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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 25 (Part 3)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 25 (Part 3)

Victor: “Oh, MAN am I glad to see you again! No one’s ever gonna keep me away from you again, Sam. NO ONE, buddy. I swear to you. I love you, too.”

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Male: “She DOES! She knows the source himself.”

(The entire family turns to see Victor and is frozen with shock. Victor smirks and winks at a smiling Téa while Todd, Blair, John and Bo gloat at Kathleen. Sam races into his father’s arms, sobbing. Victor hugs Sam like his life depended on it, and he bursts into tears.)

Sam: “DADDY!! Heaven gave you back! I love you, Daddy!”

Victor: “Oh, MAN am I glad to see you again! No one’s ever gonna keep me away from you again, Sam. NO ONE, buddy. I swear to you. I love you, too.”

(Jack and Dani look up at Todd, and Todd smiles and gently pushes them toward Victor. Victor hugs them both tightly, nearly suffocating Sam in the process.)

Jack: “Dad..I mean..Unc…”

Victor: “Jack, neither Todd nor I will be upset with you for your feelings. We will smooth out all of the snags in our family dynamics later. Right now, I have to fill in the blanks of this mess for this uptight bitch of a mayor so they can leave Todd alone.”

Mayor Finn: “I beg your pardon?”

Victor: “Oh, you heard me loud and clear, lady! What kind of stick are you sitting on that makes you such a bully to a hospital lobby full of family members scared stiff about the lives of their loved ones? My brother is waiting to see if his daughter will survive a surgery, and all you can do is salivate for his arrest? For a murder that never happened, nonetheless.”

Mayor Finn: “Well, since you are the subject at the base of all this, why don’t you fill us in?”

Victor: “Sure, if you’ll keep your trap shut long enough to get the full facts. Park it, lady.”

(Victor ushers the kids back to their seats while Kathleen seethes at the quiet snickers she hears while taking her own seat.)

Victor: “Tomas Delgado’s motives for participating in my…’DEATH’ is quite simple. He wanted me out of Téa's life and Todd out of Blair’s. Irene Manning wanted to re-program my brother and I to be her..soldier, or whatever, and she never counted on me turning my back on her. I overheard quite a few conversations between Delgado and Baker that suggested that he wanted out after getting rid of me, but Baker had other plans for him, and intended on coercing his cooperation. He kept making references to an ‘insurance policy’ he had in place to keep Delgado in line until their project reached its conclusion.”

Mayor Finn: “What project?”

Victor: “To successfully re-implement the botched mind control program that somehow didn’t take for Todd. Allison Perkins held me captive in a hotel room somewhere off the highway. I escaped with her phone and made the second call to Tomas. I told him to get the hell away from my wife and brother however which way he could, or I would make him very sorry. That’s why he ran out of the precinct and that’s why John’s people traced the call to Allison’s phone. I was with John, Todd and Bo since Todd escaped from St. Ann’s….some of my finest work, by the way.”

(He turns to Todd and grins. Todd grins back.)

Victor: “I was at the docks when Baker and Tomas brought my niece in, attached to the bomb. Todd told Baker that he wouldn’t surrender himself to Baker unless he freed Starr. Baker told my brother that he could free Starr and still detonate the bomb. Todd told him that he naturally meant for Starr to be FREED from the device. Todd told him that was the only terms of the trade he would agree to. Baker told Tomas to release the device from Starr, but he reached for the detonator anyway, and only Bo and I saw him do it. We jumped out from where we were hiding. I jumped on Baker and managed to knock the detonator away, Bo pointed his gun at Baker and screamed for him to freeze, but Baker grabbed a gun and started shooting at Tomas. Tomas ducked after the first bullet and the second bullet hit Starr.”

(Blair's tears fall as she listens to the details. Jack and Dani follow. Téa moves to comfort Dani, but Todd puts up his hand and takes on the task. Téa smiles through her own tears and nods an “okay”. She joins Victor instead.)

Mayor Finn: “Can anyone explain what happened to Agent Baker?”

Todd: “I shot him. I saw my little girl unconscious and bleeding, and I thought she was dead. I reacted.”

Mayor Finn: (smiles diabolically) “Well, it looks like you’re going to be arrested for murder after all.”

Family: “WHAT!” (Overlapping protests fill the room, and Mayor Finn takes some pleasure in it.)

Finn: “I most certainly can do this. Commissioner, please arrest Mr. Manning as soon as his child is out of surgery.”

Dorian: “You must be crazy!”

