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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 33 (Part 3)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 33 (Part 3)

BLAIR: “Dorian? What aren’t you telling me? Why did you want to see me?”

Copyright by ABC, 2012
BLAIR: (frowns in confusion) “Agents? Mayor Finn? Pushing a maintenance cart? Why would they need a maintenance cart?”

(Dorian remains silent and Blair turns to Dorian and becomes overwhelmed by a sudden fear of the expression on Dorian’s face.)

BLAIR: “Dorian? What aren’t you telling me? Why did you want to see me?”

DORIAN: “Blair…my source found some things…”

BLAIR: “…Some things? What things? Dorian, please! You’re freaking me out. What do you need to tell me?”

DORIAN: “My source found a boy’s wristband and a gold custom bracelet in the hospital’s boiler room.”

BLAIR: “Okay, why do I need to know this?”

(Blair’s eyes instantly widens in horror as she answers her own question.)

BLAIR: “Oh, my God! You said they were pushing a maintenance cart, and then your friend found a wristwatch and a gold bracelet. Jack was wearing those things…Are you saying that Mayor Finn and her agents took Jack?”

DORIAN: “Officially, no, but as his aunt, I’d stake my life on it.”

BLAIR: “That’s absurd! I mean…what else do you have?”

DORIAN: “My source overheard both the agent and a few minutes later, the mayor, telling someone that they needed to have the truck ready to make a quick transfer of a…(she forms the quotation marks symbol with her fingers)… ‘package’ to the guest house. All three things put together make my belief a circumstantially logical conclusion to say the least.”

BLAIR: (jumping out of her seat) “Well, we have to tell the police right away!”

(Dorian rushes over to stop her.)

DORIAN: “Blair, STOP! Listen to me. The police already know about it. I went to John and Bo as soon as I saw Jack’s things…especially the bracelet. John told me that he and Bo already were investigating Finn as a possibility…I don’t know why, but finding Jack’s things seemed to help them along somehow, and John instructed me to sit tight and let them finish whatever it is they have. I know that’s a tall order, but we have to do this right, for Jack’s sake.”

BLAIR: “I have to tell Todd.”

DORIAN: “Blair, I don’t think that’s a good idea at the moment. You know that Todd will act impulsively, not strategically. That may be dangerous to Jack’s situation.”

BLAIR: “Dorian, Todd has been through hell for eight years. He and I are trying to make things right this time. I won’t keep any secrets from him about his son, who he just reconciled with. I’ll have to trust that he’ll listen to me this time.”

DORIAN; “And I have to respect your decision. I’ll pray…HARD.”

BLAIR: “Oh, Dorian! Sarcasm aside, prayer would do good for your nephew’s safety.”

DORIAN: “Indeed it will.”

(The ladies hug and Blair turns to leave as the camera flashes over to Kathleen. She realizes that the clearing leads to an area just outside La Boulaie, and she stops to watch Dorian through a window. She begins to feel herself becoming enraged again, and she prepares her gun to fire. She’s distracted by the sound of a woman talking in the distance, and ducks behind a shrub as she looks to see who it is. She spots Blair on her phone, leaving Dorian’s front porch to go to her car and she moves closer to the clearing to watch Blair.)

BLAIR: (into the phone) “Todd, it’s me. I’m heading back to you now. Oh, really? And the doctors have no problem with Starr trying to talk? Oh, that’s great news. Lord knows we sure need some of that.”

(She fumbles for her keys while cradling the phone between her ear and shoulder, and swears as she drops them. She picks them up and opens her car door.)

BLAIR: “We have to talk immediately. Dorian has some new information about Jack’s kidnapping, and it looks like our good mayor is involved with…”

(Blair falls to the ground unconscious as two gunshots ring out the second bullet hitting her. Her cell phone lands a few feet away from her, still connected to Todd. The camera zooms in on the phone and the viewers hear Todd’s panicked screaming of her name through the earpiece before it fades to black.)

(The camera fades in to the Llanview police station…Patrick and Bo are still reviewing the tapes, with Bo just about to give up hope of finding that nail in the coffin for Finn. They are now reviewing the last tape in the boxes…the one showing activity inside the prison the night of the prison break.)

BO: (sighing and rubbing his temple) “Thornhart, I’m just about to give up on finding anything here. After that last tape showing Finn’s connection to MacIver, the trail’s gone cold. We need that one bang to conclusively tie all of these strong pieces together.”

PATRICK: “Well, maybe I can help ya out. I’m not burned out from endless hours of swimming chin-deep in this pool. I’ll look over the last tape for ya, and you can rest your eyes. I have special skills in spotting evidence beyond the naked eye. If I see anything, I’ll call you over to the screen.”

BO: “That actually sounds like a good idea. Thanks.”

(Patrick presses Play on the machine just as Matthew knocks on the office door. Bo rises to hug him.)

BO: “Hey there, son! What a pleasant surprise!”

MATTHEW: “Hey, Dad. You got a few minutes?”

BO: “Yeah, sure. Is there something wrong?”

MATTHEW: “To be honest, I think there is. Destiny and I brought Drew over to the house to surprise her. When she first walked in the door, she seemed terrified by something. And when she realized that it was us, she was super-relieved. When I asked her what was wrong, she said she was just taken by surprise that we were there. I wasn’t buying it, but I let it go. Then a little while later, she checks her cell phone and she reads something in it and she’s freaked out all over again. When I asked her what happened, she said it was work-related and she couldn’t talk about it.”

BO: “Well, son, you know that your mom can’t discuss her cases.”

MATTHEW: “No, Dad, I know that. I’m saying that I don’t believe it was work-related at all. I think someone sent her a threat. She was terrified when she looked at her phone. If it’s really about work, she can talk about it with you, right?”

(John returns at that moment.)

JOHN: “Hey, Boss I need to talk to you about…Hey, Matthew.”

MATTHEW: “Hello, Lieutenant McBain.”

BO: “What’s up, John?”

JOHN: “I wanted to fill you in on what Parker wanted to show me. It can wait.”

BO: “I have some business to discuss with my son. Thornhart and I were about to watch the last surveillance tape when Matthew came in. Take over for me while I talk to my son, please?”

JOHN: “Sure. I’ll keep you posted.”

BO: “Thanks.” (Bo turns back to Matthew and guides him into an empty interrogation room.) Matthew, even being the police commissioner comes with lines I can’t cross. Nora’s still restricted with what she can say to me, too, if it is work-related.”

MATTHEW: “Dad, anything is better than Mom getting threatening texts or something and not being protected.”

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