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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 27


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 27

The "Angels" Al and Luna

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Flash back to the waiting room…Clint has just received word that Natalie has flatlined and he races off to her room. Gigi is a wreck, but is suddenly wondering where Rex is. She dials his cell phone number.)

Rex: “Hey, Gige. Is everything okay?”

Gigi: “Where are you, Balsom? Natalie’s doctor just came in here and said she had a setback. I need you here!”

Rex: “I’ll be right there. I was in the middle of something important that I’ll tell you all about when I get there in five minutes.”

Gigi: “Ooookay then. See you in five minutes.”

(Flash to Al and Luna, still in disguise. They have appeared outside of Natalie’s room, and Luna is saddened by the scene. She shakes her head.)

Luna: “Oh my heavens! You young’ns just can’t seem to get away from the hard way, can ya?”

Al: “Well, I have to tell ya, Luna…this one’s a knucklehead. We may have to pull out a big gun or two.”

Luna: “Nope, Al, I’ll have to call ya out on this one. Natalie just needed to know that that good-lookin’ feller in there wanted her. She just needs a little push. Sound like someone else I know,”

Al: “I don’t know…”

Luna: “Well, there’s only one way to find out. Let’s git to work.”

(The camera is covered by a thick fog that absorbs Luna and Al…they reappear with a healthy Natalie in an abandoned office in the precinct. Natalie looks around, confused).

Natalie: “What the…HELLO???” (Her voice echoes. She sees the same ball of light that Ford saw, and Al and Luna emerge.)

AL: “Hey, Natalie!”

Natalie: “Oh my God…AL?”

Al: (smiling) “Yes, it’s me..in the..” (Luna stops him.) “Yeah, it’s me.”

Natalie: “Am I dead?”

Al: “No, but if you don’t get out of your stubborn little bubble, you might as well be.”

Natalie: “What are you talking about?”

Luna: “Natalie, baby…what are you trying to dodge facin’ down there?”

Natalie: “Nothing! I was hit over the head…”

Luna: (waving her away impatiently) “Oh, hodge-podge. We all know the story. But you survived that surgery, and then you ran again. Don’t you hear what you’re leaving back there?”

(Luna waves her hand and Natalie hears the crying pleas of John and her parents, and Liam’s frantic crying.)

Al: “That crowd down there s rootin’ for ya, and that little boy is calling for you to be his mother. What on earth are you running from?” (Luna folds her arms and stares at him.) “No pun intended.”

(Natalie remains silent).

Luna: “Natalie, that man loves you. He wants to marry you and take all of the time it takes to make up for all of the time you lost making stupid mistakes. Don’t you hear him?”

(Luna waves her hands again, and Natalie hears John trying to will her back above Liam’s crying)

Natalie: “I’m afraid that he’s only doing this because of Liam. I don’t think he wants a real life.”

Al: “You know what your problem was back on earth?”

Natalie: “No, AL, but I’m SURE you’re gonna tell me.”

Al: “You’re damned right I am!” (Thunder rolls and Luna whacks him on the side of his head. He looks back at an invisible person and flinches.) “I’m sorry.” (turns back to Natalie.) “You always had a big mouth. We were watching ya when John kept trying to have the talk with you after the truth about Liam was revealed. YOU kept interrupting him and running away. And if you can recall..you were pretty da..” (Luna gives him a warning look) “DARNED audacious in bluffing with John.”

Natalie: “What? What do you mean?”

Al: “Oh, puhleeeze! Who did you think you were fooling by continuing with the wedding ceremony to Brody, hm? You were testing John. Not knowing that he was about to board a plane filled with heartbreak because he wanted to respect your decision.”

Natalie: “He should have fought..”

Al: “WHAT? It seems to me like the one who proved their love was JOHN! He would suffer with a broken heart rather than interrupt your happiness, while YOU were willing to LET him suffer knowing that you never loved Brody in the first place! Remember where you are, Natalie. The whole place is a polygraph!”

(Natalie’s eyes widen in fear, and she remains silent.)

Luna: “None of that matters now. You have to make a choice, darlin’…RIGHT NOW. You got inside information that John is for real. So whatcha gonna do? If you don’t choose right now, then your body is gonna lose the fight. Hurry up.”

Al: “Oh, please. She’ll never get it. Let me help you out.”

Luna: “Al Holden, don’t you dare!” Al: “Too late.”

(Al waves his hand, and Natalie goes flying through a door and back into her body. Her eyes fly open and she sees her family through blurry vision. She can see a good portion of John and Liam, then Viki and Clint. She coughs as she tries to speak, but she’s able to reach for her son. Al and Luna smile as they watch the scene.)

