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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 28 (Part 2)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 28 (Part 2)

Starr Manning

Copyright by ABC, 2012
Nurse: “Miss Manning! Welcome back! Are you ok?” (Starr opens her mouth to reply, but can’t with the tube.) “Oh no, no! Don’t try to talk, Miss Manning. The tube has to be removed first. I’ll get the doctor right away.”

(Starr frantically grabs the nurse’s wrist and shakes her head. She makes a gesture that mimics writing something down, indicating that she needs a pen and paper. The nurse pulls out a small notepad and pen from her uniform pocket and hands it to her. Starr scribbles down: “PLEASE GET MY PARENTS”. The nurse nods and rushes off.)

(Flash back to the waiting room..Viki is pacing the floor nervously. She peeks out of the glass window ever few seconds, almost angry that she doesn’t see any activity that gives her any answers. Dorian rises to comfort her friend, but Viki’s pacing doesn’t cease. John and Bo have gone over to the cafeteria to investigate the reason for the commotion, and Rama, Jack and Kelly are trying to calm Neela down enough to get some details.)

Rama: “Neela, sweetie, please try to calm down so we can hear what’s going on.”

Neela: (struggling to wipe her tears away) “I went…to find Jack…I wanted to share the good news about the baby, but…oh, Rama! He was gone! And his wallet was thrown all over the place next to a newspaper clipping with certain words from different parts circled in marker of the story that said ‘Jack Manning Found Dead’.”

Shane: “Neela, what did you say?”

Neela:”I said when I got there, he was gone...”

Shane: “...No, I meant tell me about the article. You said there were words from the article that were circled in marker to form the sentence 'Jack Manning Found Dead'?”

Neela: “Yes, but...”

Gigi: “Shane, honey? Do you know something about this?”

Shane: “There's something very familiar about the way she described the article, Mom. I...can't...I don't know what, but I KNOW that something about it is bugging me.”

Rex: “Well, try to think, buddy. Take your time, because you may be able to help Jack.”

(The camera zooms in on Shane's face, then slowly fades out.)

(Flash over to the cafeteria...John and Bo have officially declared it a crime scene, and have already called for backup and forensics. Blair and Todd are huddled together in the hallway, and Victor has been joined by Téa.)

Téa: “What do they know so far, Victor?”

Victor: “Jack's girlfriend came looking for him to tell him about Rama and Vimal's baby news. Apparently, when she got here, she found the mess that you see here, and a news article that had a few specific words circled in marker to form a statement that Jack is dead.”

Téa: “Oh my God. Blair and Todd must be going nuts.”

Victor: “Understatement. Honey, I am pleading with you to go find a place to rest. You have endured way too much stress this week, and I know that legal shark look in your eyes. You're about to embark on another private eye mission, and I don't think it's a good idea.”

Téa: “I have to be here for Blair.”

Blair: “Like hell you do. Téa, you're about to drop. As that baby's godmother, I'm pulling rank. I have more than enough people around here to be with me. You go rest...now! Victor, go with your wife. We'll keep you posted.”

(The couple leaves and Bo and John step forward to question Blair and Todd.)

John: “Hey, you two. I know this is a very hard time right now, but I need to ask you some questions to help me find your son. When was the last time you saw or spoke to Jack?”

Todd: “Less than an hour ago, John. He was happy about Starr coming out of surgery, and he asked me to go see his girlfriend Neela. Neela said he went to get a soda, and when she went to

look for him to tell him that Rama just found out she's pregnant, she found that mess instead.” Bo: “Did Jack get into any fights at school recently? Or with anyone in the neighborhood?”

Todd: “Oh, yeah sure. Jack Manning, the demon seed, right, Bo? You're probably thinking he's getting what he deserved.”

Bo: (firmly) “Manning, let me get something very straight with you. After everything we have all just been through at those docks, I saw a better side of you and I actually gained some new respect for both you and your brother. And Jack has become much calmer since Gigi returned. But even if he was Damien the Omen himself, he's still a child who's missing and he deserves to be found safely. I have been in the position you are right now—wondering where my child is and imagining the worst scenarios possible—so I'm gonna chalk that outburst of yours down to fear. However, if you want your child back, WE need to know about any and every thing and person he was involved with to try and get a lead. Like it or not, we are family, Manning. Now, I repeat...did Jack have any fights with anyone in school or in the neighborhood recently?”

