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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 24 (Part 3)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 24 (Part 3)

"Viki, Nora and Clint have just arrived to see Natalie, pale, bleeding and unconscious on a gurney, surrounded by doctors trying to revive her…Viki mouths the words “Natalie!!! NOOOO"

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(Flash back to John, Bo, Victor and Todd. John’s cell phone rings and he checks the caller ID. He immediately picks up the call.)

John: “McBain. What! When? You’re positive? Okay thank you very much.” (He hangs up.)

Bo: “What is it, McBain?”

John: “Natalie was dumped at Llanview Hospital ten minutes ago, bleeding in the head, and unconscious.”

(All three men are horrified and Todd is scared for Starr.)

Todd: “Then where THE HELL is my daughter?”

John: “We’re gonna find out right now. Bo, please call Viki and Clint and have them run to the hospital. Let Blair and Téa know that Starr is still in captivity, but we’re going in to get her.”

Todd: “So that’s your decision, we’re going in?”

Victor: “NO, JOHN! NO! We wait and go to the docks. We have more leverage here. When they bring Starr in for Todd, we have a better shot at grabbing for her than trying to kill everyone off in a lab where they have all the hiding spots. They may be hiding Starr somewhere that may take hours to uncover. Look, guys, I feel your rage and fear firsthand. I DO! I want those sons of bitches so badly my heart hurts, but they can’t be allowed to take one of us down with them in the process. John, get someone on Natalie, and Todd, trust me, okay. We’re gonna get our Starr out together and take those bastards down. Then, you and me are gonna resurrect that bitch of a demon mother we have and kill the bitch again and again. But for now, KEEP A CLEAR FOCUSED HEAD! Let’s go.”

John: (dials a number) “Clint, you and Viki need to get down to the hospital. Natalie is in serious condition. The kidnappers dropped her off ten minutes ago. I need to talk to Téa. Thanks. Hey, Counselor.”

(The camera split screens to show both parties.)

Téa: “Hey, what’s up, lieutenant?”

John: “Where’s Blair?”

Téa: “She’s tied up at the moment. What’s going on?”

John: “Baker and Tomas had Natalie dumped off at Llanview Hospital fifteen minutes ago. They kept Starr. Natalie’s is bad shape. I need you to keep Blair informed and intact. We have a meeting with them to make a trade at the docks in two and a half hours. Stay at Llanfair, because we have a meeting with Tomas and Baker to trade Starr for Manning.”

Téa: “Oookayyy…and that means…”

John: “It means that we have a meeting to trade one Manning for the other.”

Téa: “I got it. May I?”

John: “Sure, hold on.” (He hands the phone to Victor).

Victor: “Don’t talk, beautiful, just listen. I love you and we’ll be taking care of this thing in two hours and twenty-two minutes. Kiss the bundle and Sam for me. Get Blair on for Todd.”

Téa: (choking up, and quietly) “Okay. Be careful, please?”

Victor: “Always. Get Blair quickly, honey.”

Téa: “Blair? Blair, John needs to talk to you.”

(Blair thanks Gigi and moves to get the phone from Téa.)

Blair: (hoarsely) “Yeah..John. What’s up?”

Todd: “It’s not John, Blair. Don’t say anything, just listen. I love you. I’m going to get our daughter and I’m going to bring her back. You stay strong and believe in that.”

Blair: (sobbing) “Please, please bring her back! And be careful!”

Todd: “I will. Honey, I need you to stay as calm as possible. I’m bringing our daughter back, you better believe that. Keep your head up. I love you.”

Blair: (Looks around and catches herself..still sobbing) “Same to you. Bring her back!”

Todd: “Good girl. Stay careful of what you say. Everyone will know everything in just a few hours, and you will no longer have to keep this secret.”

(Victor taps him and points to his watch.)

Todd: “Ok, I have to go now.”

Blair: “Tell her I love her.”

