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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 24 (Part 1)


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Script 24 (Part 1)

Bo: “What would freak a mercenary like Delgado out so much that he’d roll over like that?”

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Fade in to Ford….he’s made his way to a diner and is halfway through a sandwich and memories of him and Jessica playing in the park with Ryder when he looks up at the diner television and sees a split screen of Starr and Natalie displayed. Under the pictures, there’s a caption that reads: “Heiresses Missing: Foul Play Suspected”. He stops a waitress and asks her to for his check, A few moments later, he rolls out a few bills and drops them on the table before heading out the door in a hurry.)

(Flash back to Llanview Hospital…Matthew and Destiny were briefly interrupted by their son’s fussing, and the adults are still looking through the glass. Nora quietly pushes the door open, trying to hear what the teens are saying.)

Destiny: “Did..you..just said..”

Matthew: “I know what I asked, Des. I’m waiting for an answer.”

Destiny: “Whoa! Like.. you asked me to marry you, Matthew. I don’t know…”

Matthew: “Des, do you love me?”

Destiny: “I do love you, Matthew.”

Matthew: “Do you trust me?”

Destiny: “More than anyone around, besides Dani, but...I…”

(Matthew remains silent to allow her to gather her thoughts.)

Destiny: “Matthew, I had to make split second decisions about important matters because there was so many extreme circumstances going on. Not that I regret keeping Drew, he’s my life, but I chose the way I did because you might not have survived…”

Matthew: “I know that my mother…”

(Flash to Nora, who cringes at the memory, then back to Destiny.)

Destiny: “Matthew, please listen to me. It’s easy to put this all on Mrs. B, but the truth is, I eventually chose the way I did because Drew is YOUR son, and I wanted a part of you, too. But you woke up and your first reaction was to run away, because it wasn’t what you wanted…(Matthew starts to say something, but she puts up her hand.) I know, I know…it was a crazy situation for everyone at that moment. Hear me out, please. I made split second decisions because there was not enough time to weigh my options. Then everyone made assumptions and had opinions because there was only enough time to think about the immediate future and not what COULD work down the line. I don’t want you to feel that you have to do ANYTHING because of what ‘looks right’, or…..”

(Matthew stops her with a kiss.)

Matthew: “Des, stop it. I had plenty of time and space to THINK. I thought about everything from Eddie Ford to Uncle Clint, and I didn’t like anything about myself. But what bothered me most of all was what I did to YOU and to our son. I look back on every extreme situation, good and bad, that happened in my life, and I realize two things.”

Destiny:”What were they?”

Matthew: “One…that you were there through all of them…building me up when things were bad, and cheering me on when they were good. And Two…I always felt complete with you every time. I was in love with you before I could put a name on what I was feeling. You’re no stranger to what it means to truly be loved. So ask yourself this: when you think about how it feels when you are around those that love you….do you have that same feeling right here and now when you’re around me?”

(Destiny looks directly into Matthew’s eyes, as if searching for a sign, and her struggles to believe in what she is hearing is evident. Her eyes begin to fill with tears.)

Destiny: “Yes, I do feel that way around you.”

Matthew: “Then what are you still afraid of?”

Destiny: “None of them LEFT me, Matthew! When the chips were down and things got rough, they were still there. You bailed when things got rough. Marriage is sacred to me, not some consolation prize. I grew up with marriage representing a message that says ‘we’re in this together for the long haul’. My parents, the ones who loved me my whole life, never split apart when things got bad. It scares me to know that you could.”

Matthew: Destiny Evans, listen to me real carefully. I MESSED UP! I have no excuses for that, but I have a chance to face the same situations and handle them differently. And marriage is not a prize, it’s the highest honor you give when professing your love for a person. And true love is never broken. MY parents showed me that. Sometimes you take the wrong turns on the way, but when your trip has a specific destination, you always wind up back on the road you’re supposed to be on to get there. My parents showed me that, too. I’m a Buchanan…screwing up is in my blood. Pig-headedness and arrogance, too. But we love strong and we have one true love. I love you. YOU are my Destiny, and I believe that Drew came along to seal the deal.”

(Destiny laughs)

Destiny: “Only a Buchanan would think of a baby’s birth as ‘sealing the deal’!”

(Matthew and the adults laugh. Destiny kisses Matthew.)

Destiny: “Matthew Buchanan, I want to finish school, and I want you to do the same. We will NOT be a statistic. Our son is going to see the best we can give him and I’ll settle for nothing less. We will be a TEAM: Friends, co-parents and support network. We do NOT suffer alone when we have each other. There will be no secrets between us and no individual struggles. If one of us suffers, we both suffer. No shutting down and running away when things get too tough. If at any time you come to your senses and feel differently about any of this, you will come to me and be truthful. I know there are some things I can’t think of right now, but what’s your take on the terms so far?”

