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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 22a


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 22a

Dani is reunited with Tea!

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Back at Llanview Hospital, Nora arrives and sees Matthew feeding his newborn son. Destiny has been taken down for some routine tests ordered by Vivian. Nora doesn’t interrupt right away because she’s having a mommy moment, watching her baby with his own baby. She smiles tearfully as she watches him.)

Matthew: (rocking baby Drew) “You are certainly living The Life, little guy. You get to eat, sleep and get held all day. People are at your beck and call. You’re a real Buchanan.”

(Both he and Nora chuckle.)

Matthew: “I know I was a real jerk when I found about you. I acted like I didn’t want you, when the truth is I was scared to death. You see, I just woke up from a coma, and before I could adjust to being alive, I was about to be a father..like instantly….”

(He sighs, and searches his mind for the words he wants to say.)

Matthew: “I have a problem, Drew, and as kooky as this seems, I think you can help me.” (Nora frowns in worry, but stays silent.) “I owe your mother a huge apology, and a confession. I can do the first thing, but confessing is a different story.” (Nora REALLY listens in now.)

Matthew: “How do I tell your mother that she’s an amazing person, she’s my absolute best friend, and I’m totally in love with her?”

(Nora’s tears fall, and she puts her hand up to her mouth in shock.)

Destiny: “Maybe it would be easier to say it directly to HER so she can tell you she feels the same?”

(Nora and Matthew both turn around startled. Matthew is shocked to see not only Destiny on a hospital bed, but his mother standing in the doorway. Nora and Matthew are shocked to see Vivian and Sean standing behind Destiny, and all of the adults are shocked and happy to have witnessed what just transpired. The camera slowly fades out.)

(Flash back to Llanfair…John and Bo has successfully transported the ladies from the hospital, and Jack and Dani race to greet their mothers. The women hug their children tightly, and they all sob on each other.)

Téa: “Don’t cry, míja. I know that this is all very scary, but we’ll fix it really soon.”

Dani: (wiping her tears) “Mom, are you okay? I mean, with the stress of all of this?”

Téa: (tearfully, trying to wipe her own tears as well) “I’m okay, Dani. We need to be strong for your sister and Natalie.”

Blair: “Jack, have you been behaving?”

Viki: “He was a perfect gentleman the entire time.”

(Blair seems disbelieving at first, but Viki’s smile reassures her and she kisses her son.)

Jack: “Mom, you don’t have to worry about my behavior anymore. I promise. I just want Starr and Natalie home safely. If something happens to them, if I don’t get to see my sister again…”

Sam: “What happened to Starr and Natalie?”

(They all turn to see a sleepy Sam, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes on the staircase. Blair leaves Jack to tend to Sam. She sits him down on the steps and hugs him.)

Blair: “Hey there, little buddy. Why are you awake at this hour?”

Sam: “I got thirsty and came to ask for water. What’s going on? Everyone looks scared.”

Blair: “Well, Sam..uh, Natalie and Starr were driving and they got into a car accident.”

Sam: “Well, then we gotta go to the hospital and see them!”

Blair: “Well, we can’t see them right now, honey.”

Sam: “Why? What happened to them? Did they go to heaven, too? I don’t like Heaven! They take everyone I love away and they won’t let them come back!”

Blair: “Sam! Sam! No, no sweetie, listen to me, okay?” (Sam is hysterical, and John steps forward to give it a shot. Blair steps away and allows John to take her seat.)

John: “Hey there, little buddy. Can I talk to you for a minute?” (Sam begins to calm down) “Remember that you are my Junior Deputy, so I have to fill you in on what’s going on, ‘cause I’m gonna need your help.”

Sam: (looks up at John with a tear-streaked face) “You mean, there’s something I can do to help?”

John: “Absolutely. Bo and I need to go find the ladies, because they may be hurt from the accident and not able to talk to anyone and tell them who they are yet. That’s why we are going to go out and look for them. But you see all of these people here?”

(He points to the family members, and Sam nods.)

John: “Well, they’re gonna need you to help them be strong. And I PERSONALLY need you to help keep an eye on Liam, because he misses his mommy very much and we need you to help keep him happy until we bring them back. I promise you that we WILL bring them back, and maybe even something more. Can you stay strong for me, deputy?”

Sam: “Yes, sir. Anything I can do to help.”

John: “That’s my buddy! And one more very important thing I need from you.”

Sam: “What’s that?”

John: “I need you to stay inside at all times until I tell you it’s safe to go outside. Liam needs to know that you’re here all the time, okay?”

Sam: “Okay.” (He stand up and salutes John) “Junior Deputy Samuel Manning ready for duty, sir.” (John, Bo and the others salute him in return.)

Blair: “Okay, deputy, let’s go get that water, okay? You need to be ready for this very important job.”

Viki: “And what do you say we get some cookies and milk to fuel up instead, hm?”

Sam: “Oh, that sounds better! Will you take me into the kitchen, Aunt Viki?”

Viki: “It will be an honor.” (Sam races ahead and Viki smiles at Blair, who thanks her before she disappears.)

Blair: (choking up) “Thank you so much, John. I almost blew it. Losing his daddy has taken a toll on him, but he tries so hard to stay strong.”

Téa: “Bo and John, go get them back. We all need some peace around here.”

Bo: “We WILL fix this. That’s a promise.”

John: “Come on, Bo. We gotta go.”

(They scramble out the door, bumping into Dorian on the way out.)

Dorian: “What the hell was…BLAIR!”

Blair: “Dorian!” (She runs over to her aunt, and sobs into her shoulder)

Dorian: “Oh, my darling. Tell your old aunt what’s wrong.”