(They both reluctantly hang up the phone. Blair turns to the family members in the kitchen and asks if they can go into the living room so she can share the info all at once. They call for Jessica, Brody, Jack, Shane and Matthew. Once situated, Blair attempts to talk, but she’s too upset. Téa takes her place.)

Téa: John just informed us that Natalie’s kidnappers dumped her in the front of Llanview Hospital and she’s badly injured.”

Roxy: “Wait. They hurt Natty and then just dumped her like a bag of trash in front of the hospital?”

Téa: “It appears so, Roxy. The kidnappers want to meet with John to make a trade..Starr for Todd.”

Joey: “What? Why do they want Todd?”

Téa: “We don’t know, Joey. But John and Bo are sure that the kidnappers are somehow tied into Irene Manning’s people and we all have to stay here, indoors, to be safe and make their jobs easy. If they have to worry about any of us, it will delay bringing Starr home.”

Dorian: “Irene Manning strikes from the grave. What a demonic little bi…(she remembers Shane and Jack are in the room)….biddy!”

Kelly: “And the police don’t have any other information they can share?”

Kevin: “Yeah, this stuff is sketchy, to say the least.”

Blair: “Well, Kevin, we’re dealing with Irene Manning. You weren’t here when she returned from the ‘dead’. The woman is the Devil’s personal incarnate. Whatever they know, then offering details in bits is probably for the best.”

Jack: “Do they know if Starr is hurt?”

(Blair walks over to her son and sits beside him, putting her arm around him.)

Blair: “No, honey, they don’t. But they wouldn’t have hurt her if they want to meet with the cops to make a trade. They know that Todd wouldn’t let them breathe if she’s hurt.”

Jack: “I know he wouldn’t. I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid to put either of them in danger.”

(Everyone except Dorian seems surprised by Jack’s statement.)

Jack: “What? Oh, don’t go getting all soft on me. I want Starr home, and she would want HIM home in one piece, too. We all had enough death around here.”

Shane: “Well, caring about what Starr would want is a start, Jack. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Jack: “Thanks, Shane.”

Matthew: “I can’t stay here. I have to get back to Destiny and Drew. Aunt Téa, can you please tell Dani to give Des a call soon? She is really worried about you all.”

Téa: “I sure will, Matthew. But I think you should wait for Nora to drive you there.”

Roxy: “I’ll take ya, Matthew. I wanna see Natty anyway. And I would love to pinch those chubby little cheeks on that kid of yours.”

(Matthew rolls his eyes up to the ceiling as he follows her out of the house.)

Matthew: “I think he’s too little for pinching, and he’ll be sleeping.”

(Their voices slowly fade out as they leave.)

Gigi: “Well…ya gotta love Roxy!” (Everyone giggles).

Shane: “I think I wanna go see Liam.”

Jack: “Me, too.”

Jessica: “He’s back in the nursery with Ryder. Be careful, guys, he finally went to sleep. He’s missing his mother very much.”

Jack: “We’ll be careful, and we’ll comfort him if he cries.”

(The teens scurry off, much to the shock of both of their parents and Téa. Gigi excuses herself and leaves the room. She goes upstairs and finds Shane with Jack in the nursery.)

Gigi: “Shane, may I speak with you for just a few minutes?”

Shane: “Sure, Mom. Jack, I’ll be right back.”

Gigi: (in the confines of the guest room assigned to Jack) “Hey, kiddo. Let’s talk.”

Shane: “Okay.”

Gigi: “Did something happen between you and Jack Manning?”

Shane: “Yeah, YOU happened.”

Gigi: “What! ME? Explain, please.”

