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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 29 (Part 1)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 29 (Part 1)

Robert Ford

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Flash to Ford….Ford is asleep and is awakened by the feeling that someone is there. He jolts awake to find Brody standing very close to his bedside. He secretly puts his fingers over the call button hidden under his sheets, but he doesn’t press it.)

Ford: “Brody. What are you doing here?”

Brody: “I came to see how you’re doing, and I wanted to have a chat with you.”

Ford: (curtly, as he sits up, keeping his fingers on the call button) “Okay. Well, I’m doing fine and what would you like to talk about?”

Brody: “Jessica.”

Ford: “Jessica? You want to talk about Jess? What about Jess?”

Brody: “I want her back, and you’re in my way.”

Ford: “What? Did you hit your head or something?”

Brody: “No, I’m sane, I assure you.”

Ford: “So you’re threatening me?”

Brody: “No, I’m telling you the facts of this situation.”

Ford: “Well, if it’s facts you’re talking about, I think you missed quite a few.”

Brody: “Like?”

Ford: “Like the biggest of them all…JESSICA. Jessica and I love each other, and only SHE can tell me that I’m in the way.”

Brody: “Jessica still loves me, but she’s going through a rough time right now. Her sister and her cousin are both in the hospital. And Jack has been kidnapped.”

Ford: “I’m aware of all of that. She told me just after I woke up and we professed our love for each other. And speaking of family members…you forgot another fact. You slept with her sister and almost married her! Are you seriously trying to make ME the obstacle here? You have so many of your own faults to deal with!”

Brody: “Jessica and I discussed that. “

Ford: (sarcastically) “Oh, you DISCUSSED that. Oh, okay. Then tell me something, Brody. What exactly did Jessica ‘discuss’ about that? I’m guessing she told you to hit the pavement, otherwise you wouldn’t be here threatening me, or considering me a threat in the first place.”

Brody: “I KNOW Jessica, Ford. Inside and out. We had something special long before you came into play.”

Ford: “Something you shot to pieces the minute you slept with her sister. And if you knew her, you would have known how fragile she was, and never left her in the first place when Ryder’s paternity came out. You should have known that you would enable Tess, Wes, and all of those other fragments of hers to take control. But you didn’t. I knew her when she was TESS, and we fell in love through it all. She’s a new, strong, and even more amazing woman, and she’s broken free from all that. We’re starting a fresh, new life, free from the same ole recycled stuff she’s been living with.”

(Brody flashes back to his conversation with Jessica. Viewers hear Jessica saying: “Think about it, Brody. This entire situation is a recycled loop. You and me, then you and Natalie. Now you and me again?” Brody snaps back to the present and gives Ford a dangerous look.)

Brody: “It was YOU who put that in her head!”

Ford: “WHAT?! Put what in her head?”

Brody: “That recycled stuff.”

Ford: (laughing derisively) “Wait…she said that to you, too? And you’re HERE, telling me that I’m in your way? Brody, I think you know that you have no shot with Jessica, man. She is over the pain you caused her, and she’s made her decision. If you really love HER, you’ll respect her wishes. This conversation is over. Please leave.”

Brody: “We are not through, Ford.”

Ford: “Yes, we are. Get the hell out of my room.”

Brody: “I’m not going anywhere. I am going to get Jessica back, and I’m giving you fair warning.”

Ford: “Well then let me return the favor. I love Jessica, and we have a family. If you come near her, Bree, or my son, I promise you’ll regret it. She told you no, so back off.”

Brody: “Like YOU backed off when you raped her?”

Ford: “I didn’t rape her.”

Brody: “You may not have dragged her off into the bushes and tore her clothes off, but you took advantage of her sickness and forced her to make a decision she wasn’t capable of making clearly.”

Ford: “Nice try, but your cheap shots aren’t poking any holes in me, Lovett. Go run off into some dark corner and take your loss like a man. In the end, Jess chose ME, and it’s MY son that we share. Run off and lick your wounds.”

(Brody takes a swing at him and hits him in the face. He’s about to hit him again, but he is stopped by two men. The camera zooms out to reveal Nate and James taking a few shots of their own at Brody. A nurse hears the commotion and races to the room, horrified by the sight she encounters.)

Nurse: “What the…STOP IT! There’s a sick man in here! STOP IT!”

(James and Nate move away from Brody as John and Bo arrive to see what the nurse was screaming about.)

John: “What the hell is going on in here?”

Nate: “We came in to see our brother and found HIM attacking Bobby!”

Bo: “Is that true, Robert?”

Ford: “Yeah, that’s true.”

Bo:”You mind telling me why the hell you would be in a hospitalized man’s room, attacking him in his bed?”

Ford: “We were talking about Jessica, and things got out of hand.”

John: “Jessica? What about Jessica?”

(Ford pauses, pondering over his decision on whether or not to tell Bo any more. He opts out.) Ford: “It’s nothing.”

James: “Bobby! What do you mean ‘it’s nothing’? He punched you, and he was about to punch you again if we hadn’t stopped him! Press charges, man!”

Ford: “Nah, things just got a little heated, that’s all.”

Nate: “Bobby! What are you doing?”

John: “Brody Lovett, you’re under arrest for assault. You have the right to remain silent…”

Brody: “What are you doing, McBain? You can’t arrest me with no complaining witness. “

John: “I don’t need him with two eyewitnesses making a statement, and he has bruises consistent with the method described in their account of the incident.”