Luna: “Al Holden! You are NOT supposed to remove free will! That’s a big no-no with The Boss!”

Al: “Luna, you heard her. She wants John, she was just afraid he didn’t want her. WE know he does, so how did I remove her free will?”

Luna: “You’re incorrigible..no matter what plane you’re on! Come on, Gunsmoke, we got one more job to do.”

(Todd and Blair are standing over an unconscious Starr, hugging each other as they take in the sight. She has a tube coming out of her mouth, and the droning from the mass of machines is frightening.)

Blair: (tearfully) “Oh, Todd! Look at her! She’s so pale!”

Todd: “Blair, honey..she just had surgery to stop a bunch of bleeding. She’ll get her color back soon. We need to be strong for her, baby.”

Blair: “Every time I look at her, I want to kill that son of a BITCH!”

Todd: “Shhhh! Honey, we don’t want our little Starr to come back to negativity. You leave Tomas to higher powers and focus on our daughter.”

(Todd’s cell phone rings and he moves to check the ID. He swears softly and answers the call.)

Todd: “Hello? Hi. I know, I know. I’m sorry but there was a lot going on all at once and I couldn’t make the phone call. She’s out of surgery, and the doctor said that the first seven days are the most critical.” (Todd lowers his voice to an angry whisper.) “WHAT! No you can’t! YOU CAN’T DO that! Too much has been put on the line for you to live the way you are now. You just make sure that you take excellent care of my granddaughter until we can get her mother home. I understand that, Cole, but you are going to blow everything.”

(Blair quickly looks up in his direction at the sound of Cole’s name and becomes alarmed. She frantically gestures “NO!” at Todd.)

Todd: “You see? Even Blair agrees with me, and she doesn’t usually do that. We will keep you posted every step of the way, but you STAY PUT!”

(He snaps his cell phone shut and runs a hand through his hair in exasperation.)

Blair: (talking very quietly) “He can’t be serious!”

Todd: “Oh, he’s dead serious! I don’t know him, but I see the word ‘HotHead’ as that kid’s street tag.”

Blair: “Only when it comes to matters of Starr.”

Todd: “Oh, great!”

(Flash to the Buenas Dias diner. The camera shows two hands hanging up a cell phone. Slowly the camera zooms out, revealing Cole in a hooded jacket and sunglasses. He grabs his folded newspaper and heads out quickly with his head down. He doesn’t realize that someone else is coming in through the door he’s trying to escape through. He knocks the keys and water bottle out of the customer’s hand, mumbles a quick “sorry’ and runs out the door. The customer realizes that he recognizes Cole, but he’s not sure. The camera only shows unidentifiable clips of the customer to the viewers. The man quickly retrieves his fallen belongings and races out after Cole. Cole ducks behind the dumpster and is careful not to make any noise as he tries to see who the man is. He finally sees a man run out and stop to look around. Then man looks familiar, but Cole can’t place his face in the dim street lights.)

Man: (whispering through a makeshift megaphone of his two hands) “Cole..pssssst…Cole. Come on, man I know it’s you. I know that you’re here for Starr. Let me help you get out of here before someone sees you!”

(Cole relaxes as he recognizes the voice. He steps out carefully and the man quickly ushers him into the back seat of his car. Once they are well on the road, Cole removes his hood and stays flat down on the back seat, out of the windows.)

Cole: “Of all the risks I was afraid of, I never once thought that I would risk running into David Vickers.”

David Vickers: (stealing glances at Cole in his rearview mirror) “Yeah, well I ran a higher risk of ruining my Dolce & Gabbana zip-up sweater running after you nearly spilled my water bottle all over it. If that happened, I would probably die! No, then I would leave my Love Muffin behind, and that would never suffice. And my pa, Bo, he would be really sad. So would Stepmom Nora, and my little bro, Matthew. Speaking of dying…I read that you bit the bullet yourself? Are you a ghost?”

(Cole rolls his eyes in frustration and sighs.)

Cole: “No, I’m not a ghost. But I need to stay one in Llanview. I just couldn’t stay away while Starr is fighting for her life.”

(David looks into the rearview mirror with a softened look.)

David: “I understand, Bro. I hate being away from my sex goddess for even a minute. It makes me really sad, and I can’t afford to be sad because frown lines and puffy eyes will ruin my career. I have perfect skin and complexion, you know. Angelina was asking me for pointers to pass on to Brad.”

(Cole buries his head into his hoodie and covers his ears.)

Cole: “David, no one can know that you saw me, okay? Not Starr’s family and ESPECIALLY not the police. I need to know that Starr is okay, and then I’m going to run back to where we were. David, please, please don’t say anything! Todd would have my head.”

