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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 3


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 3

Tea Delgado: “.....loving him again? You have always loved Todd, so it didn't take any tricks to make that happen, amiga."

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Flash back to the police station. Todd has been placed in a cell, not knowing that Blair is upstairs talking to the Delgados and John. He is crouched in a corner on his bunk, and viewers begin to get a glimpse of why Todd is so smug. Pieces of several different visions in his head begin to play out onscreen. Memories of Irene Manning in the “Center” hypnotizing him and Victor, combined with flashes of Agent Baker, Tomas, Marty Saybrooke and Patrick Thornhart all dance around in his head without forming a complete picture.)

(Fade back to John's office. John is suspicious of Tomas, but he doesn't voice his suspicions in front of the women.)

Blair: (voice broken) “Oh, Téa....(fiddles with her fingers, puts her hand up to her hand up to her forehead , exasperated)...”I'm so, so sorry...I...I just...oh, I don't know what the hell I can say! Todd lied to all of us for weeks! He knew he killed Victor the whole time! And oh, Tomas! He held you captive! Are you ok?”

Tomas: (nonchalantly) ”I'm fine, honey.” (Blair moves to hug him. He hugs her tightly, as if he'll lose her.)

Blair: “I'm so furious with that bastard! He made me believe he was supporting me through a rough period that HE CREATED! Oh, my god! He forced you to confess to a crime he KNEW he had committed!”

(Tomas nods in half-hearted agreement, something that both John and Téa notice at once. They exchange curious glances over the couple's shoulders. John secretly nods at Téa, as if to say...”I'm on it”. Téa responds with a nod of her own, and calls for Blair.)

Tea: “Blair, can I steal you for a minute? I need your help in the restroom. This baby is as mischievous as Victor, and I' feeling a bit dizzy.”

Blair: “Oh, honey. With all of the stress you've been going through, dizziness seems like a mild side effect. Come on.”

(The ladies leave the office, and Tomas tries to lighten the mood.)

Tomas: “What's she gonna do? Help her powder her nose?” (Chuckles nervously).

John: (smiles insincerely) “Yeah, I won't even begin to a guess on that!” (The men share a short laugh). “So, what's your take on Manning's claims?”

Tomas: “It sounds like typical Manning crap, John. What take should I have on it?”

John: “Delgado, you seem a bit edgy. What's going on?”

Tomas: “I was held captive by a psycho that wanted to get rid of the competition for a woman's heart for weeks. Why wouldn't I be edgy?”

John: “Yeah, you're right. That would make a guy edgy. I need to take your statement about your abduction.”

Tomas: “I'm detecting a tone, McBain. Am I a suspect in some crime?”

(Flash over to Téa and Blair. Blair is confused when Téa quickly pushes her into the restroom and checks under the stalls.)

Blair: “Téa, what the hell are you doing? Why are you bending in your condition?”

Tea: “I had to make sure that no one was here.”

Blair: “Why?”

Téa: “Well if ya'd shut up for a second, I'll explain. Something's going on with this case, and every bone in my body is telling me that Tomas is deep in whatever that 'something' is. I'm telling you this, because I want us to get to the bottom of this before you get involved with my brother again. He's hiding something, Blair. He's acting the same way he did when he took my father's car out to pick up Sandra Velasquez in the eleventh grade and forgot to fill up the gas tank to cover his tracks. He let my papi scratch his head for days trying to find out where the leak in the gas tank was coming from.”

Blair: “Well, maybe he's just....”

Téa: “No, no, NO, Blair! Stop doing that. For once, stop searching for an excuse. Tomas is my brother and I love him very much...but I will not stand back and support any wrongdoings...especially if it could hurt a good friend.”

(Blair smiles through her tears, and Tea hugs her. She sobs on Téa's shoulder. Téa comforts her with words similar to those a mother uses on a baby.)

Blair: “How could this be happening again? How could Todd have held on to this secret for so long and tricked everyone? How could he trick me into...into..”

Téa: “.....loving him again? You have always loved Todd, so it didn't take any tricks to make that happen, amiga. And I need you to tell you something else. I don't think Victor's murder is as black-and-white as it once was.”

(Blair moves away from Téa, and stares at her in confusion)

Blair: “Why not?” (She gets a little hopeful). “Has something new come up?”

(Téa gives her a half-sad smile.)

Téa: “No, not new with regards to evidence, but....”

(She pauses and drifts off in thought, annoying Blair.)

Blair: “But what, Téa? What the HELL is going on?”

(Téa shakes her her to snap herself out of her daze.)

Téa: “Huh?...Oh, right. Blair, every bit of evidence about Victor's murder pointed in Todd's direction. All of Todd's strange behavior...I mean, strange for Todd, made it even more plausible that he was the murderer. But...he was making these statements and insinuating that there is more to this case than we know, and he's implying that Tomas is somehow involved.”

Blair: “Oh, come on, Téa! Todd's lying! He always lies! And he hates Tomas! He'll say anything to stick it to your brother and save his own ass!”

Téa: “Blair, you know that I want Victor's killer brought to justice more than anything in the world. And more than anything, I had hated pretending to be civil to Todd while sitting on the knowledge that John had a strong case against Todd for the murder.”

Blair: “Then what's changed?”

Tea: “Blair, there's something about the confidence in Todd when he was making his insinuations. And then he implied that Tomas is involved, and my brother didn't deny it with any real conviction. And he was already acting strange before we got to the precinct to see Todd. Blair, there's something weird going on, and Tomas is involved.”

Blair: "Tea, what did Tomas actually do to make you so suspicious?”

Téa: “The first thing that stood out is the very calm way he acted when he returned and we were waiting to hear news from John about Todd's arrest. Then, he was hesitant to go to the precinct when John DID call us with the news.”

Blair: “That doesn't mean anything, Téa. Maybe he was tired or....”

Téa: “NO, Blair! You're doing it again! Listen, no one on this earth but the two of US know the ins and outs of the Manning men, and I'm telling you that this isn't the usual Todd schemes. Neither is there any logical explanation for Tomas' hesitance after all that has happened to him, Blair. He was held captive for weeks, supposedly by Todd for the sake of getting you to himself, forced to confess..TO YOU..to a murder that TODD committed, and when he gets rescued, he's not jumping out of his seat to watch Todd fry?”

(Blair is silent).

Tea: “I'm just asking you not to make any decisions until we get to the bottom of this, amiga. We have to see how this plays out. Will you please do that? I need the godmother of this baby to be in one sound piece. Its mother is already a wreck, and its father is not here. PLEASE, Blair. Both of these men are powerful smooth talkers. I know that they both love you sincerely, but they both have something brewing in the dark. Let's both operate with all our tools in place for a change. We have to break this cycle of madness.” (Blair nods in agreement.) “Good, then let's get back before they catch on that something's going on.”

(They leave to return to the men.)

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