Shane: “You came back to me..to Dad and me. And all of the hate and depression that I was feeling before..well, it just doesn’t matter. Mom, Jack is going through everything in a couple of hours that I went through for many months. Everything you taught me overrides all of that hate I felt for Jack. You taught me to always help someone in need, even if they aren’t the nicest of people. Jack Manning is in need, Mom. And we’re family. I can’t explain any of it, but seeing him suffering the loss of his dad and now a kidnapped sister, it reminded me of what I felt when I lost you, and somehow I couldn’t wish that on anyone else. My life just doubled in rewards, and his just doubly flopped..I can’t be the monster to him that he once was. Besides, I truly believe that he’s cashing a big fat reality check.”

(Gigi is amazed by the words her son spoke. She is silent, and after awhile, she grabs him close to her.)

Gigi: “You are an AMAZING kid, you know that, Shane? What did I do to deserve such an amazing family?”

Rex: “I ask myself that very question every day. You are a class act, champ.”

Gigi: “And you just reminded me of a very important lesson. You just became the teacher. Let’s go do our part in keeping this family together, shall we?”

(The three of them walk out and Shane rejoins Jack, who has moved to Sam’s room. Gigi and Rex return to the family. The camera focuses on Brody and Jessica, who have moved to the kitchen.)

Jessica: “I wish my parents would call and tell me something about Natalie. I KNEW something was wrong! I just knew it! I hope whoever did this will rot in hell! My sister has been through hell this year.”

Brody: “You BOTH have, Jessica. The paternity fiasco, Marty Saybrooke, and Ford.”

(Jessica cringes at the thought of Robert. Brody moves to hug her.)

Brody: “I’m sorry, Jessica. I didn’t mean to stir up any pain for you. As a matter of fact, I was going to come see you earlier about something else, and I heard the news on the way here…” (He pauses, and Jessica is curious.)

Jessica: “What is it, Brody?”

Brody: “I guess the only way to say something like this is just to say it, but, well..with everything that’s going on..”

Jessica: “Brody, I think we’re at the point where we can tell each other anything. Just say it.”

Brody: “I miss you, Jessica. I want us to try again.”

(The camera zooms in on Jessica’s shocked expression, then fades out. Flash forward to the docks, Victor and Bo are hiding behind some very high stacks of cargo. John and Todd await Baker and Tomas' arrival with Starr. To keep up pretenses, John has Todd in what appears to be locked handcuffs, but Todd has access to a hidden gun under his shirt. Baker arrives five seconds before Tomas, standing a good distance away from John and Todd. Tomas arrives with Starr, but she’s strapped to a deactivated bomb. He shoves her slightly to the opposite end of where Baker is positioned.)

John: “So, this is the best you can do to demonstrate your code of honor? You steal a scene from the movie ‘Speed’ and use a young woman as the stage prop? I kept up my end of the bargain, why haven’t you kept up yours?”

Baker: “Oh, lieutenant. Your reputation for being a squeaky clean, by-the-book player precedes you. Surely you don’t think I would show up here believing you would surrender Manning without a trick or two up your sleeve? I am just traveling with a little insurance policy.”

John: “That seems to be your specialty, huh? Your little ‘insurance policies’. Apparently you sold one to Delgado here, and the terms are binding.”

Tomas: “What are you rambling about?”

John: “How’d he get you to stick around for this, huh? I mean, I know you were willingly involved with the initial plan to shoot Victor and set Manning here up to take the fall. That way you could kill two birds with one stone. Get rid of the brother-in-law you thought was no good for your sister and remove the competition for Blair’s heart at the same time, but you thought that it would end there. What happened after that? How’d Baker get you to become his puppet?”

Tomas: “I’m no one’s puppet, McBain. I got a thrill beating Manning here at his own game. He thought he was hiring someone to take me away, but he was only hiring the players in OUR game to do the deed. It was hilarious.”

Starr: “You set my dad up to go to jail for my Uncle Victor’s murder, Tomas? Is there anything you men WOULDN’T do? Natalie’s in the hospital in serious condition, and you were involved in murdering your own sister’s husband? AND she’s pregnant?”

