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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 28 (Part 1)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 28 (Part 1)

Neela: “MR. MANNING! Someone took Jack! He’s gone! He’s gone!”

Copyright by ABC, 2012
A message to my readers:

Hello, oh Great Ones!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your undying and constant support and readership. I apologize for the late submission of this particular segment. As you all know, I have been experiencing a crazy, helter-skelter medical situation with my son, and it has only gotten crazier in the last two weeks.

I thank you for the outpour of emails, posts and private messages of well wishes and understanding, and your well-kept promises of waiting patiently—(or IM-patiently, as many of you have so lovingly stated—SMILE!), until I was able to get this out. The jam-packed inbox of emails I’ve received from all of you touched my family and me in ways that I cannot express in words. Thank you for your patience and sense of family you have extended. I hope you enjoy this next segment.

With love and many blessings to you all,


  (The camera takes turns zooming in on all of the parties’ reactions to hearing Neela’s frantic screams in the distance. Joey and Kevin decide to go investigate and asks Viki to stay put. Todd does the same for Blair, and Victor races behind him after securing his wife. Vimal recognizes his sister’s voice and he secures Rama inside the waiting room before taking off. Todd beats them to the cafeteria. He immediately takes a hysterical Neela into his arms to calm her, then notices Jack’s things on the floor.)

Neela: “MR. MANNING! Someone took Jack! He’s gone! He’s gone!”

Todd: “Neela, I need you to calm down, honey. What’s that in your hand?”

Neela: “I came looking for Jack to tell him that Rama is pregnant. He told me he was getting a soda. I came here and saw his phone and his wallet like that…”(she points to the mess on the floor). “Then I found this.”

(Todd takes the newspaper article from her and he is shaken to the bone. Victor takes it away and reads it, his eyes widen but he stays strong for his brother.)

Todd:”What…who could have…Vimal, take Neela back to the family.”

Vimal: “Come, Neela.”

Neela: “NO!!!! I want to help FIND HIM!”

Vimal: “Neela, you must come with me…”

Todd: “Vimal, hold on a minute.” (Todd rests his hands on Neela’s shoulders.) “Go with your brother, sweetie. We’ll get to the bottom of this. We’ll find him, I promise you that. But both of us can’t be hysterical at the same time, in the same place. We won’t be able to think. I won’t keep anything from you.”

Neela: “Please….Mr. Manning…please tell me…”

Todd: “I will, Neela. I promise.”

(Neela sobs into his chest for a few short seconds before Vimal whisks her away. Todd waits until she’s gone before giving in to his own tears. Victor hugs him tightly.)

Todd: “Someone’s got our boy, Vic. Someone’s…oh, GOD! What am I gonna say to Blair?”

Joey: “Todd, I’ll go talk to her.”

Kevin: “I’ll go with him, and then we’ll tell Dorian and Viki.”

Todd: “No..thanks, guys. I should tell her.”

Blair: “Tell me what? What’s going on, Todd? I saw Neela hysterical….NO! NO, NO, NO!”

(The men realize that she caught glimpse of the news article. Todd races to her after stuffing the article in Victor’s hand.)

Todd: “Blair, Blair…honey, wait, listen to me.”

Blair: “WHAT IS THAT? Where’s our son, Todd?”

Todd: “Blair, I don’t believe that article. I think someone is playing a sick joke.”

Blair: “Who would want to do something like that? And NOW? At a time like this? Will Irene never DIE????”

(Flash to Natalie’s room…John and Natalie hear the commotion, but aren’t clear on what’s really happening. He excuses himself with Liam and peeks out of the glass. He sees Neela hysterical in Rama and Vimal’s embrace, and is instantly on alert when he notices the rest of the family instantly huddling up in panic.)

John: “Natalie, I have to go for a minute. I’m going to take Liam back to your parents.”

Natalie: “John, I know that tone…what’s going on?”

John: “I don’t know yet, but something is up. As soon as I find out something, I’ll be right back here to tell you. Please promise me that you’ll focus on getting better.”

Natalie: “I will, I promise.”

(She kisses her baby and John, and John leaves with Liam. Flash to Jessica and Ford…Roxy heard the screams clearly, and had gone to see what she could find out. She races back with Ryder to fill Jessica and Ford in.)