Viki: (eerily somber) “No, no, no, Dorian. I will handle this. Gigi, darling, would you and Kelly mind taking the children to the cafeteria for some ice cream? I want to have a little chat with the mayor and I do not want the children to be present.”

(Gigi and Kelly seem a bit frightened of Viki’s tone and they usher ALL of the children out of the room.)

Viki: “I don’t normally handle situations as abrasively as I am about to, but I have had more than enough of this blatant and vindictive abuse of power from you. After ALL that everyone in this room has endured, after what BOTH of my brothers and their families have gone through and ARE going through, I PROMISE you that if you so much as TOUCH Todd with a set of handcuffs, I will make you regret you ever stepped foot in Llanview! Honestly, WHAT kind of wretched creature are you? My daughter, and my niece are FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES, and you are more concerned with extracting revenge on Bo and Nora and getting re-elected! How shameful! I never use my status to my advantage to fight my battles, but I will make sure that my newspaper runs an article every day detailing this blatant harassment and the real reason behind it! If you want to have an inkling of a chance for re-election…or even to serve out the remainder of your term…GET OUT! GET OUT NOW!”

(Mayor Finn quickly races away. Viki bursts into tears of frustration and her sons move to comfort her. Rex joins Clint, who’s staring out of the waiting room window.)

Rex: “Hey, Pop. How you holding up in all of this?”

Clint: “I’m not sure. I don’t know whether to laugh or watch my ass after watching Viki get all Niki Smith on the mayor!”

(Rex laughs, then he gets serious.)

Rex: “You know….uh, there’s no law against putting down the Superman cape and leaning on your son’s shoulder to carry some of YOUR fears in all of this. This can’t be easy on you either.”

Clint: (smiles at his son) “I know I’ll be taking you up on that very soon. Thank you so much for the offer.”

(Rex hugs his father and excuses himself to go find Gigi.)

Blair: “Wow! Who would of thought Viki had THAT in her?”

Todd: “Yeah, I thought she summoned one of her alters again. That was like Niki-lite or something.”

Blair: (playfully punching his arm) “You’re so stupid, Todd. (on a more serious note). I had no idea that you and Victor went through so much on those docks. What a horrible experience that was for you both!”

Todd: “I lost it, Blair. I don’t know if I… life without Shorty?”

(Blair hugs him and shooshes him.)

Blair: “Nothing less than our little girl alive and well, remember?”

(The camera zooms up close on Blair’s face looking over Todd’s shoulder as she hugs him. Flash over to a nurse at the station…she’s bagging up a patient’s belongings and notices a small paper falls from the pile. She bends to pick it up and flips it over. She realizes it’s a photo of Jessica holding Ryder and she goes on alert. She stands up and looks across into the waiting room where the family members are all dispersed into individual groups.)

Nurse: “This is a photo of Jessica Buchanan. What do I do? I can’t interrupt them….”

(She catches sight of Rex leaving and she races from behind the nurses’ station to catch him.)

Nurse: “Excuse me, sir! Sir! Please wait a minute.”

Rex: “How can I help you?”

Nurse: “I..um..there was a John Doe brought in about an hour ago. I was bagging up his personal items and this fell out of his pants pocket.”

(Rex looks at the picture and his eyes widen.)

Rex: “This is a picture of my sister…but…wait. Did you say a John Doe was brought in with this?”

Nurse: “Yes, sir. I didn’t want to interrupt your family to bring this to their attention.”

Rex: “Um, yeah…thank you.”

Nurse: “I was hoping you would take a minute to see if you could recognize him? It would surely help us ID him.”

Rex: “Yeah, sure.”

(They walk off together and the camera flashes over to the kids in the cafeteria. Gigi walks over to a grieving Jack.)

Gigi: “Hey, Jack, are you okay?”

Jack: “Hi, Mrs. Balsom. I am really freaking out with all this, and I’m scared for my sister and my cousin.”

Gigi: “I can certainly understand that. I’m scared with you. Can I do anything for you?”

Jack: “Do you…I mean...really?”

Gigi: “Listen, Jack. I admit, I wanted to hate you. I did. But my son made me remember who I am. He reminded me that I’m alive and you are in need. The hating is a waste. I am willing to forgive you and make a fresh start if you are. We are family, Jack. And right now we all need to stick together. Your mother and I took the first steps toward becoming friends. And Shane thinks you’re worth it. So do I. So what do you say?”

Jack: “Thank you, Mrs. Morasco. And please know I am very sorry for everything.”

Gigi: “I believe you, Jack. Apology accepted, ok?’

