then back to John)

Blair: “John, you know that's not true! Tomas confessed! You saw the video!”

John: “He was coerced into making that confession while being held captive by people that Todd hired to keep him there. Isn't that right, Manning?”

Blair: (choked and panicked) “Todd? Please tell him that he made a mistake! Tell him, Todd! PLEASE! Tell him he's only doing this because he hates you!”

Todd: “I...Blair...please..come to the station with me and let me tell you my side of things.”

(Blair almost faints, but she manages to keep her ground. Her voice cracks).

Blair: “What side of things could you have, Todd? Oh, my God!”

Todd: “Blair, please..lis..”

Blair:”...NO, TODD! I'M DONE listening to you spin more lies!”

Todd: “Dammit, Blair! This is NOT the same! After eight years, can't I have ONE chance to EXPLAIN things?”

John: “You had plenty of chances, Manning. And you're gonna get a whole lot more down at the station. Take him, guys.”

Todd: “Oh, you go to hell, McBain! You're the failure in all of this!”

(John scoffs in disbelief)

John: “Oh, really? Oh, I can't wait to hear this. Get him out of here.”

(The officers drag him away still calling for Blair in the distance. John stays behind).

John: “Are you okay?”

Blair: “No offense, John, but I don't want to talk to anyone right now, and I certainly don't want to discuss any 'Todd' issues with you.”

John: “I understand. No offense taken. But I'm your friend, Blair. I'm here for you.”

Blair: (scornfully) “You're my friend, huh? What kind of a friend comes barging into their friend's bedroom with a bunch of men cops bearing handcuffs? A 'friend' would have had a bit more regard than that! Your hatred for Todd was far deeper than any regard for our friendship, John!”

John: “Blair, I was just doing my job...”

Blair: “...Oh, bull, John! You could have KNOCKED on the bedroom door and informed me that you were here on official business. You had such a smug look on your face, I almost thought I was looking at my dog holding on to his bone. You were gunning for Todd, John. Congratulations! You'd better hurry before someone steals your brownie points, Lieutenant!”

(John hesitates for a minute, then turns to leave. Blair turns away and sobs loudly. John watches her from the door, and begins to go over to comfort her, then decides against it and leaves.)

(Fade to John McBain's apartment. Tėa impatiently awaits a call from John, but Tomas remains cool and deep in thought. Tėa seems annoyed with Tomas' calmness).

Tėa: (picking up and setting down her cell phone several times) “What the hell is taking John so long to call me with some news? It's not like La Boulet is located somewhere in the Mediterranean somewhere! It's just across town for pete's sake!” (She picks up her phone again and slams it down). “Dammit!”

Tomas: “Calm down, parrìta. McBain is gonna call.” (He moves to hug her).

Tèa: “WHEN? I want that bastard Todd to pay for killing my husband.”

(Tomas goes silent, and appears to have a suspicious look in his eyes. Téa catches a glimpse of the look, and she calls him on it.)

Téa: “You know, you seem awfully calm for someone who is about to witness the arrest of his kidnapper. Especially one who is also responsible for causing a split between you and Blair and forcing you at gunpoint to confess to a murder HE committed! Fess up, Tomas! Is there something you're not telling me?”

(Tomas takes a very quick pause.)

Tomas: “Paríta, I'm just as ticked off about Todd's deception as you are. But I'm staying calm for you. I'll have plenty of time to go crazy on him later. You need to stay calm for the baby.”

(Tea clearly isn't buying his explanation, but she remains silent.)

Téa: “You're right, Tomas. I do have to think about..the baby.” (She pauses, but stares at her brother for a few significant moments.) “I just wish John would...”

(Her cell phone rings. She scrambles to retrieve it, checks the number, and quickly answers it.)

Téa: “John! What's going on? Did you get that bastard?”

(She smiles at John, nodding her head to confirm Todd's arrest.)

Téa: “That's great news, John. See you soon.” (Hangs up her phone). “Come on. They got him.” (Tomas proceeds a bit too slowly for her taste.) “WHAT the HELL is up with you, Tomas?”

Tomas: “Téa, come on. You have some important things to do.”

Téa: “I've waited this long for an arrest. I can wait a few minutes to talk to my brother. I know when something's wrong, hermano. You seem a little off. Spill.”

(Tomas remains silent as the camera fades over to Victor and Allison).

(Allison's cell phone rings. In her super-charged, neurotic way, she races to her purse to get it, still wielding the kitchen knife.)

