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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 33 (Part 4)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 33 (Part 4)

MATTHEW: “Dad, I can’t stay. Des and Drew are there.”

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(Bo pauses as he absorbs Matthew's statement, then he races out of the room and grabs his coat and keys from his office.)

JOHN: “Boss? What’s up?”

BO: (racing for the door without looking back) “I have to get home and warn Nora about MacIver. Matthew, stay here until I get back.”

MATTHEW: “Dad, I can’t stay. Des and Drew are there.”

BO: “Call her parents and see if they can bring them home, but don’t give any suspicions away. I need to talk to your mom alone.”

(Bo leaves and Matthew pulls out his cell phone. The camera fades out and fades back in on Troy MacIver. Blair’s shooting is now front page news. Troy jumps up in a panic and immediately reaches for his cell phone. Viewers hear several rings of the other party’s cell phone before Mayor Finn’s voicemail answers. Troy swears loudly as he waits for the beep.)

TROY: (into the phone) “Finn, where ARE you? And PLEASE tell me you had nothing to do with that mess on the news? We don’t need the HEAT! Look, I was thinking about what you said earlier, and I think we should expedite Step Four. I need to hear from you so we can go over the plan. CALL ME!”

(The camera zooms in as he slams his phone shut and kicks an empty fuel can across the floor. Flash to Kathleen…she watches with an enraged expression as Dorian races out of her house to tend to Blair. She remains hidden as she watches the flashing lights of the police cars illuminate the air, and she looks down to her vibrating cell phone and presses “Ignore” on Troy’s fifteenth incoming call. She turns away from the scene and heads back through the woods. The camera fades to black.)

(The camera opens back up on Bo and Nora's house. Destiny and the baby have returned to the Evans’ house after being picked up by Felicia. Nora is sitting at her desk, looking at the last text in terror and anger. She’s startled by Bo’s hand on her shoulder.)

BO: “I’m sorry, Red. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

NORA: “It’s…it’s okay. Why are you here? I thought you had some tapes to look through.”

BO: “That’s one of the reasons why I came back. But first, I need to tell you that Matthew came to see me.”

NORA: “Really? He left Destiny and Drew here to go get baby supplies.”

BO: “Red, I need you to tell me what’s going on. He told me that you nearly jumped out of your skin earlier, and then he witnessed you reading a text that freaked you out. I am sorry that I’m pressing you like this but I need to know if he’s right to be concerned.”

(Nora stares into Bo’s face during a brief pause.)

NORA: “I know that look. You’re on to something. What’s going on?”

BO: “I’ll explain later, Red. Tell me what’s been going on.”

NORA: “Someone has been sending me creepy text messages from an unknown number.”

BO: “What did the messages say?”

NORA: “I-I-they were asking me if I want to choose life or death, and..and..then…”

BO: (hugs his shaken wife) “Never mind, honey. Just show me the texts.”

(Nora hands him her cell phone and he scrolls through her list to read them all.)

NORA: “Okay, I showed you mine, now show me yours. What’s going on?”

BO: “ There’s a lot to tell, so I have to give you the cliffnotes’ version. We came across some information making Kathleen a suspect in Jack Manning's kidnapping. We managed to get a warrant to get surveillance tapes from the prison to corroborate our suspicions. On the tapes, we found evidence that she is indeed involved and she recruited several relevant people to execute the plan. One of them is Troy MacIver. I believe he is the one sending you the texts.”

MALE: “Well done, Bo! And I thought I had covered all of my tracks better than this. Either I’m getting rusty, or you’re getting sharper!”

(Nora and Bo turn to see Troy in the doorway, aiming a gun at them.)

BO: “MacIver.”

TROY: “Very good, Commissioner! If we were on a game show, you’d have won the grand prize!”

NORA: “Troy, what do you want?”

TROY: “Oh, honey, I’m hurt! I thought I made myself clear. I love you, Nora. I’m not living without you. I’ve been waiting in the wings since we last met, planning this very moment. The moment when I remove the obstacle that keeps us apart…and that would be YOU, Bo.”

NORA: “The only obstacle in your way is your refusal to accept that I loathe the sight of you!”

TROY: “Loathe? That’s the parallel equivalent of deep love, honey.”

BO: “Honey, I want you to leave. Go out the other way and get in your car. Drive away like hell.”

TROY: “That wouldn’t be a smart move, my love. If you leave me, he dies, and I wouldn’t want to break Matthew’s heart.”

NORA: “Don’t you DARE speak of OUR son! You’re a vile psycho, and you desecrate the precious sanctity of my son just spilling his name from those contaminated lips of yours!”

BO: “Red, get out of here!”

TROY: “Don’t do it, Nora. He’ll die. As I told you before, life or death depends on you. I would kill him in a hot second, but I’m trying to meet you in the middle here. I know you are fond of him, so I’ll settle for torturing him by having you while he sits helplessly in the sidelines. But I’ll only spare him if you stay. What’s your decision, Nora? Tick-tock.”

BO: “RED! Look at me!” (Nora looks at Bo with terror in her eyes.) “Trust me, honey. Get out of her, NOW!”

TROY: (singing) “I’ll kill him, Nora.”

BO: “RED, GO!”

(Bo pulls his gun and points it at Troy, who responds in kind…leaving them at a Mexican standoff. Nora takes off running and gets the back door open, only to be punched in the face by a newly-arrived Kathleen. Kathleen point her own gun at Nora.)

FINN: “Get up, you weak bitch.”

(Nora gets up slowly, nursing the soreness from her fall. Kathleen uses her free hand to yank her to her feet.)

FINN: “I can’t believe Bo thought you were worth the air you breathe. Turn around and walk back inside. You’re not going anywhere.”

(Nora walks back in defeat. The women walk in to see the men pointing their guns at each other.)

FINN: “Oh, for pete’s sake! Put your toys away, boys.”

TROY: “It’s nice of you to show up! Where the hell have you been?”

FINN: “I was taking care of the business you should have taken more seriously. Anyway, it looks like I showed up just in time to stop you from ruining everything we’ve worked for. Bo, put your gun down.”

BO: “Not a chance.”

FINN: (with boredom) “Oh jeez, Bo. You’re always saying ‘no’, and it’s becoming tiresome. Put the gun down, or I’ll put a bullet in your red-headed pathetic bimbo.”

(Bo refuses and Finn fires a shot. Both Nora and Bo let out a terrified shriek, but realizes that Finn intentionally missed Nora.)

FINN: “PUT THE GUN DOWN, Bo, or I won’t be so gracious with the next shot.”

(Bo slowly complies, and he starts to walk over to Nora. Finn stops him.)

FINN: “No no no…you sit over here in this chair by me.”

TROY: “And come sit here by me, Nora.”

(Both Finn and Troy aim their guns respectively at Bo and Nora to prove their points. Nora and Bo very slowly obey their captors.)

BO: “Why are you two here? What do you want?”

FINN, (to Bo) & TROY, (to Nora): “You!”

(Finn and Troy stand side-by-side and guard over the couple, guns pointed at each of them.)

FINN: “Relax, Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan…we’re going to be spending some quality time together. As long as you don’t do anything stupid you’ll be just fine.”

TROY: “To begin, I need you both to answer that very important question I posed earlier. What do you choose, life or death?”

(Bo and Nora stare fearfully at each other from across the room. The camera flips view from one to the other, then zooms in on Troy and Finn before fading to black.)

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