David: “Whoa-ho-ho!!! Graphic vision, dude! I have a queasy stomach, and I can’t afford to get sick when I’m set to premiere in less than two weeks.”

(David manages to get a glimpse of the fear on Cole’s face, and he gets serious.)

David: “Okay, if I’m gonna get involved with this, you’re gonna have to be straight with me. How did the town come to believe that you’re worm food?’

(The camera fades as Cole begins to explain his situation).

(Flash back to the waiting room..Rex has filled Gigi in on the Ford situation, and she is happily chatting away, but the viewers can’t hear her. The camera flashes back to Natalie’s room. Viki and Clint have left the room to allow John and Liam some privacy with Natalie. Natalie’s vision is blurry, but she can see enough to fairly recognize who she’s talking to.)

John: “Hey, there. You scared us.”

Natalie: (squinting) “I know. I’m sorry. I was scared, too.”

John: “What scared you, honey?”

Natalie: “You.”

John: “What? Did I do something I don’t know about?”

Natalie: “No, John. YOU scared me, but my stupidity caused that fear.”

John: “Natalie…um…you ARE lucid, right?”

Natalie: “Yes, John..I’m totally clear-minded.”

John: “Okay…then, clear things up for me.”

Natalie: “I don’t know why, but I was afraid that you weren’t being on the level with me about wanting a life with me and Liam. I felt that you were around with me BECAUSE of Liam. I don’t know why…but…”

(John stops her with a kiss.)

John: “Natalie Buchanan, stop THINKING so much! You don’t do it very well when it comes to us. We made some damned stupid mistakes, but the stupidity was splitting up in the first place. I love you, and I’m not going anywhere…EVER. I’ll take your crazy antics, and I hope you’ll remember that you wanted me with all of mine. You made me remember what it meant to love again, and you’re my perfect match. I promised God that if you came back to me, I wouldn’t waste any amount of time I have with you. And I haven’t talked to the Big Guy in quite some time, so that’s gotta tell you something.”

Natalie: “Well, I had a little encounter of my own to set me straight. I love you, too, and I won’t let my big mouth mess things up for us anymore, either.”

John: “Liam and I need you to fight to get better, Nat. We have a lot of unfinished business that’s long overdue for completion.”

Natalie: “May I hold him?”

(John hands Liam to Natalie and assists with securing him.)

Natalie: (trying to clear her vision to see him. Tears fall from the corner of her eyes) “I’m sorry, my sweet boy. I almost gave up and left you and your daddy behind. I will never leave you again.”

(The camera zooms in and out with John huddling over his family).

(Flash to Starr’s room..Todd and Blair are standing outside of the ICU, discussing his phone call.)

Blair: (whispering) “This is the last thing that we need to happen with everything that’s going on! I know how much he loves our little girl, but if he shows his face around here, that’s going to open up a can of worms that we can’t close.”

Todd: “Would you tell me something that I DON’T know, Blair? And while you’re at it, something that DOESN’T add more gloom to an already gloomy situation?”

Victor: “Hey, guys! I just had to drag Delgado out of….Uhhh..what’s going on? Is something wrong with Starr?”

Todd: “No, Vic…it’s nothing. We’re just doing the worried parent thing…”

Victor: “Yeah, right! And I actually LIKE our mother. Spill.”

(The camera zooms in on Blair and Todd’s worried faces and then fades to black).

(Flash back to Jack and Neela..he’s watching for his parents through the glass window, and the mystery figure is watching him and Neela.)

Neela: “I’m really happy that your sister survived the surgery, Jack.”

Jack: “Thanks, but she’s not better yet. We still have to wait a whole week before the doctors have a starting point for her recovery. My niece must really be missing her.”

Neela: “Oh, right! Her daughter is in California, right?”

Jack: “Yes, she’s with my cousin Langston and her boyfriend Markko. They’re film writers.”

Neela: “That sounds exciting.”

Jack: “Nothing matters if Starr doesn’t make it. Look, excuse me for a minute, Neela. I need some a soda or something.”

Neela: “Sure. I’m going to check in with Rama and Vimal. I’ll meet you in a minute, okay?”

Jack: “Please do.” (Jack kisses Neela and she smiles before going over to Rama. Vimal is talking with Clint and Viki. The camera follows Jack, showing him from the mystery person’s angle of view. He walks to a vending machine and searches the choices. The mystery person slowly gets closer. Flash back to Neela and Rama..Rama looks very tired, and Neela is worried.)

Neela: “Rama, you look tired.”

Rama: “Well, of course I’m tired, Neela! I didn’t get much sleep playing referee between you and your brother all week.”

Neela: “Well, we’re not fighting now, and we are going to be here for awhile, so why don’t you rest?”

