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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 25 (Part 2)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 25 (Part 2)

Vimal: “You are not going to that juvenile delinquent, Neela! I forbid it! Everyone knows that Todd Manning is a very dangerous man and…and…and well, his son has already begun to follow in his footsteps..."

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(The camera zooms in and slowly fades out. Flash to the Patel household…Vimal and Neela are engaged in a dispute. Neela has announced that she is going to the hospital to support Jack, but Vimal is against it. He fears for her safety and reminds her of the events surrounding the last encounter she had with Todd Manning.)

Vimal: “You are not going to that juvenile delinquent, Neela! I forbid it! Everyone knows that Todd Manning is a very dangerous man and…and…and well, his son has already begun to follow in his footsteps. Mummy and Daddy put me in charge of you, and I forbid this.”

Neela: “Vimal, I don’t mean to disrespect you, but put a sock in it! Jack’s sister and cousin were kidnapped by the REAL bad guys! Starr was shot and Natalie is in serious condition. I don’t think Mummy and Daddy would object to me going to show my support to a friend!”

Vimal: “He’s NO friend to you, Neela! He threw you out of his jail cell…oh, see? That already sounds dangerous! And then his father practically attacked you and Rama in the park….”

Rama: “Vimal, baby, let me talk to her. Neela, I may have to agree with Vimal this time. Todd Manning, the REAL one….. was not very nice to you either.”

Neela: “Rama, I trust your advice much more than my brother’s right now, but I’m afraid the same applies to you. Of course they BOTH would think of me as the enemy. I secretly recorded the boy I care for to set him up for murdering the mother of the boy I am friends with.”

Vimal: “But you came clean.”

Neela: “Really, Vimal, what difference would that have made at that moment? And for your information, Jack called me yesterday begging me to forgive him for the way he treated me. And I WANT to be there for him, no matter what anyone else says! He is changing, and he said he owes a part of that to me. Everyone deserves a chance to change. YOU taught me that, Vimal. And Rama, you made mistakes, too, and Vimal gave you another chance.”

Vimal: (in Vimal’s signature agitated manner) “You can’t SERIOUSLY be comparing my precious, wonderful fragile butterfly of a wife to that mean, abrasive convict!”

(Rama studies Neela, and softens with understanding. She slips her arms around her husband’s waist and takes down the arm he was using to pint in Neela’s direction.)

Rama: (coaxingly) “Baby, I love you, but shut up. Neela is right. Even the MARA—the demons—would have a soft moment at a time like this. If you are concerned about Neela’s safety, we will accompany her to the hospital. You can show The Buchanans and the Mannings your support and keep an eye on Neela in the process.”

Vimal: (beaming) “You see? THAT’S why I love my wife so much! What a sparkling idea my fluffy teddy bear! Let’s go to the hospital.”

(The camera fades out and flashes over the Llanview Hospital. Matthew has rejoined Destiny and Drew to give an update. Destiny is feeding the baby, and Mr. and Mrs. Evans have joined Shaun and Vivian in the room.)

Destiny: “Matthew! I was so worried! What’s going on? Tell me everything.”

(Matthew chuckles and leans over to kiss her and the baby.)

Matthew: “Okay, okay. Can I kiss my family first? Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Evans.”

(Felicia is smiling suspiciously. Matthew frowns in confusion.)

Matthew: “Why…why are you smiling at me like that?” (suddenly realizing what it is.) “Ah, never mind. You know about the engagement.”

(Felicia jumps up in excitement and hugs Matthew tightly.)

Felicia: “YES! I am so happy for the two of you! Let me take the baby so you can update us on what’s happening with your family.”

Destiny: “Thank you, Mom.”

(Matthew fills the family in on what’s happening and Destiny begins to cry.)

Destiny: “Can you take me to see Dani? I know she must be going crazy with all this!”

Matthew: “Vivian? Is she okay enough to do that?”

Vivian: “I’ll get a wheelchair for her.”

(She kisses Shaun and heads out. Felicia smiles at her son. The camera flashes back to Llanfair. Gigi and Kelly are now dealing with all four children wide awake.)

Gigi: What’s the matter, guys?”

Bree: We can’t sleep, Aunt Gigi. I miss my mommy and Aunt Natalie.”

Sam: “Where are they?”

(Gigi is torn between telling them the truth or waiting for their parents to tell them. She suddenly gets an idea.)