John: “Most of that is true, but he stayed on because he’s a client of the Agent Baker insurance policy, aren’t you, Delgado? No returns, no exchanges, no escapes. You just buy it and you’re stuck for life..or the life of someone else. Like your kid, for example? Was it a backfire of karma, maybe? You got Victor and Todd out of the way, but you couldn’t be trusted to keep your mouth shut, so they threatened Sebastian?”

Starr: “Is that true, Tomas? Are they threatening Baz?”

Tomas: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

John: “Oh, don’t worry about breaking any loyalty clauses, Delgado. We found out on our own. We got the LUD’s on your cell phone calls dating all the way back to the night after Victor Lord, Jr. was shot. Apparently, your son’s phone was tapped as well. We have recordings of you checking up on your kid and here’s something you may not want to try denying. I have pictures from several surveillance cameras in different places that Sebastian visited showing the same two men tailing his every move.

Baker: “None of that information concerns this situation. Here’s the deal. Send Manning over to me, or I click the little button on this key-chain detonator and Little Miss Manning here will be in enough pieces to spread to every family member for a souvenir.”

Todd: “No, HERE’S the deal. You let my daughter go, or I’m not going anywhere. She has absolutely nothing to do with this anymore. You only grabbed her to lure me out. And I’m out so she goes.”

Baker: “I could let her go and still detonate.”

Todd: (snickering) “Oh, you thought I was stupid enough to demand she be set still WEARING the bomb? Ok, let me clarify myself. REMOVE the bomb, and all other devices, THEN let her go. Is that better?”

Baker: “Perhaps I should clarify MYSELF. You can cooperate willingly, or I’ll kill you both.”

Todd: “Ok, well..Since we’re all CLARIFYING..let her go, or we all die. Because I promise you that I’d rather we both die than she ever spend another minute as your hostage. You got me, let her go…no tricks.”

Baker: “OOOH, you almost sounded threatening, Manning!”

Todd: “I never threaten. I just deliver. Let her go.”

Baker: (staring directly into Todd’s very serious eyes) “Release Miss Manning from the explosives, Delgado. Mr. Manning has a point…we have all we need.”

(The camera is in slow motion and the volume is muted throughout the entire scene: Tomas unclips the belt, and then begins to detach the wires when Baker lifts his hand and positions his thumb to press the activation button as Victor and Bo emerge from their hiding spots—Victor behind Baker and Bo behind John and Todd. Bo points his gun at Baker and mouths the words “Drop it, Baker!”, but the viewers don’t hear the sounds. Starr screams out for Todd, who has released his wrists from the cuffs and drew his gun, waving Starr aside as he aims at Baker. Victor tackles Baker and manages to knock the detonator away from his hand. Baker knocks Victor backwards and Victor falls. Tomas grabs Starr and moves her toward the exit. Baker spots them and pulls out a gun. He aims it at Tomas and fires twice. Tomas ducks and Starr falls. Todd is screaming and sobbing as he watches the blood spill from Starr’s unconscious body. He aims his gun at Baker, but John is trying to reach him to stop him. It’s too late. Todd empties the clip into Baker in his grief. The gun drops from Todd’s hands, and he’s breathing heavily as tears fall from his eyes. Victor looks down at Baker in shock, then up at his brother. He hugs his brother and guides him to Starr. Bo is on the cell phone, mouthing words to the other party.

Still in slow motion and with no sound…the camera flashes to Llanfair…Blair answers her cell phone, and drops the phone, mouthing the screams of “NOOOOOO!”and sobbing while Téa, Kelly, Gigi and Dorian race to her side. She’s looking up to the ceiling and banging her clenched fists in the air… “NOOOOOOO! NO!” Flash to Llanview Hospital..Viki, Nora and Clint have just arrived to see Natalie, pale, bleeding and unconscious on a gurney, surrounded by doctors trying to revive her…Viki mouths the words “Natalie!!! NOOOO!”the camera fades to black with Nora and Clint trying to calm Viki down.

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