Roxy: “Jessica, I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s something big. That Patel girl is screaming her lungs out and Blair is in a fit. Something’s going on with your people.”

Jessica: (rising quickly on alert) “Bobby…”

Ford: “I know, baby. Go to your family. As soon as I can I’ll be there with you.”

(Jessica kisses Ford as if it’s the last time she ever will, then she and Roxy rush out to her family. The camera fades to black.)

(The camera fades in with David a sneaking Cole into the pool house at La Boulaie. Cole is careful to slip inside unseen.)

David: “Okay, Cole-ster. You stay quiet and stay put while I figure out someplace better to hide you out. And you better stay quiet as a church mouse, because Dorian will have my ass in a sling if she were to find out about this. I just got a perfect tan, so that wouldn’t be such a pretty sight…On the other hand, having Hollywood’s sexiest buns on display might…”

Cole: (grimacing) “…I get the picture, David. I’ll be quiet as a mouse.”

David: “Okay. Well, if you get hungry, look in the mini fridge and help yourself. Just be sure to clean up any signs of…YOU so we can be alive to make our next move. If Starr’s dad finds out that you’re here, he’ll be madder than…well, he’s already mad..almost all the time actually, but..”

Cole: “DAVID! I GET it! Go! Go now.”

David: You might not want to bite the hand that’s feeding you…literally. But, I’m going. My sugar plum will be ecstatic to see me. Maybe she’ll be so happy that she’ll…”

Cole: “…DAVID! Don’t..just…please…spare me the visual. Let me eat something and allow me to keep it down…please.”

David: “Well! I never!”

Cole: “There’s a first time for everything.”

David: “Hmph.”

(David leaves and Cole shudders as he reaches into the fridge and makes himself a sandwich. He grabs his iPod and places the earphones in his ear. He fumbles with a couple of options and lands on a radio station that’s broadcasting the events at the hospital. He instinctively heads to the door, and then remembers his situation. He slams his fists down on the counter in frustration.)

Cole: “DAMMIT!”

(The camera zooms in on Cole running his fingers through his hair in frustration, then fades out.)

(The camera flashes to the hospital’s boiler room…the camera shows old rusty pipes, stairwells and slowly lowers to an unconscious Jack. He has blood on the side of his head and his hands and feet are tied up. The hooded figure is standing over him silently. Jack slowly begins to stir and he sits up. He slowly regains his grip on his surroundings and looks up at the figure.)

Jack: “YOU? What’s going on here? Let me go!”

(The figure hits him, and he falls back into unconsciousness before the camera fades out. Flash back the angels, surrounded in a thick fog…Luna and Al are expecting Starr, but she doesn’t arrive at the Gateway. Luna is worried.)

Al: “Would you stop floating back and forth, Luna? I can’t think with all the pixie dust flying around.”

Luna: “Oh, would you stop flapping your gums, kid? This is serious! The Big Man gave us an assignment, and things ain’t goin’ accordin’ to plan, in case ya haven’t noticed.”

Al: “Oh, I’ve noticed..I’m just saying that pacing around isn’t going to help us come up with any ideas.”

Luna: “Al, do you realize what is going on? She’s already standing in the Crossroad! What if she got wind of what happened to her brother? If she did, then we got a whole lotta damage control to do before The Boss finds out!”

Al: “The Boss ALWAYS knows, Luna! He sits back and gives us time to think for ourselves. Something I can’t DO with your nervous fluttering going on!”

Luna: “Oh, just hush!” (They both hear a rustling sound somewhere in the fog. They both jump up and look in the direction of the sound, awaiting the source of the noise to appear. Luna loudly exhales in relief as Starr nervously appears, looking around in confusion because she hasn’t spotted the angels yet. Luna and Al moves forward to greet her.)

Luna: “Well hello, Starr! What a beautiful young lady you’ve grown up to be!”

Starr: (Nervously) “Thank you…um, I don’t mean to be rude, but am I dead?”

(Al snickers, annoying Starr and causing Luna to nudge him).

Al: “I’m sorry, but we’ve heard that question asked quite a bit in the last hour.”

Starr: “I don’t…what do you mean?”

