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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 25 (Part 1)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 25 (Part 1)

The sexy Robert Ford!

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Flash in to Angel Square…two kids are playing a game of “Catch” a few feet away from the statue. One of the kids throws the ball over his playmates head and causes the ball to land out of sight.)

Boy #1: “Oh, come ON, Tyler! You threw the ball that high on purpose!”

Boy #2 (Tyler): “No I didn’t, Gary. You just suck at catching.”

(Gary walks to find the ball, and almost trips over Ford’s body)

Gary: “YO,, DUDE! You GOTTA see this, man!”

(Tyler runs over to see what Gary’s talking about. He jumps back, startled, then reaches for his cell phone.)

Gary: “What are you doing?”

Tyler: “I’m calling the cops, man. That guy is toast.”

(Ford stirs slightly, frightening the boys).

Gary: “He’s still alive! Call an ambulance!”

(The camera fades out as Tyler dials 911. Back at the docks, the paramedics have arrived with gurneys. Starr is carefully lifted onto the gurney, showing no signs of consciousness and looking paler by the second. Todd is sobbing and demanding to ride along in the ambulance. Tomas is off in the corner, mortified by the turn of events. He is watching the scene in shock. Victor watches dazedly as his niece and brother are put into the ambulance and snaps back to life when the doors shut. Once Baker’s corpse is zipped up into a body bag and hauled away, a rush of reality floods his system, and he charges at Tomas pummeling him wildly. Bo tries to get him off, but John stays put.)

Victor: “YOU…son..of a..BITCH!! You made this happen! YOU! If Starr dies, if Natalie dies..you will PRAY that I kill you! You hear, you bag of trash? You will PRAY FOR DEATH!”

Bo: (winded from the failed attempts to pry Victor away from Tomas) “McBain, you wanna give me a hand?”

John: “Sorry, boss. I’m waiting for my turn.”

Bo: “Lieutenant, you are an officer of the law!”

(John removes his badge and gun,, and he lays it on a barrel.)

John: “Not right now, I’m not!” He joins Victor in the fight. Bo rolls his eyes up to the sky, as if looking for a sign, and he quickly draws his gun and fires two shots in the air.)

Bo: “FREEZE! Step away from Delgado, you two! I get what you’re going through, but you will LET ME DO MY JOB, and I DON’T want to have to add attempted murder charges to my best officer and a man who was presumed dead and kept away from his pregnant wife. STEP….BACK! NOW!”

(John and Victor, breathless from the activity, reluctantly comply. Bo is clearly rattled by the situation. Tomas is in a bloody heap on the ground, and Bo glares at John and Victor.)

Bo: “You IDIOTS! Clean up his bruises while I call for backup.”

(Flash back to Llanfair..Blair has managed to tell the family about Starr as she prepares to run out the door to the hospital.)

Dorian: “Blair Cramer, you are in NO condition to drive! I’ll take you there.”

Jack: (sobbing) “I wanna go with you, Mom. Please!”

(Blair nods. Téa grabs Dani and Nate and they all head out. Kelly and Gigi offer to babysit while the Buchanan children and Brody race off to the hospital.)

Kelly: (after shutting the door) “I hope everything is okay. This family has been through enough.”

Gigi: “I can’t sit here doing nothing. Natalie wouldn’t be happy knowing that I was out of my mind with worry. Shall we get the babies and distract ourselves while we wait”

Kelly: “Good idea. Let’s check on Sam and Bree while we’re at it.”

(They both rise to head upstairs. Kelly stops and tears form in her eyes. Gigi stops and hugs her.)

Gigi: “Yeah, I know. I’m terrified, too. My best friend and another wonderful young lady are lying in a hospital because of an evil old witch from her grave. It’s disgraceful.”

Kelly: “Wait..you know something about this?”

Gigi: “Oh, shoot! Blair asked me not to say anything…well, since the girls have been found, I guess all bets are off. Blair told me that Irene Manning’s henchmen, posse..whatever the hell they’re called, are responsible for what’s going on. That’s all she was able to tell me before John called her to talk.”