Blair: “No, Bo. Todd...I mean, Victor, pretty much kept him on a short leash after the incident with Gigi Morasco happened. I think Irene's people may still have some tricks up their sleeve. Look at all that has happened with Natalie, Starr and the brothers. That woman's hand reaches out from the grave, Bo.”

John: “This method seems too simple for her, and I'm pretty sure we dismantled the last secret lab Irene Manning had. Baker was her commander-in-chief, and he's dead.”

Bo: “I'm going to question Tomas Delgado anyway, but I agree with John. This is too simple a style for Irene. This is local, and you might wanna start looking into business associates from both of you that may be suspects.”

(The camera fades out as Blair and Todd look at each other, frowning as they try to think. The camera flashes over to Dorian's pool house. Cole is pacing the floor, reaching for the doorknob several times and then stopping himself. After several rounds of trying to contain himself, he grabs his sunglasses and his phone and runs out the door.)

(She is standing outside of Starr's unit, staring through the glass. The camera zooms in on her reflection in the glass, and a few seconds later, David's reflection appears beside her. Her eyes widen in shock, and she turns to see him there. She hugs him, and begins to cry.)

David: “Oh, there, there now, Love Muffin.”

Dorian: “Oh, honey...I don't know how you knew come here at the perfect time, but I'm so glad you did! My niece is fighting for her life, Natalie is out of surgery, but she can't see too clearly, and Jack has been kidnapped!”

David: “Yes, my Venus, I know all about...wait, Jack was kidnapped? When?”

Dorian: “About an hour ago.”

David: “Whoa, that's not cool. Whose iPod did he steal to make someone that mad?”

Dorian: “DAVID!”

David: “I'm sorry, Moonbeam, but he had to have done some serious mojo to make someone want to take him. Or maybe it was something one of the Todds did.”

(Dorian looks at him thoughtfully).

Dorian: “The theory is that Irene Manning's people is behind this.”

David: “I thought she was dead. Oh, don't tell me the Dark Lady sprung another life. That witch has got more lives than a cat!”

Dorian: “No, no, no, honey! She's dead, but she had programmed her men to...oh, never mind, dear. I'll fill you in on that later.”

David: “Well, there's something I have to tell you, my wanton princess. Can we go get some coffee somewhere?”

Dorian: “David, I can't leave my family right now! And Viki needs me, too.”

(David hugs her.)

David: “Dorian, I would never ask you to leave your family at a time like this. I just want to talk to you about....

(He stops short as he recognizes Cole in a janitor's uniform. He scowls in anger and turns to Dorian.)

David: “You know what? We can talk later. I want to go to see my new nephew. I'll talk to you about it later. I'll be right back.”

Dorian: “David? Where are you going? You just got here!”

David: (shouting as he races off) “I'll be right back, lovebird! I have to go moisturize! I'll be back!”

(David races off in the direction he last saw Cole. He carefully slips around every corner of the corridor and finally sees Cole slip into a locker room. He opens the door and follows Cole inside . He watches as Cole cautiously looks over his shoulder and checks the perimeter, then slips into a bathroom. David slips in behind him and pushes him inside. He quickly checks under the two stalls to be sure they're empty.)

David: “Are you crazy? Are you trying to get both our heads in a noose?”

Cole: “I'm sorry, David, but I just couldn't stay away waiting to find out what happened to Starr.”

David: “Great, so you put your buns, and MY buns on the chopping block! I don't know about you, but people certainly want to see my buns in perfect shape. Including DORIAN, who's probably going to kick them till they're black and blue if she finds about this!”

Cole: “I heard that Jack was missing. Is that true?”

David: “Yes, and if anyone sees you, we'll both be missing with him! I have to get you out of here!”

Cole:”David, I'm not leaving.”

David:”WHAT! Listen, you should be back in California with your rugrat. How do you think she's feeling right now?”

Cole: “I know she misses her mother.”

David: “I don't know much about rugrats, but I think I'm a pretty sensible guy...sensible enough to know that you are a sitting duck out here, and if her mom is in the hospital, then you would be more useful as a safe duck sitting next to her. I know I would want Dorian to be next to me, sipping margaritas by the pool with a large bottle of massaging oil and sunscreen...it would have to be 95 SPF with Vitamin E and cocoa butter...”

Cole: “UGH! David! I am not leaving, and my daughter is fine.”

