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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 30 (Part 1)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 30 (Part 1)

Matthew and Destiny

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Flash to Matthew and Destiny…Destiny is all packed up and ready to take Drew home. Matthew is checking the room to make sure they didn’t forget anything. Nate and Dani enter to get a glimpse of Baby Drew and fill Destiny in on the events of their families.)

Destiny: (hugging Dani) “Hi, Dani! How are you holding up with all of this?”

Dani: “I don’t even know, Des. I have sooo much to process. Not to mention, I am worried about my mother. She just found out that her long lost brother was involved with her husband’s fake death while he pretended to help her through a grieving period she never should have had. And my sister is hurt, my cousin is suffering with a head injury, and Cole’s been arrested when everyone thought he was dead...and to top it all off, I have a kidnapped brother. This sounds like a soap opera! UGH!”

Matthew: “More like a suspense thriller. Do they have any leads on Jack?”

Dani: “The last thing I heard was that the police found a special kind of marker. Then Cole and David’s arrest became front page news. I am waiting to see what happened.”

Destiny: “You certainly have a lot to deal with.”

Dani: “There’s nothing more we can do except wait.”

Destiny: “That’s probably harder than the incidents themselves, Dani.”

Dani: “Well, Nate’s family has its own drama going on to keep me distracted.”

Matthew: “What do you mean? What’s going on?”

Nate: “Well, we want to keep this part quiet for now, but our brother Bobby is alive.”

Matthew: “What!”

Destiny: “Are you serious?”

Dani: “I know. I was shocked myself.”

Nate: “I don’t know how, but he’s here…and he’s being treated. Jessica told me and I called James right away. We went to go see him and found that cop guy…Brody, punching him in his bed. They were arguing about Jessica.”

Matthew: “What about Jessica?”

Nate: We heard him say that Bobby was in the way of him getting back with Jessica just before we made it to the door. When we got inside, we found him and Bobby going at it.”

Matthew: “Well, that’s crazy! Jessica was falling for Ford…we all know that!”

Nate: “Brody knows it, too, and when Bobby brought that up to him, he lost it.”

Matthew: “Whoa! That’s crazy, dude!”

Nate: “That’s exactly what I’d call it, and we are not taking any chances. Bobby didn’t want to press charges, but James and I made him. If we give him the chance, he’ll come back to finish Ford off.”

Destiny: “You really think he’d hurt your brother, Nate?”

Nate: “I don’t know, Destiny…but like I said, I’m not taking any chances.”

(The camera fades out as the others look on in fear. Flash over to Starr…she’s awake in her bed, watching yet another newscast about her missing brother with the volume turned down, and tears fall from the corner of her eyes. Just after the picture of Jack disappears from the screen, a picture of Cole pops up in its place. She shoots up and frantically searches for the remote control. She turns up the sound just as a shot of Mayor Finn appears on the screen.)

Mayor Finn: (from the television) “We don’t have all the details of this case yet, but what we CAN say is that Cole Thornhart escaped a prison sentence before its conclusion and may have been involved in a conspiracy to commit fraud.”

Reporter: “Madam Mayor, is it true that David Vickers, the husband of Senator Lord-Vickers, was found trying to hide Mr. Thornhart in their home?”

Mayor Finn: “The exact details of Mr. Vickers’ involvement is unclear at this time. The police are still investigating, and we will update you all as soon as we get to the bottom of this. That’s all for now. Thank you all for coming.”

(Starr clicks off the TV and struggles to reach for her cell phone in the bedside nightstand drawer. She is just about to give up trying when a hand reaches into the drawer and hands her the phone. She looks up to see James standing there smiling at her.)

James: “Hello, Starr.”

(Starr is shocked, and she makes a gesture toward the notepad and pen on the nightstand. James hands it to her. She begins to scribble down a note, while tears fall from her eyes.)

James: (reads the note, then smiles at her) “It’s great to see you, too. How are you holding up?”

(She scribbles a reply, and he reads it again.)

James: “I know, I know…very dumb question.” (She scribbles again. He begins reading the note out loud) “What brings you here? Well, everything that has happened is all over the news. Did you know about Co…never mind. I just had to come see you when I heard about everything. And I also came to see my brother in the hospital.”

(Starr looks at him in confusion, then writes something on the pad. James reads the note.)

