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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 21


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 21

Starr - "Why IS he holding us? We have no beef with him!”

Copyright ABC, 2012
(Flash to Natalie and Starr..they are locked in a room, but not tied up. They are still banged up from the crash, but they have strength from their anger.)

Natalie: “I can’t believe that friggin’ TOMAS is keeping us from our families! OOOH, I wanna KILL him right now!”

Starr: “I know how you feel. I never would have guessed that he would…wait a minute! Why IS he holding us? We have no beef with him!”

Natalie: “I don’t know, Starr, but there are a few things that are out of place here, so we have to think about why that is. They didn’t tie us up, so that means the door is locked from the outside or something. They certainly wouldn’t leave us unsupervised, even though they’re trying to make us believe that they did, so…(starts looking around the room while standing in place)…my guess is that they can see us on a camera or they’ve bugged the room to keep tabs on us.”

(The camera flashes to the hands of a male, slowly zooming out to reveal a camera monitor, then the lens makes its way up to land on Tomas. He chuckles to himself.)

Tomas: “You’re certainly a sharp one, Natalie. McBain picked the right one.”

(The camera zooms out and returns to Todd and Victor. They have managed to get out of the hospital, and into the housekeeping laundry room. Victor quickly heads over to the employee locker room and uses the hospital phone. He dials a number and gets an answer on the first ring.)

Victor: (to the other party) “We’re here. You have to be quick. I’ll be out with the cleaning cart in exactly three minutes. Be discreet.” (He hangs up and talks to the cleaning cart.)

Victor: “You’ll be free in three minutes.”

Todd: (muffled) “I heard. Hurry this up, will ya?”

Victor: “Wretched bastard.”

(He adjust his painter’s hat so that it practically covers his eyes, then gets a grip on his steering. He makes it out to the parking lot unseen and is met by a large laundry and cleaning supplies truck. Louie emerges, disguised similarly to Victor. Todd unloads himself into the back of the open truck with a bunch of bundled up sheets, and Victor slips in beside him. Louie quickly pulls down the door and locks them inside before returning to the driver’s seat and pulling off.)

Todd: (throwing the sheets off in agitation) “I gotta hand it to you, Vic. This wasn’t half-bad. It woulda been nice if I wasn’t part of a smelly load of psycho laundry, but it wasn’t half bad.”

Victor: “Yeah, well, I had to have a LITTLE fun, didn’t I?” (He smiles widely and mischievously at a glaring Todd.)

Todd: “Jackass.”

Victor: “Grumpy.”

(The camera quickly flashes to a quietly chuckling Louie, who’s listening in from the steering wheel. The camera flashes back to the brothers.)

Todd: “While we have time, tell me what you know about Delgado. Why do you think Baker is holding something on him?”

Victor: “I spent most of my time trying to fight the haze of the drugs they gave me, but I did manage to overhear a conversation between him and Baker a few times. In no way was Delgado completely forced to get involved in the first place, but..(drifts off in thought)..there were several occasions when Delgado seemed to want out and Baker kept reminding him that he couldn’t get out. He kept making mention of an ‘insurance policy’ he had in place to ensure Tomas was in for the long haul.”

Todd: “Do you remember anything that might give us a clue as to what that is?”

Victor: “No, they never said anything definitive. But, whatever it is, it’s got to be a doozy to bring a trained mercenary to his knees like that.”

Todd: “It won’t be bigger than the doozy he’s got coming.”

(The camera zooms in on a scowling Todd, then fades to black.)

(Flash back to John and Bo…Bo has recovered from the shock of John’s revelation, and has been filled in on the details.)

Bo: (maintaining a very soft volume) “So let me get this straight. Tomas’ motivation for all this was to eliminate both brothers from the women in his life. Irene managed to keep up her brain hocus-pocus and brainwash these men to carry out what should have been finished when she literally bit the bullet.”

John: “That’s about the jist of it. 36“

Bo: “And Victor has managed to break free from Allison and get help from…our unnamed friend, which got him to you.”

John: “And Todd, Blair and Téa. We are keeping all of that a secret from everyone until we get Delgado and Baker. Vic made it clear that Baker is on the hunt for both of them to reinforce the programming or kill them. Since both men have done a magnificent job eluding them, I believe they’re going after the next best thing.”

Bo: “The men’s family members.”

John: “Precisely. Starr was the target, but Natalie was in the way. That accounts for getting to Todd, so I believe that they’re going to make an attempt on Vic’s family members….”

