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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 23


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 23

Kelly Cramer, along with Kevin and Joey, return home to Llanview!

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Flash to Llanview Hospital.....Matthew helped Destiny get situated in her bed and takes his seat beside her bed.)

Matthew: “I better get this out before I lose my nerve and do something really stupid again. I love you, Des. I've wasted so much time distracting myself that....will you forgive me?”

Destiny:”Matthew, there's nothing to forgive. You didn't feel for me the way I felt for you back then. You can't force yourself to feel something that isn't there, and you can't force yourself to stop feeling something that's there. I have loved you since the day we met, but I need to ask you something.”

Matthew: “Ask me anything.”

Destiny: “Are you talking from a clear, sound mind? Or are you talking from a place of gratitude because of all that you’ve suffered? This is another big step to take, Matthew, and a lot of damage can be done if we aren’t clear. I’m perfectly okay with sharing a son with you without any expectations for anything more.”

Matthew: “Are you finished?”

Destiny: “Should I be?”

Matthew: “Yes, you should. Would you please give me SOME credit for knowing the risks of being stupid? Des, I am an expert at screwing up, and believe me I had more than enough time to reflect back on my behavior and hate what I saw. I realized that my behavior dishonored the sanctity of our FRIENDSHIP, one of the greatest gifts I ever had in my life before Drew..so I wouldn’t dare dishonor you more by telling you that I love you out of gratitude. I am not that much of a jerk! Just let me love you, woman!”

(Destiny looks at him with hope and skepticism.)

Matthew: “Look, Des….I know I broke your trust in me, and I have to live with that. But if you give me the chance, I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you…to BOTH of you.”

Destiny: “The rest of your life? Wh…what do you mean, Matthew?”

Matthew: “I mean exactly what you think I mean…(he kneels on the floor by the bed and takes her hand)… Will you please marry me?”

(The camera flashes to Shaun, Vivian and Nora who are watching the teens thru the window. They can’t hear, but they know. They are shocked and happy. The camera focuses back on Destiny, who is staring at Matthew in disbelief and shock. The camera slowly fades out.)

(Flash to John, Bo, Todd and Victor….they are trying to come to an agreement on how to find the location of the women. Emotions are flaring and they are at odds. Bo had placed a call earlier to Viki and instructed her to publish the kidnapping news in The Banner, and Blair agreed to do the same in The Sun. The brothers are apprehensive about that move, believing the publicity will endanger them more.)

Todd: “I don't think you should have alerted the press, Bo. Baker doesn't behave well under pressure. You may have signed their death warrants.”

Bo:”Manning, calm down. The publicity will stop him from being able to hide out.”

Todd:”He's ALREADY hiding! Irene was in hiding for years! That's my family you're talking about!”

John: “It's my family, too, Manning. And we need some reinforcements.”

Todd: “Oh, put a sock in it, McBain! I am more of her family than you are until you put a ring on her finger. And my DAUGHTER is in there. The only reinforcements we need is to pick our brains and figure out where their lab is.”

John: “Go to hell, Manning. I think we do know the location. When we busted your mother, the lab was a few miles away from the bayshore.”

Victor: “That's a no-go. The place was destroyed after the raid by, ironically, Hurricane Irene. And I remember seeing a lighthouse, or a tower or something during the transport the night I was shot.”

Bo: “A lighthouse? The only lighthouse I know of is near the historical society.”

Victor: “No, that's not it. The historical society is too close in distance to be the lab. Irene needed remoteness and isolation in order for her lunacy to work.”

Bo: “Okay, I will radio the station and have Lancaster run a geographical landmark check for any towers or lighthouses in a 100-mile radius. Then we'll cross-check the coordinates.”

Todd: “What is this, G.I. Joe? Check the coordinates?”

Victor: “Todd, I understand what you're feeling, man. Really, I do, but seriously....shut up right now. They have some good points, and we need all the help we can get right now.”

John: “Bo, tell Lancaster to run the search through the encrypted program in case Baker has someone shadow-hacking the system. They may be able to figure out what we're doing, but not before....”

(He pauses abruptly, much to the other men's confusion. He quickly reaches for his phone.)

Victor: “What's up, McBain?”

John: “None of the girls' personal items were in the car when we got to the site. Both of their purses AND their cell phones were missing.”

Bo: “That's right, but where are you going with this?”

John: “Guys, Natalie's cell phone has GPS Locator in it. We can track their location directly.”

Todd: “Do you really think they were stupid enough to leave them with their cell phones?”

John: “Do YOU really want to ignore giving this a shot? There are plenty of reasons why they wouldn't feel the phones were a threat.”

Victor: “Like what?”

John: “I'll be happy to give you a full list as soon as I make this call.”

Bo: “I'll call the station and have them run a trace on the phone.”

John: “NO, Bo!”

Todd: “WHAT! Why not?”

John: “Because shadow-hacking a cell phone location tracing is a much more feasible possibility than tracing the police database. They'll catch on to us faster than following the station's activities. We may lose this possibility.”

Victor: “So what's the plan?”