David: “Oooh, no! No offense, little dude, but I can clearly see why you're in such a mess. You're a real hot-headed moron!”

Cole: “What?”

David: “You were given a huge one-way ticket to paradise...no returns...away from jail, and your slate wiped eternally clean...and you're just gonna throw it away? I've been to jail...with rats the size of kittens crawling in and out of my smudgy cell. The smudges completely ruined my perfectly manicured nails and dried out my baby smooth hands, by the way. I almost lost my Love Goddess, and all I could think about was trying to get the hell out of there for six whole months, and get back to her. You were doomed for ten years, and someone bailed you out...and you WANNA go back? I don't understand how you could waste one minute you could have with your daughter in this situation.”

Cole: “And I suppose I'm supposed to forget that her mother's been shot.”

David: “Well, of course not, that's ridiculous! But right now, Starr has everyone around her, including HER parents, to help her recover, but your little baby should have her dad telling her about her mother. And I shouldn't be trying to think of ways to explain aiding and abetting a dead guy.”

(The sound of the doorknob opening terrifies them and they both duck into the stalls. The camera shows both of them trying to keep quiet as they stand behind their respective stall doors, and the camera zooms in on the doorknob turning before it fades to black.)

(Flash to the cafeteria...Blanca Morales has popped up on the scene, and she and Bo are arguing because he's banning her from reporting at the crime scene. Blair and Todd are furious with Blanca, but John guides them away from the press.)

John: “Let us handle it. You have enough to worry about.”

Blair: “What a vulture!”

John: “Let's just focus on finding your son...”

(They are distracted by a nurse that struggles to get past the crowd of reporters.)

Nurse: “Excuse me, are you Starr Manning's parents?”

Todd: “Yes, is something wrong?”

Nurse: “No, sir. She has awakened and she's asking for you both.”

John: “Go to her. I'll keep you posted of any changes.”

(Flash back to the janitor's bathroom...David peeks over the stall and realizes that one of the workers came in to restock some supplies. A few minutes later, he leaves and they both breathe a sigh of relief. They come out of the stalls and check that the coast is clear.)

David: “I'm gonna go back to Dorian. You better cover your tracks, kid. Go back to the pool house and wait until I tell Dorian that you're here.”

(David rushes off before Cole can answer, and he slips out the door, only to run smack into Dorian.)

Dorian: “What are you up to?”

David: “Uh...nothing.”

Dorian: “Nothing...in a janitor's locker room?”

David: “I had to go to the little superstar's room, but the police had everything blocked off. I made a wrong turn and wound up here. That's why I'm coming out now.”

Dorian: “You are a great actor, but a terrible liar. I don't believe you! I'm going in to see what happened on your wrong turn.”

(She pushes past him and is just about to open the door.)

David: “Are you saying that after all that we have been through with the Morocco fiasco, you'd still accuse me of lying? Love Muffin, I'm really hurt!”

(Dorian stops and studies him for a few minutes. David is slightly relieved, believing he's successful in his distractions.)

Dorian: “You know what? I take it back. You're a terrible actor at this moment. Out of my way, David!”

(Dorian successfully gets past him and opens the door to the janitor's locker room. She doesn't see anyone at first, and the camera flashes to Cole, hiding behind the bathroom's main door with widened eyes. He's trying to control his heavy breathing, praying for Dorian to leave. He listens as David desperately tries to convince Dorian that there's nobody there, just as he said, and she should apologize. Cole is frustrated, but he checks his disguise in the reflection of his cell phone. He's just about to relax when he loses his grip on the phone as he's returning it to his pocket and it falls. David cringes at the thud and Dorian strides over to the bathroom door. David races behind her.)

Dorian: “I KNEW it! You lying infidel! Who is she, huh?”

David: “Dorian! Love Muffin! There's no one there.”

Dorian: “Don't you 'Love Muffin' me! You lowlife scoundrel! You come back here pretending to care about what's happening with my family and all you really wanted to do was do the horizontal mambo with that hussy!”

David: “Angel, you got it all wrong!”

(Dorian bangs on the door while David sputters out protests that fall on deaf ears. Dorian puts up a silencing hand in David's face.)

Dorian: (talking to the door) “Come out here and face me, you home-wrecking bimbo! Ionia, I know you're in there! Come out and take your lumps like a woman, or I'm coming in to flush your head down the toilet with the rest of the waste!”

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