Bo: “..which are all at my brother’s house...”

John: “Not all of them…” (John rushes to dial a number.)

Bo: “John, what’s going on?”

John: “I’ll tell you in a ….Téa! It’s John. Where are you right now? Stay there. I’m sending an officer for all of you right now. WHAT! When? Oh, dammit! Okay, stay there. Go in the room and lock yourselves in.”

Bo: “John, what’s going on?”

John: “I’ll tell you in the car. Let me leave some instructions with the men. Jackson!” (An officer joins John).

Officer Jackson: “Yes, boss?”

John: “Have the men comb this place until every gain of dirt has been processed. Hit me up on the radio if you find ANYTHING out of place! I don’t care how small! I gotta follow a lead.”

Officer Jackson: “Yes, sir.”

(John jumps into the car and speeds off. He grabs the police radio and orders some of his officers to meet him at St. Ann’s. The camera zooms )

Bo: “Hey, you wanna fill me in, dude?”

John: “Téa is the only one of Victor’s family members that is out in the open. And since Blair is the love of Todd’s life, she’s also a target. If that weren’t enough, Todd and Victor have disappeared. My guess is they’re headed to confront Baker and Delgado directly, wherever they may be. I believe that they’re the ones who have Nat and Starr.”

Bo: “John, you have to slow down, or we’ll be sitting in a squad car that matches Natalie’s. And it’s time to fill the press in on Nat and Starr’s disappearance.”

John: “You don’t think that will worsen things?”

Bo: “No, we need to put the citizens of Llanview on alert. Natalie and Starr are very well known. Maybe someone will have seen something.”

John: “I’d like to break the news to Blair personally first.”

Bo: “Okay.”

(Flash to St. Ann’s…Blair and Téa locked themselves in Todd’s room as instructed. They are very worried about what John has discovered, and await the police officers’ arrival.)

Blair: “I am starting to get very scared, Téa. John sounded hysterical on the phone, I have no clue where the men are, or what they’re gonna do, and…oh, damn you to Hell, Irene!”

Téa: (putting her arm around Blair’s shoulders) “Let’s try to hang in there, Blair. The most important things have come to the light, amíga. We know the truth about Victor’s…SHOOTING, and you now know that Todd didn’t lie to you.”

Blair: (smiles sadly) “He sure didn’t. But Tomas did, didn’t he?”

Téa: (fiercely) “Tomas will get what’s coming to him, Blair. I promise you.”

Blair: “I know he will, Téa, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling used and stupid.”

Téa: “When we settle this mess with Irene’s goons and Tomas, I want you to focus on the great life that’s ahead. You and Todd found your way back to each other after eight long years, and I have my husband back. As soon as it’s safe for Victor to show himself, I’ll get right to Nora and straighten all of this out. Then we can focus on our lives and you being this baby’s godmother.”

Blair: “I would be honored to…”

(A knock on the door interrupts her. She looks at Téa in fear. Téa returns the look. They cautiously walk to the door, and they put their ear against the door without answering. The camera zooms in and out.)

(Flash back to Nora…She’s wearing her reading glasses and looking over a pile of affidavits while eating Chinese food. She looks up and glances at her watch. She’s startled by the time.)

Nora: “Bo Buchanan, if you and your brother are playing poker at your cabin, so help me God…”

(Her cell phone rings, and she runs over to the table to retrieve her phone. She checks the screen.)

Nora: “Oh! Speak of the devil. Hello, Mr. Buchanan. You were two seconds away from…” (split screen to Bo. John is still speeding.)

Bo: “…Red, I can’t talk long. I called to tell you that I am in the middle of a situation. Natalie and Starr may have been kidnapped. As a matter of fact, they have.”

Nora: “What! By whom?”

Bo: “Natalie’s car is attached to a tree somewhere outside of the Llanview airport and there’s no sign of her or Starr anywhere.”

Nora: (frowning and scratching her head) “Wait a minute. Bo, didn’t Starr go to California? And how does a car accident lead you to the conclusion of a kidnapping? What the hell is going on around here?”

Bo: “Okay, I’m gonna try to summarize here. Dorian got me reinstated as the commissioner, and my first assignment back in office was to respond to a call about a car crash. John and some of the men were already at the scene. I’m headed to St. Ann’s to get Téa Delgado and Blair for their own protection.”

Nora: “Protection? Why? What’s..Bo, we..no, YOU need to try and get back to me with the whole story, because I am totally insane with confusion right now!”