James: “No, not Nate…Bobby.”

Starr: (in a distorted croaking voice) “What!” (She immediately falls back in pain, putting her hand up to her throat to nurse the pain she just self-inflicted.)

James: (reaches up instinctively and protectively) “Starr, don’t talk! Be careful!”

(She grabs the notepad and frantically scribbles something down.)

James: (reading the note. His eyes widen in horror as he realizes he just spilled the beans.) “Oh, man! I forgot that only a few people know right now, and you couldn’t have known about it…Dammit. Always shared my secrets with you so easily, and this came naturally, too. Well, since I spilled it, I might as well tell you the whole story. Care to hear it?”

(Starr nods.)

James: “Okay here goes…”

(The camera fades out and fades back in on Natalie… She’s asleep, and her room is dimmed to help protect her eyes’ sensitivity to light. We watch as she stirs and slowly opens her eyes. The camera is showing the viewers items around her room through her blurry eyesight. Viewers see distorted blurs as the medical staff and visitors go back and forth outside of the glass window. She closes her eyes. Dr. Andrews comes in a few seconds later, wielding his penlight to examine her eyes.)

Dr. Andrews: “Hello, Miss Buchanan. How are you feeling today?”

Natalie: “Better than yesterday.”

Dr. Andrews: “How is the eyesight?”

Natalie: “I still see colorful blurs in the distance.”

Dr. Andrews: “What about up close? How do you see me right now?”

(Natalie turns to look at the doctor. The camera again switches its view from Natalie's persepective. Viewers see the same colorful and distorted images, but a few seconds later, her vision becomes sharp and focused on the doctor's face. She looks past him and notices that the images farther away are still distorted, but he is very clear.)

Natalie: “Oh, my God!” (laughing happily) “I can see you perfectly!”

Dr. Andrews: “That's a great sign. Usually, it would take a little bit longer to see the first sign of progress. Okay, I want you to let your eyes follow the light.”

(The doctor positions the light in various angles...up, down, left then right. Natalie successfully completes the exam,and the doctor looks hopeful.)

Dr. Andrews: “Well, Miss Buchanan. It seems you have accomplished an amazing feat, young lady. And I have some updates for you that fits right into this happy moment.”

Natalie: “Well, by all means, lay it on me!'

Male: “Me, too.”

(Natalie and the doctor turn to see John and Liam. John is still a little out of her visual range, so she can't see him clearly, but she can hear Liam cooing and she smiles.)

Natalie: “Oh, please, please bring him over? I want to see him!”

John: “But, Natalie...you can't...”

Natalie: “...Shh, John. The doctor was about to say something. Or should I go first, Dr. Andrews?”

Dr. Andrews: “Sure, why don't you go first?”

John: (handing Liam to Natalie)“What's going on?”

Natalie: “Well, my eyesight is still blurry, but only from long distances. I can see YOU and Liam perfectly!”

John: “That's great news!” (He kisses her, then turns to Liam) “Did you hear that, buddy? Your mom can see you! It's gonna be our job to stay close to her. You think we can do that, pal?”

(Liam coos excitedly, exciting his parents in the process.)

Natalie: “I'll take that as a yes!”

Dr. Andrews: “Handsome fella.”

John: “Takes after his mother. I fail in the good looks department.”

Natalie: “And yet he looks just like you.”

Dr. Andrews: “Miss Buchanan, about the updates I mentioned.”

Natalie: “Oh, yes. I'm sorry, doctor.”

Dr. Andrews: “Your brain scan results show that the minor swelling around your brain has all but disappeared. There's still a small mass of swelling that I want to be rid of completely before I feel comfortable, but the decreased swelling can most definitely account for the improvement in your eyesight. I believe that once that last bit is diminished, your eyesight will return to normal.”

John: “How will you go about decreasing the swelling?”

Dr. Andrews: “Antibiotics through her IV. I'm going to send the optical specialist in to see you, and then we'll run another scan in a few days to make sure the medicine is doing its job. I'll check in on you again tomorrow. You've made fantastic progress so far, so I'm very optimistic that this is going to work. In the meantime, get all the rest you can.”

John: “I'll make sure of it, doc.”

Dr. Andrews: “I'm gonna hold you to that, lieutenant.”

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