Gigi: “You know what, sweetheart? I need you both to go and get your favorite outfits and your favorite toys and meet me and Cousin Kelly right back here in fifteen minutes. Can you do that for me?”

Sam and Bree: “Yes!”

(They scurry off and Gigi turns to a very confused Kelly.)

Kelly: “Um…what’s the plan?”

Gigi: “I don’t know if their parents would want us to be the ones to tell them the truth, so I feel that the best solution for everyone involved is to take them to their parents and let them be with their family. You know you would rather be in the action, and I certainly would, soooo…what do you think?”

(Kelly grins mischievously)

Kelly: “I say you’re a genius, my dear Watson.”

(The ladies grin and race off to dress the babies. Flash back to the hospital…Jessica and Brody have gone off to get coffee from the hospital’s cafeteria. They sit at a table and Jessica decides to address Brody’s previous request.)

Jessica: “Brody, I am certainly shocked by what you had to say earlier. I didn’t see it coming, that’s for sure.”

(She takes a sip of her coffee as a distraction.)

Brody: “Like I said earlier, my timing is certainly awkward, but I didn’t know about what was going on with your family until…”

Jessica: “Brody, Brody…the timing is not a problem. Your feelings for me are not a problem either. The problem is reconciling with you. We share a wonderful history, but the history ended badly. Don’t misunderstand me, please. All is forgiven, but I really feel that we’ve run our course as far as it’s supposed to go. You’re a wonderful man, but there are just too many things that would come into my mind that would interfere with us starting over. Things that I don’t think I can ever get past.”

Brody: “Jessica, I know that I’ve done some terrible things. I can’t take them back, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to redeem myself. I was devastated by the DNA tests, and they took me to a very dark place. I am ashamed of myself, Jessica.”

(Roxy arrives to buy a soda from a nearby vending machine, but neither of them notice her. She hides behind a wall and listens in on the conversation.)

Jessica: “Brody, I’ve done plenty of things I am ashamed of, especially the things that Tess did…(she drifts off for a second, then snaps back to the present.) “But, since all of this came to a head, I realize that it’s time for something new. Think about it, Brody. This entire situation is a recycled loop. You and me, then you and MY SISTER, and now you and me again? Brody, this isn’t the greatest picture. And then the DNA fiasco brought out some other very creepy factors to think about. You were in complete bliss about Ryder when I was pregnant, regardless of the possibility at the time that you were not his father. You PROMISED to stand by me…to MARRY me…regardless of the outcome. Yet, you bailed almost immediately when Vimal outed the scheme. And that wasn’t the end of it. You found out that Liam was your son, by way of yet ANOTHER DNA scheme, and suddenly you loved Natalie and you were about to marry HER.”

Brody: “Jessica, I know that right now, all of this seems to be a real thick mess that we can’t sort out, but we have been through worse messes, Jess, and we came through it.”

Jessica: “Brody, my son lost his father, and before that, my children lost their mom because all of my alters emerged to pick up my slack. I am all they have right now, and I have to do this alone. I can’t risk falling apart any more than I have and cause them any more hell than they’ve endured. I certainly can’t risk hanging my hopes up on wavering ground. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but Brody, I’m skeptical as to WHO it is you’re in love with. Do you want me, or do you want the white picket fence picture of a family?”

Brody: “Jessica, I love YOU. I lost my way for quite a bit, and in the most terrible of ways, but I’ve had time to regroup and accept the truth about what I’ve been running from.”

Jessica: “Yes, Brody, you did, and I’m proud of you for facing your consequences. But what have you discovered in so short a time? Brody, you’re asking me to make a sound, major life decision in the middle of a major tragedy..and all I have to work with is a very complicated history filled with the greatest of times and the worst of endings. Brody, I can’t. I can’t go back when life was just starting to go forward with someone else. A fresh start and a different path.”

Brody: “ What do you mean?”

Jessica: “I mean that I was starting a new life with Robert Ford, and I was developing strong feelings for him. He was snatched away before I could tell him that. And now my cousin and my sister are fighting for their lives…I can’t focus on anything else right now.”

Brody: “I’m not giving up on you, Jessica. And you’re wrong…you don’t have to do this alone. I’m here for you, no matter what.”

(He rises from his seat and kisses Jessica on the cheek before heading out. Roxy waits until he is a good distance away from Jessica then cuts him off.)

Roxy: “Hey, Brody…what’s your game, man?”