Bo: “I know, honey. And you know I will. I can tell you that the people we believe took the girls are directly involved with Victor’s shooting.”

Nora: “Tomas Delgado, for example?”

Bo: “yeah, among others. How did you know that?”

Nora: “John McBain and Téa Delgado gave me a tidbit of information earlier on at the station. And…wait, did you say you were reinstated?”

Bo: “Yes, and I promise that you’re gonna LOVE that story! I’ll call you as soon as there’s a break in this mess.”

Nora: “Of course. Go! Go, Commissioner! Congratulations! Bye, honey. I love you.”

Bo: “I love you, too..OH! I almost forgot. I was supposed to go check in on Matthew down at the hospital. I was going to bring him some food and fresh clothes.”

Nora: “Gotcha. I’m on it.”

Bo: “Thanks, Red. I gotta go.”

Nora: “Bye, Bo.”

(They hang up and the camera returns to one screen. Nora bustles about the house in preparation for her visit with Matthew. The camera fades to black as she runs upstairs).

(The camera returns to Llanfair. Viki and Jessica have both filled the teens in on the situation as they know it. Dani starts to cry, and Nate hugs her. Jessica manages to calm Liam down, and she takes the baby upstairs.)

Nate: “Keep your head up, Dani. Natalie and Starr are both strong women. And you know that Lieutenant McBain won’t stop till he finds them.”

Dani: “Yeah, but what shape will he find them in? Uncle Tomas was in the special forces for crying out loud!”

Viki: “What did you say? What makes you think your uncle is involved in all this?”

(Nate and Dani look terrified.)

Viki: “Dani, darling, please don’t keep any secrets at this time. If you know anything, or THINK you know something, please tell me. You might have an idea that will help find the girls.”

Dani: “Aunt Viki, it’s just a guess….”

Viki: “It doesn’t matter. Tell me what you think you know.”

Dani: “I was telling Nate that I do not believe that my..um, father killed my…Uncle Victor. It just doesn’t make any sense for him to risk losing his family all over again after waiting so long to get us back, and with so much to catch up on.”

(Viki smile, but remains silent.)

Dani: “So I started trying to think about who had a connection to both of them and who would dislike them enough to maybe do something like this. Uncle Tomas is the only one who fits that profile.”

Viki: “Darling, I know that your father and your uncles have tension with each other, but they all agreed to keep things civil for your mother’s sake.”

Dani: “That doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t do this, Aunt Viki. He hates my father..I mean, Uncle Victor, because he thinks Mom is too good for him, and he’s in love with Blair, and my father is a problem. I may not know my real dad, but I just know he wouldn’t risk losing us again.”

(Viki pauses thoughtfully.)

Nate: “What is it, Mrs. Davidson?”

Viki: “I was just thinking how ashamed of myself I am. I’ve known my brother longer than you, and you don’t know him at all. Yet, when the news about his arrest came out, I didn’t give him the slightest benefit of the doubt until other people made me re-think the possibilities. You, however, trusted in his love for you on pure faith. What a wise and amazing young lady you are!”

(Dani smiles and hugs her aunt.)

Dani: “Now all I want is for all of them to come home safely, so I can get to know my dad.”

Viki: “Oh, darling, that would make him so happy!”

(The camera zooms in and fades out as they hug).

(Flash back to Victor and Todd…Louie brings them back to the church. They slip inside the hidden door and close it quickly.)

Louie: “I’m going to leave you two to talk. If you need me, you know where to find me.”

Victor: “Where the hell are you going? You got a date or something?”

Louie: (laughing out loud) “No, Mr. Victor. You two boys need to talk and get caught up. You don’t need me here for that.”

Victor: “You’re right. Thanks, man.”

(Louie nods and slips off. The camera follows him down a long, dimly lit corridor. At the end of the corridor, the viewers see an old heavy wooden door. Louie opens the door and there is someone lying unconscious under white sheets. There’s a nightstand holding gauze pads, a basin of water, a surgical needle and thread, and several bottles of antiseptic. The camera moves to show the viewers a swivel stool next to the bed. Only the bandaged arm and chest of the person in the bed is shown. The camera returns to Louie. He is tending to the injured person, checking his bandages and fixing the sheets.)

Louie: “Your wounds are healing up nicely there, young man. You’ll be back to yer family in no time. You just need to stay awake for more than just a few minutes at a time, so I can get you to them.”

(The man in the bed stirs and moans softly, and the camera fades to black.)

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