John: “This.” (He dials a number and waits a few seconds.) “Yes, this is Lieutenant John McBain of the Llanview PD. We have a kidnapping situation and I need you to run a GPS location on one of your numbers. It belongs to one of the victims in the case. Yes, the number is....”

(The camera fades out. Flash back to the lab...Tomas is in the monitoring room, and he's a little disturbed by Natalie's unconscious state. He pulls out his cell phone and dials a number.)

Tomas: (to the other party) “Hey, it's me. Yeah, I know, I'm sorry. I'm just checking in on you. Yeah, I know I did that already. Has everything been okay? Okay, I'll check in on you in a couple of days. But if you need anything before then....(chuckles) Okay, okay. Talk to you soon.”

(He hangs up and watches the screen again. Starr has changed the gauze on Natalie's wound for the fifth time, and Tomas hears her screaming at the ceiling, watching as she tries to figure out where the camera is.)

Starr: (from the screen) “Can one of you bastards get her some help? Something's wrong! She's not waking up and she's looking very pale! TOMAS! BAKER! She needs to get to a hospital!”

(Baker walks in as Tomas turns away to find him.)

Baker: “Something wrong, Mr. Delgado?”

Tomas: “Baker, Natalie needs to get to a hospital. We don't need any more complications than the ones we have having lost the whereabouts of the brothers.”

Baker: “Soft spot for the ladies, I see.”

Tomas: “Not at all. I simply want to ensure that our project goes off without any further complications so I can sever my ties to you.”

Baker: “That's actually very fair, and will come to pass. Unfortunately, another complication has already come up.”

Tomas: “What? What complication?”

Baker: “The ladies have been put on the front page of every major newspaper in Pennsylvania. A statewide search is in effect. The televised newscasts are rapidly joining the force.”

(Tomas is in a severe state of panic.)

Tomas: “Baker, you have to let Natalie get to a hospital. She wasn't part of our plan anyway, and if she dies, we'll have twice the obstacles to overcome. Starr is the key to who we want.”

Baker: “You know what? I agree. Let Miss Buchanan go, but keep Miss Manning, and bring your sister in her place.”

Tomas: “Baker, there's no need for that! My sister is pregnant, due any day now. If she goes into labor, that's another mess. Starr is equally an asset to both men. Victor thought he was her father for eight years. He's just as emotionally invested in her safe return as his brother is.”

Baker: “You certainly are on your game today, Delgado. I'll have Garrett transport Miss Buchanan to Llanview Hospital, and then we'll make the first connection.”

(The camera slowly fades out, and then fades back in on Jessica back in Llanfair. Ryder is unusually fussy, and Jessica is trying to calm him down. She walks with the baby over to the nursery window, and stares outside. She hears the doorbell ringing downstairs, but she ignores it.)

Jessica: “What's the matter, sweet boy? Is all this starting to get to you? Yeah, well, I understand completely. I am afraid for Natalie and Starr, Liam is missing his mommy, and I don't know how to take all of this. You know what I could really use right now? I could use a day with your daddy, Ryder. He always knew how to make the worst situations seem like a day in the park. It's so unfair that he was taken away just as things were starting to get better. I know he's not coming back, Ryder, but I could really use his kind of support right now.”

Male: “Would you settle for the support of an old friend instead?”

(Jessica turns to see Brody in the doorway. The camera fades out.)

(Flash to the family room in Llanfair. Dorian has been informed of the details of the kidnapping and has spent awhile consoling Blair. Téa has gone off to talk to Dani and Nate, Jack has gone upstairs, and Viki is in the kitchen with Clint, taking turns with Liam.)

Viki: “Brody seems to be doing well.”

Clint: “Yes, he does. It was nice of him to show up to support us when the news story hit the air about the girls.”

Viki: “I’m not surprised, though. He had a very strong connection to Natalie and Liam, and a history with Jessica and Ryder. He’s a really good man.” (The doorbell rings. Clint stops Viki from heading to answer it.) “No, honey. Until this ordeal is over, no one answers the door but me.”

(He races to the front door and opens the door to see Joey, Kevin and Kelly with their suitcases. Clint excitedly hugs them one at a time.)

Clint: “Oh, my GOD!!! Hello, hello…come in, Kelly! Joey, Kevin! Oh, come on in. Your mother is in the kitchen.”

Kevin: “I hate that this visit is due to such extreme circumstances.”

Clint: “I do, too, but any time with my sons and their families is great time.”

Male: “Ya got enough of that great time to share with another son and his family?”

(Clint looks past Joey to see Rex, Gigi and Shane walking through the front door with their bags. Clint greets them happily, hugging Rex twice as tightly as he did the others. Rex warmly receives Clint’s greeting. Gigi and Shane steps forward to take their turns respectively, and Gigi immediately heads into the kitchen to see Viki.)

Clint: “This is the greatest type of support that Natalie and Starr could have in this terrible time. Not to mention what this does for Viki and me to have all of our family here.”

Female: “Ya forgot one family member here, cowboy. And I ain’t going nowhere until my baby gets home safe.”

(Everyone follows the voice to see Roxy in the doorway. The camera fades out.)

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