Brody: “What do you mean?”

Roxy: “Oh, don’t play dumb with me, sugar! You are transportent, I can see right through that perfect blond hair of yours. You should be ashamed of yourself, trying to weasel your way back into her life. And then to do it at a time like this, when she’s so venereal.”

Brody: “She’s so what?”

Roxy: “So venereal..you know, hurt and weak from all that she’s going through right now.”

Brody: “You mean ‘vulnerable’.”

Roxy: “Yeah, yeah..whatever. Look, you messed around with too many people I care about, Brody boy, and I’m not gonna just stand by and watch ou hurt my gals, ya hear? You know, you got the hots for being a daddy real bad. And it seems to me that you zoom in for the skills on single mommies with kids. Ya used to be a stand-up guy, Brody, but this last game of ‘Pin the Tail On the Sisters’ took the cake for me. You stole my grandson after knowing he wasn’t your kid and tried to kill Johnny and Natty when they were on to ya. And now that Bobby Ford is dead, ya wanna zoom in for the skill and try to make Jessica believe you still love her. You stay away from my family, ya hear? If you truly love her you would let her grieve and find a new man without the bad strings.”

Brody: “I love Jessica, Roxy, and I appreciate your protectiveness. But this is none of your business, and Jessica and I will work this out.”

Roxy: “Oh, that’s where ya wrong, Brody boy. My family is my business, and if you hurt any one of them, I’m gonna blast you apart. And when I’m through with you, the only thing you’ll be able to do is ask someone to help you eat through a straw.”

(Brody smiles and walks away. Flash back to the families…John has assembled them together to tell them the details of the case. Nora, Matthew, and Destiny is among them, and Gigi and Kelly arrive with the children just in time.)

John: “Since we’re all on pins and needles while we wait for some news about Natalie and Starr, I wanted to help pass the time by telling you all what happened.”

Mayor Finn: “I’d like to be included on this conversation as well, since apparently it’s the only way I’ll get any information from my officers.”

John: (sarcastically) “Mayor Finn, timely as always. Please have a seat.”

Mayor: (glaring at Bo, Nora and a smirking Dorian) “Thank you.”

John: “For quite a few weeks, we had what we thought was evidence against Todd for the murder of Victor Lord, Jr. The gun that fired the bullet was missing for a while, but it was later recovered and after the ballistics matched, we made the arrest.”

(The family looks over at Todd. Dani and Jack are leaning on his chest, and Blair is on the outside of them all. The family seems angry, but confused that Blair and Téa don’t seem fazed by John’s revelation.)

John: “On the day of the arrest, Téa informed me that there were some factors that came up that would create reasonable doubt that the evidence we had wasn’t as solid as it appeared.”

Joey: “What were the factors, Téa?”

Téa: “It was later discovered that supposedly Todd was behind the abduction of my brother, Tomas, and a coerced confession to Victor’s murder, clearing Todd of the charges. The police raided a remote location and rescued Tomas. Later, in my apartment, Tomas and I were waiting to hear from John if the arrest was made. I was very antsy, but Tomas was strangely calm. That made me wonder a little bit. I mean, Tomas was in ‘captivity’ for weeks, forced to confess to the woman he loved that he’d murdered Victor, and supposedly he was held captive by Todd. The real killer.”

Kevin: “Téa, you keep using the word ‘supposedly’. Why?”

John: “Kevin, there’s so much more to this story, and it will make sense in a little while. Just hang tight for a bit.”

Téa: “Something didn’t feel right about Tomas’ reaction. He made lame excuses that he was trying to be calm for me and the baby, but he was TOO calm for someone who was just rescued and the truth about his innocence came to the light. Anyway, I went down to the precinct and mentioned my suspicions to John first, and then to Blair. Since it was after hours on a Friday night, Todd couldn’t be arraigned until Monday, which gave us some time to try to get to the bottom of things. While we were in the prison, Todd suffered some major hallucinations, and we had to ship him under police supervision to St. Ann’s. During the commotion, Tomas received two phone calls, and disappeared after the second one.”

Mayor Finn: “Lieutenant, so far nothing you’ve mentioned constitutes grounds to overturn the arrest of Mr. Manning. It’s a bunch of hunches and slightly suspicious behavioral gestures. So why isn’t he in custody?”