(Blair continues to sob while the others join in to comfort her. The camera fades out.)\

(Flash back to the church…Louie has just changed the bandages on his injured guest, being careful not to let any noises alert the brothers. He opens a bottle of water and puts it up to the man’s mouth. Viewers see the exposed mouth of the man beneath head bandages that cover the top half of his face.)

Louie: “You’re making great progress. You’re now able to take in some liquids. We’ll try to start getting some real food into yer system, and maybe you’ll be strong enough to head back to your family. I’ll be back in to check on ya in just a little bit, ok?”

(Louie turns to leave, but the man stops him by grabbing his wrist.)

Man: (whispering weakly) “Thank….you.”

Louie: “No thanks necessary. I’ll be happy when you get back to your family. Don’t worry yourself about anything, young man. I’ll be back real soon to check on you.”

(He slips out the door and heads back to the brothers just as he hears Todd calling to him.)

Victor: “Hey, Louie. Do you have that phone McBain gave you?”

Louie: (reaches into the pocket of his overalls and produces the phone) “Yes, Mr. Victor. Here you are.”

Todd: “What are you gonna do with that phone?”

Victor: “I’m gonna call McBain to find out what’s going on with our families.”

Todd: “Vic, what if they put a trace on McBain’s cell?”

Victor: “How can they do that?”

Todd: “Vic, how can you ask that question considering the crazy Twilight Zone mess we’ve been dealing with up to this point?”

Victor: “Point taken. I remember something John told me to do to keep things under the radar.”

Todd: “What’s that?”

Victor: “Well…this phone is a disposable, untraceable cell phone, so we are already a step ahead. But to add to the security…(he pauses to dial a number)…I’m going to call him through the precinct so if they ARE tracing anything, the only number that will come up will be the station, and it won’t raise any red flags.”

Todd: “That was pretty smart.”

Victor: “Thank you.”

Todd: “Don’t get used to it.”

Victor: (with a phony southern accent) “Yes, may I please be connected to Lieutenant John McBain? Yes..I have some information on the Victor Lord, Jr. shootin’ and I need to talk to the LOO-tenant right away, please?”

(He looks at Todd who is laughing quietly and mischievously. He shakes his head as if to say “you’re crazy”. Victor covers the mouthpiece and giggles silently with his brother. He instantly gets serious as John’s voice comes on the line.)

Victor: “Hey, John. Update me.”

John: “I should arrest your ass for stupidity, but something serious has happened. Natalie and Starr were involved in a car accident.”

Victor: (on alert and beckoning for his brother to join him. He puts up a hand and mouths the words “hold on” as he listens to John.) “WHAT! What was she doing…yeah, I’m listening. Uh-huh? Well where are they? Are they hurt?”

(Todd jumps up in panic, but Victor halts him again with a hand up.)

Victor: “That son-of-a-bitch! Well, that’s not gonna happen without Todd and me. I’ll get some things straight and get right back to you.”

(He hangs up and turns to his brother, a sympathetic look in his eyes.)

Victor: “Todd, listen. John and Bo just left Llanfair from dropping our wives off. Um, Natalie was involved in a car accident…”

Todd: “Is she hurt? Is Viki okay?”

Victor: “I..well, she’s worried, I’m sure. Um, they don’t know if she’s hurt or not…”

Todd: “What aren’t you telling me, man? I’m starting to believe that I’m experiencing a twin telepathy moment, and it’s pissing me off. And wait, I remember you asking John if ‘THEY’ were hurt. Who was Natalie driving with? Did she have her kid with her?”

Victor: “No, big brother, she had your kid with her. She was driving back from picking up Starr at the airport when the tire blew out and they ran off the road into a tree.”

Todd: “No..no! Starr is in California with her kid and Cole. “

Victor: “Todd, you know Starr...she’s not going to stay away when her father is in trouble. When you got arrested, she hopped on a red eye and flew back here to support you.”

(Todd is speechless, trying to battle denial and knowing Starr. He becomes a bit wobbly and reaches for the top of the old church pew for support.)

Todd: “Is..did…she..”

Victor: (completely soft and encouraging to his brother) “No…no, man! She’s not dead. That’s the weird thing. They were clearly hurt, because the car is pretty totaled, but they were nowhere to be found. John says their personal purses were not in the car, but Starr’s luggage was still in Natalie’s trunk untouched.”

(Todd quickly jerks his head up to look into his brother’s face, then the pieces fall into place.)

Todd: “What else did McBain say?”

Victor: “Natalie’s tires had a ragged slit in the tires on the passenger side of the car. John sad he was in the middle of a conversation with Natalie when he heard a loud pop, and then the girls were screaming. A few seconds later, things were quiet, but he heard footsteps walking on gravel before the phone went completely dead.”

Todd: “From that I conclude that the accident was staged as a distraction, and the girls were taken. If they were badly injured, they would have fallen out somewhere, not disappear. Did Victor: “Yes, not one had patients that matched their descriptions.”

Todd: “I only asked as a formality. You and I both know that Tomas and Baker have them. Natalie was just in the way, he wanted Starr…..”

(Todd tries to fight back the tears of rage and fear, and he closes his eyes to regroup. Viewers watch as Victor tries to fight back his own tears of worry for his brother and nieces. He stands back as Todd takes several breaths and exhales before walking over to him and patting him on the shoulder.)

Victor: “We’re going to get them girls back, Todd. And when they’re out of danger and safely tucked away, we’re going to get those bastards with no interruptions. I promise you. No one gets to mess with my brother but me. And no one gets to mess with our families ever. Stay focused, bro.”

Todd: (trying to absorb his brother’s words) “Thanks, man. Okay, I’m going to shake it off and get my mind back on point. What’s our next move, Victor?”

(The camera slowly fades to black while focusing on Todd’s thoughtful expression.)

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