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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 33 (Part 2)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 33 (Part 2)

BO: “Okay, I’ll bite. What can you do for me?”

Copyright by ABC, 2012
BO: “Everything we’ve gotten so far puts Finn in charge of the breakout plan, but someone could argue that she may have only suggested it, not actually orchestrated it.”

JOHN: “Bo, the tapes were pretty clear in implicating her.”

BO: “I’m not debating that, but we’ve had too many back-door defenses that have set our criminals free in the past. I don’t want this one to have ANY loopholes. I want this one to stick better than crazy glue. It’s almost personal to me.”

JOHN: “I understand. Listen, do you think you can handle the last half of the surveillance tapes while I go see what Officer Parker wants to show me?”

BO: “Yeah, sure. Keep me posted. I can handle this alone until you get back.”

MALE: “You won’t have to be alone. I’ll help ya.”

(Both men turn to see Patrick in the doorway. John excuses himself as Patrick enters, closing the office door behind him.)

BO: “Come in, Thornhart. What can I do for you?”

PATRICK: “I think you should be asking what I can do for YOU.”

BO: “Okay, I’ll bite. What can you do for me?”

PATRICK: “I’ll get straight to the point, Bo. I want to know what you have on Mayor Finn.”

BO: “Thornhart, you know I can’t divulge any information to a civilian about a case.”

PATRICK: “Forgive my straight-shooting, Bo, but spare me the rules on this one. Cole tells me that you asked him a lot of questions about a lad named Brad Kozinski, and then you asked just as many questions about Finn. So something pretty damned serious is going on, and whatever my boy told you helped you somehow. I’ve been keeping tabs on his town’s current events, and apparently this prison break released the Hounds of Hell into many innocent lives. From what Cole tells me, this mayor seems to coincidentally pop up in the middle of all the major happenings. I’m going to help you, Bo. My son is in the middle of this, so I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

(Bo exhales in frustration, then gives in.)

BO: “Okay. Thornhart, but your assistance has restrictions, and I WILL kick you the hell out of here if you have a problem keeping yourself under control. Understand?”

PATRICK: “Clearly. Now what can you tell me?”

(The camera fades over to John and Officer Parker as Bo begins explaining things to Patrick. John has just arrived in the surveillance room to get to the bottom of Parker’s call.)

JOHN: “What’s going on, Parker?”

PARKER: “Well, sir…I was conducting the routine video surveillance and I came across Brody Lovitt’s cell. Stitch Henderson was brought in this afternoon and I observed the two of them talking on the camera.”

JOHN: “Parker, tell me that you have more than a conversation between cell mates to report?”

PARKER: “Yes, sir I do. I’m sorry that this is taking so long, but it wasn’t that they were talking. It was the WAY they were talking. It was like they were old friends sharing secrets. I had a gut feeling to turn up the sound on their conversation, and sir, you need to hear this.”

(Parker turns the volume up on Brody and Stitch still talking.)

STITCH: “Well, I’ve heard enough to know that I want to help you get rid of your problem. I’m gonna beat this accessory charge, because, oddly enough…THAT was one of the few things I DIDN’T do! My lawyer is a shark and he pulled some magic out of hat. My hearing’s next week and I’ll be out. You just tell me where I can find this home wrecker of yours and you’ll get your lady back.”

BRODY: “I already started working on a discovery plan.”

STITCH: “Discovery plan?”

BRODY: “Yes, I’m constructing a map to the hospital. I’ll give you a detailed map showing you how to get past any obstacles in the way of reaching him. That’s how I got to him.”

STITCH: “You got to him before?”

BRODY: “That’s how I landed in here. With the chaos about the Manning kidnapping and Natalie and Starr Manning being in the hospital, there is no reason to think that Ford needs protection. He’s an easy mark for anyone that isn’t me.”

STITCH: “Well, I’m gonna need a deposit up front. I don’t work for free.”

BRODY: “Understood.” (Brody pulls a napkin off of a food tray and scribble s something down.) “When you get out, go see this person. They will have instructions on releasing the funds you require to get started.”

STITCH: “You’re speaking my language, man.”

(The camera widens to show John and Officer Parker.)

JOHN: “Good catch, Parker.”

PARKER: “What should I do, lieutenant?”

JOHN: “Nothing. Just keep monitoring those two and make sure that the video and audio is running continuously and clearly. I don’t want one word or gesture missed between these two. I’m headed up to the commissioner to fill him in. Stay neutral and don’t give anything away to ANYONE. I’ll keep you posted.”

PARKER: “Yes, sir.”

(John rushes off in search of Bo as the camera fades out. The camera flashes over to Kathleen Finn. She’s creeping quietly through a woodsy trail leading away from the Buchanan Lodge. She’s still seething with Troy because he’s not taking Dorian’s statement seriously enough for her taste. She makes her way through the woods and stops as she spots a clearing directly ahead. The camera fades out.)

(Flash to La Boulaie…Blair has just arrived at Dorian’s urgent request. Dorian leads her into the family room.)

BLAIR: “Dorian, what’s the matter? Are you okay? You sounded upset on the phone.”

DORIAN: “Blair, honey…I have something to tell you. I just found this out, and I’ve been struggling with whether telling you now is the right thing to do…”

BLAIR: (apprehensively) “Tell me what? Dorian…what’s going on?”

DORIAN: “Sit down, honey.”

BLAIR: “I don’t think I want to, Dorian. Tell me what’s going on.”

DORIAN: “Sit down for me, will you? You’re so tall and I’m an old lady. You’re intimidating me.”

BLAIR: “Somehow…I don’t think you have something funny to tell me, Dorian, so please get to the point.”

(Dorian goes silent and gets serious. Blair decides to sit down after all.)

DORIAN: “I was given some information from a very reliable source this afternoon. They witnessed some strange happenings going on in the hospital between Mayor Finn and her agents.”

(She pauses, and Blair becomes impatient.)

BLAIR: “Strange happenings, like what?”

DORIAN: “My source witnessed two agents transporting a maintenance cart out to the parking lot using a very private gateway that no one but authorized laundry, maintenance and transportation staff members can utilize.”

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