John: “I believe I did say that there was more to this story. In case you’ve forgotten where you’re sitting right now, it’s a hospital. Two ladies are under a surgeon’s knife because of these slightly suspicious behaviors. Also, just in case you need reminding, one of those ladies is my fiancée, and how they ended up here is all directly connected.”

Todd: “Which in short, means shut up and let him finish.”

(Kathleen glares at him, but remains silent)

John: (slightly grinning) “I had my officers run a trace on Delgado’s phone records and the calls led back to a cell phone belonging to Allison Perkins.”

(The entire room erupts into overlapping gasps and shocked protests.)

John: “Please, please. I need you all to pay attention. I put officers on Tomas’ tail and was later told that he met with Agent Baker, a rogue agent who worked for Irene Manning, in a remote place in the park where we later found Allison Perkins' corpse.”

Téa: “Todd was suffering from visions instilled by a mind-control protocol operated by Irene Manning and her organization. She had implemented commands into Todd’s memory, not counting on the fact that Todd’s own mind was fighting against it, and the program wasn’t completely successful.”

Todd: “I was suffering delusions, like movie clips from a bunch of different movies that had nothing to do with each other, and I couldn’t make sense of it. I was seeing different versions of the events of the night Victor was shot. First I saw them the way they really happened, and then clips of Irene telling me that I shot my brother would flash in and interrupt them, some clips of Tomas Delgado being there came up, and then it would go back to the way it really was.”

Mayor Finn: “Oh, give me a break! This sounds like a desperate attempt to create an insanity defense!”

Todd: “Oh, would you PUHLEEZE SHUT UP, you old windbag and pay attention! Aren’t you tired of the police department getting it wrong almost all of the time? Aren’t you the least bit curious to hear how real police work is done? John and Téa were the real cops in this situation, and you need to keep your mouth shut so you can see how this story unfolds.”

Mayor Finn: “You’re such an upstanding citizen, aren’t you?”

Bo: “Mayor, you might want to listen.”

(Mayor Finn is even more angry, but she takes her seat.)

John: “I thought it best to make sure that all of the family members of the Buchanans and the Mannings stay put under one roof for safety, and discovered that Natalie had run an errand no one knew about except for her sister Jessica. Starr Manning had caught a red eye from California to support her father and no one was aware of that either.”

Dani: “Well, she called me.”

John: “Thank you, Danielle. Starr needed a ride from the airport, and Natalie went to get her. I called Natalie and told her to meet me at the diner just off the highway outside of the airport. While we were talking, I heard a loud pop, then the ladies screaming, and then it went silent. I heard footsteps walking in the gravel and then nothing.”

Bo: “John remembered that Natalie’s phone company provided a GPS locator service with her plan and we tracked their location to a remote secret area used by the military and the government for special ops.”

John: “I know the facility’s location well. While we were deciding how we were going to go in, Officer Lancaster called to inform me that Natalie had been anonymously dumped in front of the hospital. Then, Tomas called me and demanded that we bring Todd to the docks in exchange for Starr.”

(Jack and Dani look up at their father with terror in their eyes at the revelation, and Todd squeezes their shoulders in reassurance. Blair also touches Todd’s face, having heard the details about what transpired at the docks for the first time.)

Bo: “Miss Manning was strapped to a deactivated explosive device, when she arrived with Tomas and Baker, and Baker held a remote detonator built into a keychain. John called him out on it, and he said that McBain was known to be a squeaky clean cop. He stated that he knew McBain would never surrender Manning without a trick or two up his sleeve, so he came with reassurances of his own.”

John: “I also had it by way of a very reliable source that Tomas was being coerced into remaining Baker’s assistant by threatening the life of his son.”

Blair: “Wait, you mean Tomas was forced to do those things?”

(Todd grimaces with disgust.)

John: “No, he acted of his own volition in the shooting of Victor, but he was forced to remain at Baker’s beck and call through their little project after they took Victor away from the morgue.”

Téa: “We had a MEMORIAL SERVICE for Victor, we never had a body. We didn’t realize that at the time. Todd showed up at Victor’s house with Dorian’s gun that night in a rage, determined to shoot Victor. But when he got there, he found Shane Morasco there and stopped himself. Todd was hit on the back of the head Tomas, and he passed out. Baker shot my husband while Tomas watched.”

Mayor Finn: “How could you POSSIBLY know all this if you walked in on your husband dying? You sound like you had a front row seat or knows someone who was there!”

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