Rama: “That’s the problem, Neela. I’m tired, but I can’t sleep.”

Neela: “Since we are in the hospital, you should see a doctor for something to help you sleep. Rama, you can’t skip sleeping, especially at a time like this. You haven’t had a real sleep for three days.”

(Rama stops to think.)

Rama: “You are right, Neela, it has been three days. And I have been feeling under the weather. What harm could it do to slip away and talk to the doctor?”

Neela: “Do you want me to go with you?”

Rama: “Absolutely not! You go get your man, honey!”

(Vimal spots Rama leaving and he excuses himself to Viki and Clint.)

Vimal: “My fragile butterfly, what is wrong?”

Rama: (slightly annoyed) “Nothing, baby! I am going to the ladies’ room. I’ll be back shortly.”`

(Vimal concedes defeat and reluctantly returns to the waiting room. Rama finds Dr. Andrews and asks him to please take a minute to talk to her.)

Rama: “Dr. Andrews, I am a friend of the families in that waiting room. I need your help.”

(The sounds go mute as Rama continues to talk to the doctor. We see the doctor nod his head and gestures to Rama to go into a nearby exam room before taking a nurse with him. The camera flashes back to Jessica and Ford. Roxy has handed Ryder to Jessica and is waiting outside in the hall, keeping on the lookout for Brody.)

Jessica: “This is a miracle! Ford, you came back to me! You came to Ryder….”

Ford: “And I love you. Don’t forget that.”

Jessica: “How is this possible? You were crushed..I saw you…”

Ford: “I remember…Mitch Lawrence, and then Luna and Al helped me…”

Jessica: “What did you say?”

Ford: “I said I remember fighting with Mitch Lawrence, and the next thing I remember was Luna and Al helping me through a door to get back to you…I was…”

(Ford stops, realizing that his story is freaking Jessica out.)

Ford: “Something I said?”

Jessica: “Luna and Al died years ago, Bobby. Where did you see them?”

(Ford remains silent, slowly piecing together what happened to him. He smiles to himself and kisses Jessica and Ryder)

Ford: “It doesn’t matter. I’m home, and I’m going to be very careful to make the very best of that.”

Jessica: “Well, you better start by making a full recovery and listening to everything your doctors tell you.”

Ford: “I will. I prom…wait a minute! I remember seeing a newscast about Natalie and Starr. Was I imagining that?”

(Jessie’s eyes get sad. Ford’s smile quickly fades as he struggles to sit up and receives her into his arms. He motions to Roxy to take Ryder. Jessica sobs into his chest.)

Ford: “Oh, baby, I’m so sorry. Tell me what’s going on.”

(The camera fades away as she begins to tell him all the details. Flash to Rama, she emerges from the exam room with a dazed look on her face. She walks hypnotically down the corridor to the waiting room and peeks into the glass. She spots Vimal sting in a private corner, staring at the floor. She taps lightly on the window and catches Vimal’s attention. He quickly races out to meet her.)

Vimal: (frantically) “My precious rose petal, what is disturbing you? Are you okay? You are looking rather pallid, my honey bunny..what is…?”

Rama: “Vimal, please shut up! Listen to me, baby…”

Vimal: “…Of..of course, my lovely lily. Please speak.”

Rama: “I asked the doctor who took care of Starr Manning to prescribe me something to help me sleep. I’ve been so tired lately.”

(Vimal opens his mouth to speak, but she puts a hand over his mouth to stop him).

Rama: “No, no…please don’t talk. The doctor asked me to tell him everything that has happened around the time that the fatigue started. As I was giving him the details…we both realized that it was more than just fatigue.”

Vimal: (concerned, lucid) “Is there something wrong, my love?”

Rama: “Are you asking about me, or our baby?”

(Vimal frowns in confusion, his eyebrows going up and down as his eyes widen and narrow several times. Rama looks at him as if she expected his confused reaction, and practically times him to the minute until it registers with him. He lifts her up and spins her around happily. The rest of the family figures out what the deal is and begin to offer their congratulations, Neela the loudest and the most excited.)

Neela: “Oh, Rama! Vimal! This is wonderful news! I must tell Jack!”

(She races to the cafeteria, and is confused to find that it’s empty, but Jack’s cell phone and wallet are tossed carelessly on the floor near the vending machine. His cell phone is separated from the battery and the battery cover, and the wallet’s contents are tossed all over. Neela is scared now, and becomes doubly terrified as her eyes slowly move a few feet to the left of the wallet’s contents and she sees small drops of blood next to the article. She lifts the newspaper clipping from the very tip of the corner and she screams as she drops it in horror. The camera zooms in on the newly composed message of selective words: “JACK MANNING FOUND DEAD.” The camera fades to black.)

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