Matthew: “They sound reasonable and fair.”

Destiny: “Then the answer is yes. I love you, Matthew, and I want to be your wife.”

(Matthew kisses her and the adults pour into the room applauding. They each congratulate the teens, their voices overlapping. Matthew hugs each of them. Destiny looks up at the television.)

Destiny: “Oh my God! Matthew! Mrs. B! Look!”

(Everyone turns to look at the screen, and see the kidnapping newscast. Matthew turns to Destiny.)

Matthew: “Des? I..”

Destiny: “I know, Matthew. Go. Please give Dani and the family my love. Please call me and tell me what’s going on.”

Matthew: I’m going to call you anyway. I love you.” (He kisses her, then turns to Drew in the crib and bends to kiss him.) “And I love you, too, Champ. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Nora: “I’m coming with you, Matthew. Destiny, welcome to the family, my daughter.”

(She bends to kiss Destiny and then Drew before rushing out the door with her son. Vivian stands by the edge of Destiny’s bed, and Shaun takes th seat beside the baby’s crib.)

Shaun: “Little Dee, he’s beautiful, and I’m proud of you. You are going to be a great mom, and a great asset to the world.”

Destiny: “Thank you, Shaun. I hope Dani and her family are okay.”

Vivian: “We all will be praying for their safe return, Destiny. And I agree with our brother…you will make a great mother, a great asset to the world, and a great wife. Something I hope I can be for Shaun, if he still wants that.”

(Shaun looks up from the baby, slightly confused, as if he hadn’t heard her correctly. Destiny is shocked. Shaun rises from his seat and looks questioningly at Vivian.)

Shaun: “Viv? What are…are you saying..?”

Destiny: “ …Oh, for pete’s sake, Big Man! She didn’t say it in a foreign language. She wants to marry you! Quick! Say yes before she changes her mind!”

(Vivian erupts into loud laughter, and Shaun lifts her up and spins her around.)

Shaun: “YES! Yes, yes, yes! Vivian, I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but what changes your mind?”

Vivian: “Not what.. ‘who’. Destiny did. You are the smartest, most loving, generous and kind person I know. You are brave and oh, so so grounded! Eavesdropping on you and Matthew made me realize how utterly childish and foolishly distrusting I am for believing that marriage inevitably ends up like my parents. Matthew said that marriage is the highest form of honor in professing your love for a person. Destiny said that marriage is sacred and a long-haul commitment. These youngsters made me see feel like they were the grownups. I love you, Shaun, and I no longer feel that marriage is the taboo my parents made it. If you still want this, I’ll marry you.”

Shaun: “Of course I do!”

(They kiss, and Destiny cheers. The camera fades out to Llanfair. Ryder has calmed down and Jessica puts him back in his crib.)

Jessica: “He’s been fussy with all that’s happening. How are you? What are you doing here?”

Brody: “I heard the newscast about Natalie and Starr, and I had to make sure everyone was okay. I know I’m far from..”

Jessica: “Brody, don’t go there. That was a hard time for all of us, and you’ve made amends for all that happened. Everyone is back where they should be now.”

Brody: “Not all of us.”

Jessica: “What do you mean?”

(Brody freezes up, as if he said too much. He regroups, then turns to Jessica.)

Brody: “I meant that Natalie and Starr should be home, too.”

Jessica: “Oh, yeah. I really miss my sister and my cousin. They should be home with their children. This is crazy!”

(She sits in the rocker and breaks into sobs. Brody walks over to her and hugs her.)

Brody: “I know this is hard on you, Jess. But hang in there. Natalie and Starr are fighters, and John and Bo are not going to let anything happen to them.”

Jessica: “The outcome may not be up to them, Brody. No one really knows what happened to them. All they know is that there was a serious crash, and the girls were nowhere to be found.”

Brody: “What do you mean? They had to turn up somewhere. If they are hurt, maybe they’re unconscious in a hospital around here.”

Jessica: “There were no Jane Does matching their descriptions.”

Brody: “That’s very odd.”

(The camera fades out slowly. Flash to John, Bo, Todd and Victor.)

John: (hanging up his phone) “The phone company was successful in tracking Natalie’s location, but they said the result may not be exact. The location itself may be yards away from the signal tower on the network.”

Todd: “HOW does that help us, McBain?”

John: “Manning, it helps a lot. The towers are never far from the device, and we can map out the land to find the most logical location that will match a place someone would house a lab. Let us do the police work, okay?”

Todd: “You’ve done a FANTASTIC job so far!”

Victor: “TODD! There’s no time for this bickering, man. Every second we waste going at each other’s throats is a second wasted on getting to the girls. John, what do we do now?”

(John looks at his notes again, and his eyes widen with recognition.)

