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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 6


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 6

Dani: “Cousin Natalie, I know that Lieutenant McBain is a fair officer, but evidence or not, I don't believe Todd would kill my dad..."

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Flash over to Llanfair..Viki is distraught and overwhelmed with a mix of rage, hurt and disappointment while looking at the newscast of Todd's arrest on the television. Dani, Jack and Natalie are with her.)

Viki: “I can not BELIEVE that Todd has been arrested for murdering our brother!” (She rises to pace the floor, and her relatives all look on, waiting for their cue to help her if she needs them to.)

Jack: “I CAN! I told all of you that Scarface killed our father!”

Viki: “Jack, will you please go upstairs and check on your little brother, please?”

Jack: “Why? Aunt Viki, I want to see....”

Natalie and Dani: “JACK!”

Natalie: “Go check on Sam, now!”

(Natalie scowls to prove she's serious. Jack rolls his eyes and storms off defiantly. Dani groans and shakes her head.)

Dani: “Grrrr! He's IMPOSSIBLE!”

Natalie: “He's just being a bratty teen. Are you okay, honey? This has to be hard on you, too.”

Dani: “I'm mostly worried about my mom right now, but...I don't believe that Todd did it. I don't know him very well, but something is very weird about this.”

Natalie: “Yeah, it is strange, but John wouldn't have arrested him if he didn't believe that there was enough evidence to do so.”

Dani: “Cousin Natalie, I know that Lieutenant McBain is a fair officer, but evidence or not, I don't believe Todd would kill my dad..I mean, my uncle after waiting so long to come back to his family.”

Natalie: “Well, so far he's just been arrested. They still have to question him and all that. Hey, why don't you call YOUR mom, while I go check on mine.”

Dani: “Good idea. Oh, and I have to call Starr, too. I don't want her to hear about this on the news. I think I left my purse in the kitchen.”

(She races to the kitchen. Natalie pulls out her own cell phone and dials John's number. His voicemail picks up.)

Natalie: “John, it's me. Give me a call when you can and let me know what's going on with Todd's arrest? I love you. ”

(The door opens as she hangs up. Enter Clint and Jessica.)

Clint:”Hi, sweetheart.” (He kisses her forehead). “Where's your mother? I just heard the news.”

Natalie: “She's in there.” (Clint joins Viki.)

Jessica: (kisses her sister) “Yeah, I just heard, too. Do you believe he did it?”

Natalie: “I don't want to speculate, but he WAS arrested, and this is Uncle Todd we're talking about.”

Jessica: “Yeah, I know, but this is too crazy, even for Todd, Natalie.”

Natalie: “Well, there must be some real evidence stacked against him, because John wouldn't act unless there was.”

Jessica: “I'm sure he did, but none of this makes any sense. Evidence has been known to be wrong.”

Natalie: “Well, I hope so, but the odds are not favorable, Jess. I mean, Todd has a history of crimes the size of Texas. He was acting funny since his return from the dead, and how do you explain Tomas Delgado?”

Jessica: “Natalie, you sound like you've already tried and convicted him. No one knows what kind of evidence has been collected yet, and Mom is already freaking out, so let's just deal with the news at hand first.”

Natalie: “Well, I tried calling John to get some details, but his voicemail picked up.”

Jessica: “I'm sure he is busy trying to get the details himself.”

(Flash back Viki and Clint. Viki is crying, not knowing what to make of what's going on. Clint is consoling her.)

Viki: “Oh, Clint! How could this be HAPPENING? I just find out that I now have two brothers, my former best friend wasn't dead after all, and then I lose one brother, only to now discover that my other brother is being arrested for the crime? How could Todd have lied to me and all of us who love him for so long? More importantly, why would he risk losing the family that he was forced to give up for eight years when he JUST got them back?”

Clint: “Shh, shh...Viki, honey. Hold on for a minute. It's no secret that I am not a fan of your siblings, honey. But this is too crazy, even for Todd, and even for Todd in an impulsive moment. All we know is that the police felt they have enough evidence to make an arrest.”

Viki: “What kind of evidence could they have, Clint?”

Clint: “That's the million-dolllar question, sweetheart, but that's why I want you to try and calm down until we get to the bottom of this. Just know that I will be with you every step of the way, Victoria.”

Viki: “Thank you, Clint. I'm gonna hold you to that.”

(Fade over to Agent Baker. He is furious that he's lost Victor, but realizes that Victor must still be on the road just before Llanview based on the time that has lapsed since his escape from Allison's hideout. He calls out to his driver.)

Baker: “Step on it! And stay on this path. The ketamine is still with him, so he wouldn't be able to move too quickly. If he's hiding, we'll be able to detect any strange movements out here. You won't get far, Victor. You won't get far at all.”

(He laughs diabolically, as the camera zooms in on him.)