Kelly: (between sniffles and tissues) “You mean…some old crazy bitch is wreaking this kind of havoc from her GRAVE? Oh, I need some info. There has to be more to this story. That doesn’t make sense by itself.”

Gigi: “I’m sure we’ll know more very soon. Let’s go make sure the kids are okay, hm?”

(They head upstairs and the camera fades out. Flash to Llanview Hospital…The Buchanans have all connected, but Starr and Todd’s ambulance hasn’t arrived yet. Viki, Jack and Blair are hysterical, and the rest of the family are trying to stay calm for them.)

Viki: “Oh, Clint! This is just awful! Our daughter is lying on that bed, unconscious and bleeding, and NO ONE is telling me ANYTHING!”

Dorian: “Viki, I’ll go bully some info out of someone. Hang in there, okay?”

Viki: “Oh. Please, Dorian! Please find out something.”

Dorian: “I will, honey. Kevin and Joey, please let me know when Starr arrives.”

(Dorian scurries away. Flash over to Blair and Téa…Blair is a bundle of nerves and she’s clinging to Jack for dear life.)

Téa: “Blair, honey…what did John say?”

Blair: “Starr was shot. He said the bullet was meant for …(she looks at Jack, then back at Téa)..the bullet was meant for someone else, and it hit her. The shooter aimed for Todd, too. Todd watched her fall and he’s hysterical right now.”

(Jack seems very disturbed by the revelation about Todd also being shot at. His eyes fill with tears and he jumps up.)

Jack: “Mom..I..need to get some air and call someone. I won’t leave the family, I promise. I just need some space or something to think.”

Blair: “Okay, sweetheart, just don’t go far from….Oh, my God! TODD!”

(She jumps up and races to the newly arrived Todd and the paramedic team. Jack and the rest of the family members follow. Todd immediately goes over to a nurse to demand that they take Starr immediately. Jack sees his unconscious sister bleeding on a gurney and he sobs.)

Jack: “STARR! STARR, WAKE UP! Please? Please! I promise I’ll be a better brother. If you wake up, I’ll never do anything to make you upset again. PLEASE, STARR! Please?”

Paramedic: “I’m sorry, son, but we have to get her inside to help her.”

(They wheel her away to a crew of doctors eagerly awaiting her arrival. Jack is hysterical with fear. As if he remembers something, he turns and looks for Todd. He sees Todd heading in their direction and he runs to him, hugging him tightly and sobbing.)

Jack: “Daddy! I’m so glad they didn’t take you, too! I’m sorry I caused all this..I’m sorry I hated you! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!”

(The camera focuses on Todd’s expression. His face and hands have smudges of Starr’s blood on them, and he’s overwhelmed with the mixed emotions of shock, heartbreak for his son’s torment, and joy that he’s holding his son in his arms. Reality of the situation sets in and he hugs his son tightly, sobbing soothing words into Jack's hair. He doesn’t realize that Dani caught sight of the exchange and has slowly walked over to Todd and Jack. She’s standing over them, tears in her eyes and nervous to interfere. Todd looks up and notices his daughter’s fears and her tears. He wordlessly extends one arm in her direction, and she quickly slips into the space, joining her brother in the sobs against her father’s chest. Todd is sobbing, kissing both of their heads. The rest of the family looks on in shocked joy with tears flowing.)

Dani: (through whispery sobs) “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

(Todd shuts his eyes to savor the victory, then he reluctantly moves away to look at both of them in the eyes. John and Victor arrive and John races off to Viki while Victor stands behind a pillar to watch the scene with Todd and the kids. He’s happy and sad simultaneously.)

Todd: “Listen to me, both of you. We are scared and angry as hell about this..but never, EVER for one split second, EVER believe that anything you did was the reason your sister is hurt. THAT happened because of two very sick men who served your very sick grandmother. Now, I have to go to Blair, and the two of us have to go to Starr..but when we get back, our jobs are to ban together and be strong for her and Natalie and will them to get back to us, Understand? Nothing else. Agreed?”

Both Teens: “Agreed.”