Allison: (answering the call) “Hello? What the hell is taking you so long? Well did they get Todd Manning or not?” (She spots a glance in Victor's direction.) “Yeah, he's still here, doing a belly dance in ropes.” (She rolls her eyes and turns her back on Victor.) “When am I going to get my reward? I have been playing your games way too long, and I did all of the dirty work for you. I made everyone think that Victor Lord, Jr. was dead and I got his brother to take the fall! None of you could have done this without my brilliance. So WHEN do I get my reward?”

(Victor struggles, and the camera zooms in to the rope that binds his left wrist. Viewers see the rope begin to loosen a bit. Victor quickly works on it, keeping his eyes on Allison. She doesn't notice him. Victor works more quickly to undo the rope. He stops only a split second before Allison catches him.)

Allison: (looking at Victor, talking to her caller) “Well, you can tell Mommie Dearest and company that I'll spill the beans if she doesn't keep her promise soon. It's not nice to break a promise. That's something The Messenger would never have tolerated. I know The Messenger is dead! Do you think I'm crazy? Just be sure that you deliver on your end, or Victor Lord, Jr. goes free and so does his brother, with all of your secrets.”

(She snaps her phone shut, and rolls her eyes at Victor.)

Allison: “Oh, don't look so hopeful, Victor! I was bluffing. You won't be getting out of here any time soon. Why do you want to go back to all of that psycho drama at Saint Victoria's anyway? You never know who you'll get next. Between Niki, Tommy, Jean, and Tess, Bess and Wes, one could go crazy just trying to keep track of everyone.”

Victor: “I'm going crazy just trying to look at you! Besides, if we're comparing psycho dramas, Viki's psycho drama is Paradise by comparison. Now, let me go so I can get my dose of R & R.”

(Allison goes over to the bed and waves the knife under Victor's nose.)

Allison: “Oh, you're a wise guy. Well, for a smarty pants, you're really quite dumb..arguing with the person who has your life in their hands.”

(Victor quickly sits up and yokes her from behind with his free hand while he shakes off the ropes from the other wrist.)

Victor: (hissing through clenched teeth into her ear.) “You're absolutely right about that!”

(Fade over to the precinct. Todd and John are at odds during the questioning session in John's office. Todd has lawyered up.)

John: “You know, Manning, your refusal to cooperate isn't helping you look any less guilty.”
Todd: “And cooperating with you hasn't seemed to help you idiots actually solve a crime in this town yet. This entire fiasco is all your fault, you know.”

John: (scoffing chuckle) “Oh, really? It's my fault, huh? I forced you to hold a man captive and make you lie about committing a murder. Of your own twin to boot! You're a real piece of work, Manning.”

Todd: “At least I am a piece of work. That's something that seems to be a foreign concept in this little pub club you call a police station. Tell me something, McBain. What exactly is the scientific reason that explains this department's consistent inefficiencies? No, inefficencies is too kind a description. How the hell do you guys keep missing the clues over and over and..(snickers)..OVER again? I keep trying to find a case of empty donut boxes to blame...but, ah...nope, it's just plain stupidity.”

John: “You're an expert on stupidity, Manning. YOU'RE the one sitting in handcuffs because you missed the boat over and over and over again. I am just dying to hear what you have to say that exonerates you from this one.”

(Todd stares John right in the eye with an inexplicably confident silence that seems to rattle John.)

Todd: (laughing derisively) “You really are stupid, huh? I'm disappointed in you, McBain. I came to you because you appeared to be the ONLY smart one. I guess I was wrong. I will bring all things to light on my own, because you all couldn't find a monkey in a banana stand. When I do, I expect a full apology from all of you.”

(John lets out another snicker, but he's clearly disturbed by the implication Todd is making. John's gut is telling him there's more to investigate. He gets up from his desk and holds his door open.)

John: “Guys, excuse us for a minute, will you?” (The officers scramble about as they leave the office. John closes the door after the last officer leaves. He turns back to Todd.) “Okay, Manning. You are clearly hinting that there's another part to this case. So let's hear it.”

Todd: “There's not another part to this case, Johnny Boy, there are only the same parts of this case that were never used and overlooked, even though it's the entire case.”

John: “I am humoring you for the sake of hearing what you have to say, but I already regret that decision. Stop with the games and say what you want to say, Manning.”

(Todd pauses. He contemplates whether he should tell John anything else.)

Todd: “You know what? I think I'll wait until my lawyer gets here.”

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