Luna: “Oh, never mind him. We’ve got to get you back to where you belong.”

Starr: “What happened to me? How did I get here?”

Al: You were shot by your grandmother’s bully. You’re down there, in a hospital bed and your family is praying for you to pull through.”

Starr: “Something happened. I heard screaming…”

(Al and Luna look at each other, trying not to display their panic in front of Starr.)

Luna: “Yes, honey, there was a lot of screaming down at the docks when you got shot…”

Starr: (confused, as if trying to remember) “No, it was a female screaming…I heard something about…my brother. Someone screamed..someone said he was gone.”

Al: “Your brother is not gone, Starr. You might have been dreaming in your unconscious state.”

Starr: (defiantly) “I don’t think so…I heard my mom screaming.”

Luna: “Al, she heard it. We can’t keep it from her.”

Starr: “Keep what from me? What happened?”

Luna: “Your brother is in trouble. You heard screaming because his girlfriend found some thangs.”

Starr: (worriedly) “What do you mean “in trouble’? Did he do something again?”

Luna: “No, no, no! Nothin’ like that…we really can’t tell you any more, Starr. The reason why we’re here is to bring you back to your body, honey. Your momma and daddy are gonna need you to get better so they can have a clear mind to help Jack. He’s in serious need of their help right now.”

Starr: “I…life isn’t so grand down there. Jack’s a brat, and Cole has to pretend he’s dead if he wants to live outside of jail.”

Luna: “And how will you being dead help any of that? And what about Hope? You chose that name because of the miracle she represents in your life, didn’tcha?”

Starr: “Well, yes...but…”

Luna: “There are no ‘buts’ in this here situation, missy. You were given the most precious role of all by my Boss…motherhood. You can’t bail out when you git scared. I didn’t git the chance to see my Frankie and Leslie grow on Earth. I am very grateful that I git the chance to watch over them every day, but it’s jist not the same as being able to hold them directly in yer arms, Starr. And right now, your momma and daddy have found their way back to each other…”

Al: (scoffing) “Ha! Lord knows that was a he…(spots Luna’s stern look)…e..eck of a workload to endure!”

Luna: “Oh, hush ya mouth, Al! Anyway, my dear…They jist got back to gether, but they are gonna be facin’ a whole lot more stress. They are worried about you, they got that Tomas fiasco to deal with, and now Jack done up and got himself involuntarily caught in a dangerous position. You have always been their middle ground, Starr. They will fall to pieces without you.”

Starr: “They don’t need me. They always wind up doing their own crazy thing no matter how I feel about it.”

Luna: “Oh, lawd, you youngn’s are more stubborn than a mule in a stable! Why do y’all waste the precious gift of life so easily? Don’t you realize that every day you have on Earth with your loved ones can be taken away in a split second? My stars, look at what’s happenin’ to you right now, young lady! Your family needs you! Your baby girl needs you, your momma and daddy need you, and your little brother is REALLY gonna need ya. We are not ready to accept you here yet, Starr. Why are you tryin’ to leave them before ya time?”

(Starr hesitates, and Al scoffs impatiently)

Al: “Oh, Luna, may I PUHLEEZE help her along?”

Luna: “Al Holden, don’t even think about it! You already walkin’ a thin line with the last trick you pulled! There ain’t no technicalities that’s gonna save your winged hide with this case if you repeat it.”

Starr: “No tricks necessary, Al. You’re right, Luna. My place is with my family. Help me get home?”

Luna: “Thank God you were easier than the last one! I thought you’d never ask!”

(Luna puts her hands in a praying position and closes her eyes. A few seconds later, she opens her arms as if to hug Starr, but she makes circular patterns by spinning her arms around three times. Thick clouds and fog form around Starr, shape-shifting into a transporting capsule of clouds and Luna stops her circular motions to blow a kiss in Starr’s direction. The kiss serves as a gentle but powerful breeze that sends her cloud transporter back to earth, where she reconnects with her body. She slowly opens her eyes and realizes that she can’t speak. No one is there to see her awake, and she slightly remembers her angelic encounter. Worried, she struggles to reach for her call button. After a wicked struggle, she manages to press the button. A nurse quickly enters, happy to see she’s awake.)

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