(Todd hugs and kisses them one more time before running to Blair. He immediately takes her in his arms.)

Todd: “I love you, honey. It’s gonna be okay. Let’s go get Shorty back. Come on, baby, let’s go be strong for her.”

(They walk away and the camera flashes to John and The Buchanans.)

John: “Viki! How is she?”

Viki: “Oh, John, no one’s telling me ANYTHING! When Clint and I arrived, they were using a defibrillator. She was so..PALE!”

John: “I’ll go find out whatever I can, Viki.”

(He hugs Viki, and just as he turns to go find a doctor, they see Dorian walking toward them with a doctor. The entire family rushes in the doctor’s direction.)

Doctor: “Are you the family of Natalie Buchanan?”

Clint: “Yes, doctor, we’re her parents and these are her family members. Please tell us what’s going on with our daughter.”

Doctor: “I’m Dr. Andrews, and I will be assigned to your daughter’s case. Natalie suffered severe head trauma due to a deadly blow to the side and back of her head. The wound is most prominent in the temporal area of her skull, and a smaller portion of the gash has dented her occipital bone. There appears to be a hairline fracture in the temporal that caused jagged edges in the bone. I am concerned that those jagged edges may have released fragments of bone that may cause other complications. I need your consent to perform an exploratory laparotomy; a surgery that allows us to go in and look for any complications or foreign bodies and correct the problems.”

Clint: “That sounds dangerous. What are the side effects?”

Dr. Andrews: “I can’t guarantee a ‘no-side effect’ procedure, Mr. Buchanan. But I can tell you that because this wound hasn’t penetrated the skull and reached her brain, she’s in a greater percentile to make a full and safe recovery.”

Clint: “Why did she need to be defibrillated?”

Dr. Andrews: “Natalie’s heart stopped briefly, and I believe it was due to her body’s natural reaction to traumatic shock from the wound. I need to stress how crucial it is to get your consent for the procedure quickly, because if the bone HAS released any fragments, every second wasted is a second faster the bloodstream can move them throughout her body.”

(Viki grabs the documents and signs the forms. Dr. Andrews thanks her and grabs the forms, promising to get her updates as soon as the surgery is over just before racing off to Natalie. Everyone but Téa quickly seeks out Blair to find out if there is any news about Starr. Flash over to Todd and Blair…another doctor has been assigned to Starr’s case and has also emerged with forms in his hand.)

Blair: “Doctor, I’m Blair Cramer and this is Todd Manning, we’re Starr Manning’s parents. What’s going on with our little girl?”

Doctor: “I’m Dr. Ethan Wells, and I’ve been assigned to your daughter’s case. I have to talk quickly because your daughter is in serious condition.”

(Blair gasps in terror and Todd squeezes her close to his side.)

Blair: “What do you mean?”

Dr. Wells: “The good news is that the bullet wound is what we call a through-and-through, missing most of your daughter’s vital organs. The bad news is that I believe it somehow clipped the bottom of her right lung and some tissue and she’s bleeding internally. There was too much blood on the x-rays to see the actual extent of the damage to the lung. We need to go in and stop the bleeding fast. We administered a pint of O negative blood—we found her chart in the computer and matched the type—to replenish the blood she lost. Please sign the consent forms so we can go in and tackle the bleeding. That’s the biggest problem we have, and after that, we’ll have a clear vision to anything else that may be going on. There is possibility that she could go into shock on the table. So far, the blood transfusion is holding her at a good level of replenishment, but the rate of internal bleeding that’s going on may pose a threat. But she’s at a more dangerous risk if she doesn’t get the surgery.”

Blair: (taking the papers) “Certainly.”

(She quickly signs the papers and returns them to him. He takes them and quickly turns to leave, promising her updates after the surgery. Blair sobs into Todd’s chest, and he hugs her.)

Blair: “Oh, Todd..we just can’t lose our little girl!”

Todd: “We won’t, Blair.”

Blair: “How can you say that? You heard him! The surgery is fifty-fifty at best!”