Brody: “Oh, that’s bogus and you know it!”

John: “I’ll take my chances. You need some time to cool off and re-evaluate some stuff. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as I have…”

Brody: “Oh, get on with this pretense. I understand the rights.”

(John hand him over to an officer.)

John: “Take him to the station, and put him in a holding cell until I get there.”

Officer: “Yes, sir.”

(The officer leads Brody away in handcuffs and turns to Ford.)

John: “So what about Jessica led to the fight?”

Ford: “It was nothing…”

John: “Listen, Ford…Brody is not himself these days, and if the fight was about Jess, I’ll bet my badge that the underlying reason was Ryder. Several people, myself included, have been on the receiving end of Brody’s obsession with fatherhood and his dark side when he comes out on the losing end of a paternity test. Care to revise your statement?”

Ford: “Look, Lieutenant, I don’t want to get the man a jail sentence for a broken heart. Jessica is an amazing woman, and Ryder is a wonderful kid. I think I’d go nuts losing them, too.”

John: “Been there, done that, Bobby. He took Liam and held Natalie and me at gunpoint when we tried to get him back. He knocked Nigel out unconscious when Nigel tried to keep Liam away from him. After all of that, Natalie and I sympathized with him and let him go. All that got him was right back here, punching you in your hospital bed over Jessica. Now, I don’t want to put him in jail, either, but he needs some help with his issues. I need your statement so he can get that help.”

James: “Do it, Bobby! Do you want him coming back after Ryder? Or Jessica? Nate and I heard him say that you were in his way—don’t deny it. If he really feels that way, then he’ll try to get you OUT of the way. You can’t let your sympathy set him free, bro.”

Nate: “James is right. And even if you don’t give a statement, I WILL give mine.”

James: “Me, too.”

(Ford stares at his brothers, sighing in defeat a few seconds later.)

Ford: “Okay, I'll give my statement.”

(The camera zooms in and fades as John and Bo pull out their notepads and pens. Flash to David and Cole...they're trying to adjust Cole's uniform so he can escape to David's car freely. Just as they prepare to leave the janitor's room, they realize that Mayor Finn has arrived to investigate Jack's incident.)

David: (hissing fiercely through clenched teeth) “What the hell is SHE doing here?”

Cole: (whispering) “She IS the mayor, David. Jack's missing, remember?”

David: “Right...but what lousy timing for us!”

Cole: “We'll wait until she's distracted by the press conference, and then we'll slip out through the crowd.”

David: “What if she spots us?”

Cole:”What exactly will she see? I'm dead, remember?”

David: “Don't take this lightly, Cole. Things will get real hot if she recognizes you.”

Cole: “I got it, David.”

(Flash to Dorian...she has narrowly escaped the janitor's room unnoticed, and is heading to tell Blair and Todd about Cole. She runs into Mayor Finn, who frowns in curiosity after seeing Dorian emerge from the janitor's locker room. Dorian nervously chuckles as she mentally searches for an explanation.)

Mayor Finn: “Well, hello, Senator!”

Dorian: “Mayor Finn! Back so soon?”

Mayor Finn: “Apparently another high profile crime took place, and involving a member of your family. How are you holding up?”

Dorian: “Not well at all. My niece is under a lot of stress, with her daughter getting shot, and now this.”

Mayor Finn: “It’s got to be taking a toll on her, I’m sure. Senator, may I ask why you are coming out of a janitor’s locker room?”

Dorian: “Well, since my nephew was kidnapped so short a time ago, I went looking for anything that the police might use to find them.”

(Kathleen seems oddly startled by Dorian’s statement, but she recovers quickly and composes herself.)

Mayor Finn: “Did you find anything?”

Dorian: “Unfortunately, no. I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, so I looked around on my own.”

Mayor Finn: “You really need to let the police do their jobs. Unless of course, you feel that there may be some inadequacies on their part?”

Dorian: “Nice try, Kathleen, but Bo is doing the marvelous job that I predicted he would. Sorry. Is there anything else? I need to get back to my family.”

Mayor Finn: (flustered) “No…no, by all means, return to your family.”

Dorian: “Thank you, mayor.”

(Dorian keeps an exaggerated smile on her face until she is out of Kathleen’s view.)

Dorian: (muttering just above a whisper) “Scorned hussy.”

(Mayor Finn watches Dorian walk down the hospital corridor. Once Dorian is out of earshot, she picks up her cell phone and dials a number. After two rings, the other party answers, but the viewers only hear Kathleen’s end of the conversation.)

Kathleen: (to other party) “Yeah, it’s Mayor Finn. I need you to put a tail on Senator Lord-Vickers. No, it’s just a hunch I have. She was poking around in the Llanview Hospital’s janitor’s locker room, and I’m not buying the story she gave me. I have a feeling that I just may be able to dig up some dirt on the good senator and get a little payback in the process. Yes, I’ll be conducting a press conference on the Jack Manning kidnapping outside of the hospital in a few minutes. She’s with the family of the Baker-Delgado scandal victims. Okay, and keep me posted.”

(She flips the phone shut and the camera zooms in on her smug smirk.)

Kathleen: “Okay, Senator…let’s see what skeletons come flying out of your closet. Hopefully, you’re the first obstacle I can remove.”

(She checks her watch and races off. Flash to Shane... he has his father's phone in his hand, ready to show what's in it. Bo is questioning him while John takes Ford's statement. Gigi and Rex supervise the questioning.)

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