John: “I know this area. When I worked for the FBI, we had several listings of facilities used for special government secret missions, mainly for the military. They made the locations invisible from GPS mapping and things like that, but we knew how to locate them. Irene Manning had inside info somehow, so it would stand to reason that she would have found relocating her lab there to be perfect. These coordinates match one of the places I was assigned to. I know where it is.”

Todd: “Okay, now we’re making progress. How do we get there?’

John: “Very carefully, we have to repeat the same….” (John is interrupted by his cell phone ringing.) “McBain.”

Tomas: “McBain, it Tomas.”

John: “Delgado. Tell me where you’ve taken Starr Manning and Natalie. Make this easy on yourself.”

Tomas: “You actually sound like YOU’RE in control. Look, I have no interest in the women, I want Todd Manning.”

John: “What do you want with Manning?”

Tomas: “My boss has important business with him. None of which concerns you.”

John: “You took my fiancée, Delgado, and a young woman away from her child. I’d say it concerns me.”

Tomas: “Fair enough. Bring me Todd Manning, and I’ll free the ladies.”

John: “What makes you think I can bring you Manning?”

Tomas: “I have total faith in you, John.”

John: “Really? Then have faith in this…if there is a HAIR on either of those ladies’ heads out of place, I will kill you.”

(The camera split screens to show Tomas’ terrified look.)

Tomas: “Believe me, you’d be doing me a favor.”

John: “Then you can thank me later. Where is the meeting place going to be?”

Tomas: “Bring manning to the docks where Irene shot Todd in three hours. We’ll make the trade then.”

John: “See you then.” (He hangs up the phone).

Bo: “What did Delgado say?”

John: “He wants me to bring Manning down to the docks in three hours. He says he’ll make the exchange there.”

Bo: “I hear a ‘but’ coming. What’s wrong, John?”

John: “I think we should head him off in the lab. We can get to that lab in twenty minutes, and they’ll be caught off guard.”

Victor: “I have to intervene here, John. That’s a great strategy for bringing them down without hostages. They might be caught off guard, once the rest of Baker’s henchmen get wind of the attack, they’re going to come out shooting, and I can tell you that they won’t give a damn about sparing the girls’ lives. That is putting WAY too much of a risk on the situation. We don’t have enough time to disguise ourselves and plan a quick takeover of the lab without practically putting Natalie and Starr in the line of fire.”

John: “I’m not waiting three hours to find them. Delgado said something that disturbed me, and it makes me think that something is already going on that they’re not saying.”

Victor: “What did he say?”

John: “I told him if he hurt even a hair on the girls head, I would kill him. He said I’d be doing him a favor if I did.”

(Todd and Victor instantly look at each other, and Bo and John catch on immediately.)

Bo: “What was that look for, guys? What do you know?”

(They hesitate.)

John: “No, no, no. We ALL have something to lose here, and if you know something, start spilling, or I’ll arrest you both for obstruction and hand deliver Todd myself. I’m not losing either one of those ladies up there!”

Victor: “I told my brother that I am sure Baker is holding something over Tomas’ head to ensure that he cooperates.”

John: “What makes you say that? You think he was blackmailed into cooperating?”

Victor: “Noooo, he was blackmailed into REMAINING a participant. Tomas was acting completely of his own volition when he helped Baker the night I was shot. What he didn’t count on was Baker not letting him go after they hauled me away. I heard several conversations between them where Baker was ‘reminding’ him of the insurance policy he held over Tomas to make sure he plays out their plan.”

Bo: “What would freak a mercenary like Delgado out so much that he’d roll over like that?”

Todd: “We’ve been asking ourselves the same question and we couldn’t….OH MY GOD! How blind are we?”

Victor: “Huh? What the hell are you babbling about?”

Todd: “Babbling nothing. Listen. You, me and John here are going bananas right here and now, correct?”

Victor: “Yeah, we are…what are you getting at?”

Todd: “Oh, for crying out loud, Victor. You’re my brother, how can you not figure it out? I would expect these dumb cops to be stumped.”

John: “Are we finished playing Charades, Manning? We’re on a clock here.”

Todd: “We’re all big, tough men, and they can break us by threatening our FAMILY! Doesn’t Delgado have a kid? Bass, or something like that?”

Victor: “BAZ, and yes that makes perfect sense. There’s not really much else that would shake him.”

Todd: “Of course it makes sense!”

John: “Where’s the kid now?”

Todd: “Starr said he flew away with that pig Rick Powers to France. Some music gig, I think.”

John: “Give me a second.” (He dials a number from his phone.) “Lancaster, I need you to run the LUD’s on this phone number. I need you to specifically focus on international calls made to France. Get back to me on my cell, not the radio.”

Bo: “John, which way do you want to go in getting the ladies now that we have this information?”

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