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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 33 (Part 1)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 33 (Part 1)

VICTOR: “Any thoughts on a name for this princess?”

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Flash to Llanview Hospital…Téa and Victor are doting over their sleeping newborn. The family spectators have returned to the waiting area to spread the news.)

TḖA: (fawning over the baby) “Oh Victor! Look what we did! Isn’t she beautiful?”

VICTOR: “Yes, she is. Any thoughts on a name for this princess?”

TḖA: “As a matter of fact, I had already picked out a name when I thought I’d lost you, but now that you mentioned ‘princess’…I want to make a small adjustment to the name.”

VICTOR: “Uh-oh! You’ve got that ‘outside-the-box’ glint in your eye, Delgado. What are you up to?”

TḖA: “Before you came back, I had decided to name the baby after you, even if we had a girl. If we had a girl, naming her Victoria would be killing two birds with one stone, because Victoria would honor both her father, and Viki, the aunt who stood by all of us. I was going to give her the middle name ‘Elizabeth’, because I always loved the name. But she really IS a princess, so I’m going to make her first name ‘Arielle’. Like in the Little Mermaid, but spelled with two ‘L’s’ and an ‘E’ on the end. So, espóso…what do you think of Arielle Victoria-Elizabeth Lord?”

(Victor looks at his daughter and whispers the name to himself a couple of times, then nods.)

VICTOR: “Arielle Victoria-Elizabeth Lord…sounds regal!” (He puffs up his chest like a peacock.) “I like it, Delgado.”

TḖA: “Would you like to introduce her to her family?”

VICTOR: “Nahhhh..I want to enjoy the peace and quiet for just a few more minutes.”

TḖA: (giggling) “I’m with you, honey.”

(The camera fades out as Victor moves in to hug both her and the baby.)

(The camera opens up in the Llanview Police Department…Brody and Stitch are continuing the talk about Brody’s plight. Unbeknownst to both men, they are being monitored on the police camera by the officer on duty. He finds their friendship suspicious, and he feels compelled to listen in. He fumbles to turn up the sound.)

STITCH: (from the screen) “So this…Ford person is in the hospital?”

BRODY: “Yes. He was supposed to be dead, but somehow he didn’t stay that way.”

STITCH: “How did he survive?”

BRODY: “I don’t know. He was pronounced dead at the scene.”

STITCH: “He must have had an angel in his corner.”

BRODY: “Trust me, this guy is no angel. He’s a rapist and a home wrecker. He would not have an angel on his side. But it would be really nice if he would just disappear.”

STITCH: “When you say ‘disappear’, what are you thinking?”

BRODY: “I was thinking the type of disappearance that your boys are famous for.”

(Stitch remains silent as he looks at Brody in shock. He studies Brody as if he’s looking for a punch line. He realizes that no punch line is coming.)

STITCH: “You’re serious!”

BRODY: “I’ve studied your organization’s files very closely when I was on duty, and I know better than to introduce something like this to you if I wasn’t serious.”

STITCH: “So you want to eliminate this problem? Our way? Once you start this, there’s no turning back, you know.”

BRODY: “I know. But we need to get out of here first.”

STITCH: “No worries, my friend, I get sprung next week.”

BRODY: “That’s great news. Then we need to get started on a blueprint. We have to be careful from this point on.”

STITCH: “Don’t worry, my friend. My organization didn’t get this successful by being careless. Careful is my middle name.”

BRODY: “Well, don’t let Cocky be a new name on that list. You may be successful, but there are factors involved with this mission that are beyond your…shall we say, ‘expertise’? You leave the details of execution to me, but your people can choose the method.”

STITCH: “Hey, whatever you say, amigo. It’s your dime.”

BRODY: “Just so we understand each other. Now, let’s go to work.”

(The camera zooms out and lands on the monitoring officer’s horrified look. He quickly fumbles for the phone and dials a number.)

OFFICER: (into the receiver) “Lieutenant McBain? I’m sorry to disturb you, sir. But there’s a situation here that you must come and witness immediately. No, sir, it truly can’t wait. Yes, sir. Okay, I’m here in the surveillance room. See you then, sir.”

(He hangs up the phone and turns back to the monitor.)

OFFICER: “You’re not going to get the chance to do any more damage, Lovitt.”

(The camera zoom in on the monitor and fades out.)

(Flash to Nora and Bo's house…Nora and Destiny emerge with Baby Drew from the kitchen, laughing over an offscreen joke. She notices that her cell phone alert light is flashing, and she excuses herself to check her phone. Matthew comes out of the kitchen just in time to see the terrified reaction his mother has to the message in her phone. Nora turns to face Matthew, and tries to disguise her fear with a smile.)

MATTHEW: “What’s the matter, Mom?”

NORA: “Nothing, Matthew. It’s just some bad news from work, that’s all.”

MATTHEW: “Well, if it’s work, then you must have been threatened or something by the look on your face. Mom, please…tell me at least if you were threatened.”

NORA: “Matthew, I can’t talk about work, and you don’t have anything to worry about, okay?”

(Matthew pauses for a short while. He softens up and turns to Destiny.)

MATTHEW: “Destiny, Drew is asleep. Do you want to put him in his chair?”

DESTINY: “I think he’d sleep better if we lay him out in his carriage. Mrs. B, do you mind watching him while Matthew and I get his carriage from the car?”

NORA: “Of course not! Bring him over here!”

(Nora takes the baby as the teens leave. Outside by the car, Matthew and Destiny hold a private conversation.)

DESTINY: “I know you saw that cover-up, Matthew, and I know that you’re planning to do something about it. That’s why I suggested the stroller to get you out of the house. Go do whatever it is you’re going o do. I’ll tell her I sent you out to get diapers. Just be careful, Matthew. Something strange is going on, and I want you back here in one piece.”

MATTHEW: “I did see the cover-up, and I’m going to tell my dad about it. She’ll talk to him. Thanks, babe. I’ll pick you up as soon as I get back. We’ll go somewhere quiet and do whatever.”

DESTINY: “That would be great.”

(Matthew kisses her then gives her the stroller and jumps in the car. He pulls off and Destiny returns to Nora as the camera fades out.)

(Flash back to the Llanview Police Department…John and Bo are still watching the surveillance tapes. Although they have uncovered Finn’s association with Troy and Brad, they still feel the evidence might eventually have a loophole some shark defense attorney can use to get Troy and Finn off in court. They feel they need one more truly solid piece of evidence to definitively tie all that they’ve uncovered together beyond a reasonable doubt.)

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