Jack: “Ok.” (Gigi hugs him, not knowing that the Patels have arrived. Neela finds Jack and calls out to him. He leaves Gigi and races to her.)

Neela: “Are you okay? How are your sister and your cousin?”

Jack: “Starr was shot, and Natalie was hit in the head. Both of them are in critical condition. The doctors are not saying anything. They are both in surgery now.”

Neela: “Well, I was worried about you. I want to be here for you. I hope that’s okay, because your father…”

Jack:”…I want you here, Neela. My father will understand. Both of them.”

Neela: “I’m sorry?”

Jack: “My dad…Victor, he’s alive.”

Neela: “Oh, Jack..that’s wonderful news! Tell me all about it!”

Jack: “Let’s go over to another table. I’ll tell you everything.”

(They move to the table where Jessica and Brody were earlier. Todd walks in and hides behind the wall Roxy used earlier and listens in.)

Jack: “All of this time, I hated my real dad…”

Neela: “The one you called Scarface?”

Jack: “Yes, but I don’t call him that anymore. I hated him because I thought that he hated me. You see, I heard the stories about how he gave me away as a baby, but then my Aunt Viki and my Aunt Dorian told me the other part of the story.”

Neela: “What parts?”

Jack: “They told me that when he found out the truth he brought me back. At first, I blurted out that it was obvious he would try to get me back to cover his ass…but they set me straight. They told me another thing I didn’t know about.”

Neela: “What did they tell you?”

Jack: “They told me that I had contracted a blood disease called Aplastic anemia. My sister had it when she was a baby, and I knew all about THAT, but I never knew about me. When they told me how Todd thought that God was punishing him for giving me away…and how he spent hours praying to God to spare me and take him instead..I don’t know…something changed for me toward him.”

(Jack’s voice drifts off as Todd has a flash back of the time Jack was a baby with Aplastic anemia. He remembers talking to Nigel and telling Nigel that God was punishing him by letting Jack get ill. He comes out of the flashback with tears stinging his eyes. He realizes that Jack and Neela have concluded their conversation and are preparing to leave to the family. Neela tells Jack that she wants to say hi to Shane and Gigi and she’ll meet him in a few minutes. Jack runs off and Neela turns to go to Shane. Todd steps out.)

Todd: “Hey! Neela!”

(Neela turns and sees Todd. Her eyes widen in terror.)

Todd: “You and I need to have a little chat.”

(Flash back to Roxy…she is stomping through the halls angrily grumbling to herself about Brody.)

Roxy: “If he thinks he’s gonna play my girls, he’s got another thing coming. Who does he think he is, trying to get back into Jessica’s life? If he goes after her again…I’ll…”

(She’s interrupted by the sounds of moans coming from an open hospital room door. She stops and looks inside and sees the blanketed feet of an unknown patient, concealed be a three-quarter drawn hospital curtain. She slowly walks inside toward the bed, calling out “Hello?” She gets closer to the bed and reaches the curtain. She draws it back and sees Ford. Her mouth hangs open in shock.)

Roxy: “Oh my God! Bobby Ford?”

(The camera expands to show Rex and the nurse standing there, Rex in shock.)

(Flash over to Victor…. he strokes his unborn child while savoring the embrace of his wife’s arms.)

Victor: “Hey, buddy. You’re poking my ribs here.” (Téa laughs.)

Téa: “Serves you right for leaving us.”

Victor: “Yeah, I guess you’re right, but that won’t ever happen again.”

Téa: “You promise?”

Victor: “Scout’s honor.”

Téa: “Oh, puhleeze. You’re too mean to be a scout! But I’ll take it. I can’t wait to take you home and make up for lost time.”

Victor: “I can’t wait to look at that beautiful face of yours sleeping next to me. It sure beats waking up to Allison Perkins’ face.”

Téa: “Oh, mi amor, I hate to think about the torture you suffered. My GOD, I was terrible to your brother, and such a patsy to mine. That BASTARD! Look at all of the pain he caused!”

Victor: “Shhhh…no upsetting the bundle. You leave Tomas to Todd, John and me.”

Téa: “I hate that my nephew was involved in any of this. Now, just a small part of me has to think about the fears he suffered as a father, and I can’t kick his sorry ass guilt-free.”

Victor: “He put his own son in there by joining forces with the Devil in the first place.”

Téa:”What made him think that he could ever get you out of my life?”

Victor: “Whatever indeed?” (He kisses his wife just as Sam comes pouring in with Kelly.)

