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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 5


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 5

Victor: “Well, I can clear up a couple of things for you. Anything that starts with 'Irene Manning' IS crazy, for starters.

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Flash back to Blair. John has granted her permission to visit Todd. She is walking down the hall to the cell, trying to practice keeping her cool when she sees him. She is worried that she'll slip and rip into him, but when she gets there, she finds him crouched in a corner, holding his head in his hands and rocking back and forth. He's screaming, “Leave me alone! Get out of my head!” repeatedly. Blair knows it's not a trick, and she panics as she calls out to the guards.)

Blair: “TODD! What's happening? GUARDS! Let me in there!”

Guard #1: “Miss, we can't let you in there....”

Blair: “I don't care about your rules! Open the door and let me in there! He needs help! You know what? Just go get John McBain!

(She turns back to the cell) “TODD!” (She turns back to the guards, who hasn't moved.) “GO GET JOHN MCBAIN NOW!”

(The guards scramble to get John and Blair tries to calm Todd down. Tomas, Tea and John come racing into the prison. John rushes to open the cell and Blair races over to Todd. Téa and Tomas stand outside the cell, and Blair kneels down to tend to Todd. He's still delirious, not recognizing who she is at first as he flails his arms to push her away.)

Todd: (in a panicked, desperate voice) “Get out of my head! Get away from me! Get out of my head!”

Blair: “Todd...please look at me. It's Blair. Who are you talking to?”

Todd: “You killed him. YOU GET OUT OF MY HEAD! You get away from me. You killed him!”

(He looks at Blair and slowly begins to recognize her and connect with his current surroundings. He seems to relax, and looks at her, a relieved smile spreading across his face. He continues to mutter the same words, a little less psychotically this time, and he closes his eyes to adapt to reality.)

(Flash back to the highway. Victor is walking tiredly and cautiously along the guardrail. He tries to remain out of sight, checking over his shoulder every so often, unaware that the driver of a vehicle has spotted him until the car slows down for him. He is very skeptical and walks away faster, careful not to look in the driver's direction.)

Male Driver: (in a volume only loud enough for Victor) “Mr. Victor! Please don't be afraid. I am trying to save your life! Hurry and get in. I'll explain on the way to family. They're almost here! Please!”

(Victor finally faces the voice that sounds like help. He's almost ecstatic when he realizes that the driver is Louie. He quickly jumps in the car and Louie speeds away.)

Victor: “Not that I'm not grateful, but what's your story?”

Louie: “I'm not really educated on the details of this situation, but a few months back, your brother showed up on my docks claiming that YOU had robbed him of his life. I believed him after having spent time listening to his account of his problems with the wacky people that Irene Manning lady put him through. He had asked me to hold the gun that he had taken from the Mayor's safe. The gun had never been fired, and that made me believe him even more. Then the story about the two of you hit the papers, and I was glad that I met him. A few weeks after that, you were murdered, or so everyone thought, and Todd was tested for gunpowder and came up clean. Everything just got real crazy after that.”

Victor: “Well, I can clear up a couple of things for you. Anything that starts with 'Irene Manning' IS crazy, for starters. Secondly, I ain't no ghost, so I wasn't murdered. And my crazy mother IS dead, but she's programmed a whole army of human robots to continue on in her madness, which keeps the bitch alive.”

Louie: “Mr. Victor, there's a whole big mess going on. Your brother came to me weeks later with the gun again. Dunno if it was the same gun, but he looked real strange and offered to pay me a lot of money to hide it again. This time, he seemed to be hiding somethin', even implied that he was, but there was somethin' else that I can't explain goin' on with him.”

Victor: “What do you mean?”

Louie: “He seemed to be hidin' somethin', but he seemed like he wasn't sure of himself, or even that he was sure that he WAS hidin' somethin'. It was almost like he was being told to do what he was doin', ya know? Like he wasn't actin' of his own accord. I can't explain it. I know I must sound crazy.”

Victor: “Nah, man. It ain't crazy by Irene's standards at all. My bastard twin is under a mind control program. We both are. She had pre-orchestrated the entire 'murder scene' before my brother offed her on the docks. Her goons were already rigged to carry out her orders, whether she lived or not, but especially if she didn't. Can you tell me what's going on with my (puts up the “quotes” symbol with his fingers) 'murder case'?”

Louie: “Your brother is in jail for killin' ya, your wife is a basket case, and that Tomas fella had confessed on tape first...

Victor: “....Tomas? He's one on the hit list..”

Louie: “But they said your brother kidnapped him and made him confess to get to that Blair woman.”

Victor: (agitated) “What?!” Oh, hell! The truth of this entire situation has been twisted to match our She-Devil mother's lunacy. And Delgado is smack in the middle of it. I may not like my brother, but I won't let him go down to Irene's tricks, and I certainly won't take him away from his family for years for something he didn't do..especially to ME.”

Louie: “Maybe you don't hate him like you think you do. You two are the victims of a madwoman's evil, and you both have to join forces to clean up her mess and save this town. You both might wanna try something new to break that evil cycle.”

Victor: “I appreciate the ride, man, but kill the Partridge Family talk, will ya?”

(Louie laughs, much to Victor's annoyance).

Victor: “What the HELL is so damned funny?”

Louie: “How very much alike the two of you are to be such enemies. But I'll just do what I came to do when I picked ya up off the road. I suggest you go to that McBain person first to start clearing up the mess. Everyone's over at the police station since they picked up Todd an hour ago.”

Victor: “Is Delgado part of 'everyone'?”


Victor: “That reminds me. I have to make a call.”

(He pulls out the cell phone he took from Allison and dials a number. The phone rings twice.)

Tomas: (from Victor's end of the phone) “Allison? This is NOT a good time right now! I'm at the LPD station with my sister since Manning was arrested.”

Victor: “Were you playing the loving, supportive brother as you pretended to help her mourn her dead husband, Delgado?”

Tomas: “Listen, you don't have any idea what's going on....”

Victor: “I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! You hear me, Delgado? Be afraid. Be very afraid! This time, you won't be able to hide your wounds. But the first thing you will do is make up an excuse, a REALLY good excuse to get the HELL AWAY from my wife and brother. GET AWAY FROM THEM! And be real sure that I will know if you didn't....(He sings a verse of “Every Move You Make” by The Police).

Victor: (singing) “I'll be watching you....every move you make, every vow you break, every step you take....” (Hangs up.)

(The camera fades as the car passes a sign that reads: “Welcome to the City of Llanview”.)

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