(Flash back to the precinct. Todd is calmer, but he's still not making any progress in shedding his delirium. Téa keeps her distance, and she is really beginning to doubt the validity of the evidence against Todd for Victor's murder. John has decided to allow Blair some time alone with Todd, but instructs his officers to stand guard at the outer exit. He gestures for Téa to give Blair some privacy, and as Téa turns to leave, she is surprised to see that her brother is gone. John realizes it, too, and they both rush outside.)

Téa: “John, did you notice when Tomás left?”

John: “No, but I saw that he got a phone call earlier, and he seemed edgy. A few minutes later, he got another call, but then I was distracted by Manning. He must have slipped out during the confusion.”

Téa: “I realize that. I guess the question is,why did he need a distraction to slip away and take a phone call?”

(Back inside the cell, Blair has taken a seat on the cell floor next to Todd. Todd is sweaty, but his breathing has regulated. He is now aware of his surroundings.)

Blair: “Todd? Are you okay?”

Todd: (chuckles sarcastically) “Depends on who you're asking. I certainly can't answer that question.”

Blair: “Well maybe I should ask you what just happened here.”

(Todd pauses. He doesn't know where to start.)

Todd: “There are many complicated things going on all at once. I don't know how to make sense of it.”

Blair: “Okay....let's start with something simple. What were you screaming about just now? Do you remember anything?”

Todd: “I remember everything, but it was a whole bunch of pieces. They were like movie clips from different movies that were thrown together.”

Blair: “Okay, then tell me what you remember from those clips.”

Todd: “My mother holding me captive in her mad scientist lab, chanting commands in my ear. I couldn't make out everything, but...”

(Téa clears her throat to get their attention.)

Téa: “Um..Blair? I recommended to McBain that Todd be moved to St. Ann's for evaluation.”

Blair: “To St. Ann's? What wou...”

Téa: “...Because it would better for Todd to talk there.”

(She makes direct eye contact with Blair to get her hint across. Blair catches on.)

Blair: “You know what, Todd? Téa's right. You may be able to think more clearly without the stress of prison personnel.”

(Todd seems sincerely relieved. Téa turns to let McBain know that Todd is ready for transport).

(Flash to Tomas. He has met with Baker in the playground. Baker is furious because he hasn't gotten to Victor.)

Tomas: “What the hell am I doing here, Baker?”

Baker: “You don't get to ask any questions here, Mr. Delgado. You belong to us. You just do as you're told.”

Tomas: “I don't belong to anybody, Baker. What do you want?”

Baker: “Victor Lord, Jr. has escaped from Ms. Perkins. Unfortunately, I underestimated how far he would get based on the amount of time had elapsed since his escape. My guess is that he's operating on emotion and is heading straight to your sister, Delgado. I need you to get rid of him.”

Tomas: “Are you out of your mind? You want me to kill my sister's husband, after all that she's gone through...no, all that she's GOING through, thinking he's dead?”

Baker: (laughs loudly and sarcastically) “OH, WOW! You almost sounded sincere! Or are you telling me that you feel bad for your sister's pain when you helped stage her husband's death in the first place? That's rich, Mr. Delgado!”

Tomas: “I recall that I really didn't have much of a choice in the matter.”

Baker: (laughing harder) “Oh, are we practicing our alibi already? You can spin your involvement any which way you'd like, Delgado. You may not have pulled that trigger, but you were certainly willing to join the game of 'Keep Away' with your sister's husband. What will your sister think when she finds out that you wanted her to be away from her husband so badly that you helped us keep him locked away after he was shot and presumed dead?”

Tomas: “I certainly enough to atone for with what I've done, but you made sure that I CAN'T leave now, haven't you?”

Baker: “Oh come on, Delgado. All you have to do is follow orders, and everything will be fine. I am not a monster.”

Tomas: “I'm sure the rest of the world wouldn't agree.”

Baker: “After what you've done, I think we're cut from the same cloth.”

Tomas: “NEVER! I wouldn't threaten the life of a child. That is something Irene Manning would do. You're certainly her finest creation.”

Baker: “Oh, I guess robbing a child of its father and a sister of her husband is not right up Irene's alley, hm? That's exactly why she recruited you eight years ago. We're cut from the same cloth, Mr. Delgado. And now, you're simply being instructed to do a job that highlights your best talents, and finish what you helped to start. Get rid of Victor Lord Jr.., or else.”

Tomas: “Or else what, Baker? Hm? You'll expose my secrets?”

Baker: “Tisk, tisk, Tomas. I don't indulge in such childish games. No, I have a much more reliable ace in the hole to ensure your cooperation. Or did you forget?”

Tomas: “No, I didn't forget.”

Baker: “Then let's put the games aside and stay focused. Things have gotten quite critical, Mr. Delgado, and we can't afford any more loose ends. Just in case you need a little encouragement to help keep you focused, then by all means , feel free to take a peek in the bushes behind you.”

(Tomas stares at Baker for a good while, then slowly heads in the direction of the cluster of bushes. He walks cautiously, keeping sight of Baker with frequent glances back. After a few more steps forward, he trips over a pile of leaves. A good amount of leaves blow away in the wind, and he sees the dead body of Allison Perkins covered in blood.)

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