Kelly: “I’m sorry, Victor, but he insisted on coming back to you.” (Sam jumps roughly into his lap and clings to him. Victor yelps in pain.)

Sam: “Sorry, Daddy. I just don’t want Heaven to take you away again.”

Victor: “Hey, hey! Listen to me, champ. Heaven didn’t do this, two very bad men did this, and they have NOTHING to do with Heaven. And more importantly, you were so strong in my heart that nothing was able to keep me from coming back to you. Do you understand?”

Sam: “Yes, Daddy. But I want to hug you anyway. I want to be sure. And I was Junior Deputy while Lieutenant McBain went to find Cousin Natalie and Starr.”

Victor: “You WERE?”

Sam: “Mm-hm, I sure was! And I was great!”

John: “He sure was. Thank you for watching over Liam and Ryder, buddy.”

(John is cradling his sleeping son. Sam extends a high-five to John, who uses his free hand to respond. Victor and Téa smile. Victor asks Sam to go to Kelly for just a few minutes, promising he’ll still be here when Sam comes back. Sam agrees and races off.)

Victor: “Hey, McBain…thanks so much for everything. I hope Natalie is okay.”

John: “You’re welcome, and thanks to you for everything you did, too. I hope Natalie pulls through, too. I don’t know what to do without her.”

Victor: “She’s a Buchanan…failure is not an option. She’ll be back home to you and Liam before you know it.”

John: “From your lips to the Big Guy’s ears, man.”

(They shake hands and John heads over to join Viki.)

Viki: “John, darling. How are you?”

John: “I’m trying to keep it together for Liam. How are you?”

Viki: “I am a wreck, John. I don’t know what I’ll do if anything happens to either of them.”

John: “Well, your fear certainly came out usefully. I never saw Mayor Finn run away so quickly from anything before.”

Viki: “Oh, well..there’s a first time for everything. This was just not an appropriate time for the games. My brothers have been through enough.”

John: “You all have.”

Viki: “As have you, John McBain. Don’t discount your pain. You and Natalie have gone through the high flames of Hell, and here you are facing another tragedy.”

John: (chuckling through building tears) “That’s the story of our lives.”

Viki: “Well, the story is starting a new chapter, darling.”

John: “What’s that?”

Viki: “This time, the tall, dark and handsome hero doesn’t suffer alone. You have access to a whole heap of family now. Feel free to tap into them.”

(Flash over to Todd and Neela.)

Neela: “What can I do for you, Mr. Manning?”

Todd: “Well, for starters, you can tell me if you’re carrying a tape recorder, or wearing a wire.”

Neela: (practically cringing, as she drops her gaze to the floor) “Mr. Manning, I told Jack that I am sorry for what I did. I really care about Jack, but Shane’s mother…”

Todd: “…Be quiet. I know the story. And I know what you did and why you did it. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to nail you to the wall and shoot staples into every inch of your skin for betraying my son, but…” (Neela looks up, afraid to show hope)

Todd: “I see that you are a good person, and that not only do you care for my son, but my son cares for you. He’s going to need all the support from those who love him right now. SO much has happened to us, and we can’t afford to waste any time on our past mistakes. You seem to make my son smile and glow, and if you want to be a Manning man’s girlfriend, then you’re gonna need to know how to keep that smile going. Welcome to the madness, Neela. I’m Todd, Jack’s father.”

Neela: “Mr. Manning, please forgive me for what I’ve done. I never meant to hurt Jack, and I promise you that I’ll never hurt him again. At least not intentionally.”

Todd: “You better not. His big sister has a hungry pet reptile that eats fragile little girls for breakfast.”

(Neela’s eyes widen in terror, and Todd smiles mischievously at her. She smiles. He extends his hand to her.)

Todd: “May I escort you to the waiting room?”

Neela: “I’d be honored, Mr. Manning.”

(Todd and Neela walk arm-in-arm back to the family, passing by a very shocked Vimal and Rama.)

Todd: “Well, Vimal? Are you coming or what?”

(Vimal jumps up nervously and follows behind them, having a very confused whispery conversation with Rama while Neela giggles to herself and Todd winks at her. Todd and Neela arrive at the waiting room, shocking everyone who sees them. Jack races to hug Neela, and everyone smiles. Rex and Roxy race back to the waiting room, prepared to tell Jessica about Ford, but Natalie’s doctor arrives and the family rushes forth to hear what he has to say.)

Viki: “Doctor Andrews, is the surgery over? Is Natalie okay?”

(Dr. Andrews removes his mask and the camera fades to black as the family awaits his response.)


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