Todd: “Yes, honey, but it’s fifty percent she wouldn’t have without it. Blair, Starr’s a fighter! She’s a Cramer AND a Manning! There’s no beating that. And I remember a very beautiful and wise woman who once taught me about a little thing called faith. She force-fed it to me until I had no choice but to have some. She’s gonna make it, because we are all standing here united and together, and we’re not settling for anything less than our little girl—alive and well.”

(Blair stares at Todd through red, swollen and stinging eyes, and she puts her hand up to stroke the side of his face. She gives him a twisted sad smile.)

Blair: “We are together, aren’t we? And now that I can talk freely, I want to tell you that I love you, too. I’m so sorry for all that you had to go through since you came back to me. I lost my way for a minute, but…”

(She stops short as she spots Tomas being wheeled in on a gurney, handcuffed to the guardrail and escorted by two police officers. She shoots over to him, the others unable to stop her. She delivers three very powerful slaps to his face and arms. Todd manages to restrain her before she can strike him again.)

Blair: “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO NATALIE AND MY LITTLE GIRL, YOU FILTHY BASTARD? HOW, just how, could you do this to your sister, you lousy son of a bitch!”

Tomas: “Blair..let me expl…”

Blair: “Don’t you DAAAARE! DON’T you DARE tell me you can explain this away, you vile bastard!”

Todd: “Blair, leave this garbage on the curb. He’s already a dead man. He has to look at himself in the mirror every day. That’s a death penalty all by itself. Come on, honey, we have to focus all of our precious energy and time in rooting for Shorty to get better.”

Blair: (sinisterly calm) “I hope you rot in HELL, and if Starr and Natalie die, may you burn for infinity, you wretched vermin!”

(Bo races over and gestures for the police officers to take Tomas away. Bo helps Todd return Blair to the family. The camera flashes over to John, who is holding a cup of coffee from which he hasn’t touched a drop. Bo comes to his side and sits beside him. John looks up at him, and it is obvious that he’s desperately trying not to cry.)

Bo: “You know, McBain, it isn’t a crime to give in to those tears in this situation.”

John: “I’m not trying not to cry..I’m trying not to imagine what it must be like for Liam to sense that something is wrong with his mom, and my life without her in it. I lost it tonight, Bo. And I don’t guarantee that I won’t lose it again if she dies. I can’t…I can’t even bear with the vision of her bleeding out of her head. How will I deal with it if she dies?”

(Surprising himself, John gives in to his tears. Bo hugs him until he lets it all out. Nora walks in at that moment, but gestures to Bo that she’s going to allow John to grieve without being seen. She slips back out quietly, trying not to let John see that she came in. John finally regains his composure, and he hands him his handkerchief. John cleans his face and just sits silently for a few minutes.)

Bo: “The family needs to know all of it now, John. It will provide a distraction while they wait. You need that yourself. I would do it, but you have more accurate details on the situation than I do.”

John: “I’ll handle it in a little bit. I need a few minutes to myself.”

Bo: “That’s fair.”

(Bo pats John’s shoulder as he gets up to leave. John folds his hands together and rests his head on them. He takes a deep breath and looks up at the ceiling.)

John: (to God) “Hey there, Big Guy. Look, I know it’s been a really long time since I even bothered to look in Your direction…but I never once doubted that You’re the Big Man on campus. I have this really huge request…I know I have a lot of nerve to be asking You for anything, but please know that I’m not asking this for my own personal gain. Natalie and Starr are good women, who have children that love them. Those babies are so little…and..and they need their moms. And I love Natalie. I mean, I REALLY love her. I know I messed up on her…I gave up on her when I should have acknowledged that I had the right to feel hurt, betrayed and angry…but I wasn’t supposed to walk away. I didn’t do that. I got drunk and unruly, I slept with Kelly to avoid dealing with my issues, and I almost lost out on my son because of it. Look, you thought I was worthy enough to have a second chance with Liam, can you please extend that generosity one more time and spare these ladies? If you do, I promise never to abandon her again. She and Liam are the best things that ever happened to me…and we were just getting started on a new life. Please don’t punish anyone because of Baker and Delgado’s crimes, or MINE.”

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