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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 20


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 20

Dorian takes action and gets Bo his job back as Llanview's Police Commmissioner!

Copyright ABC, 2012
'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 19 > >

(Flash to City Hall….Dorian and Bo have been directed to the waiting area outside of Mayor Finn’s office. Kathleen seems agitated with Bo’s presence, but maintains her composure in front of her superior.)

Mayor Finn: “Senator Lord-Vickers, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

Dorian: (with a saccharine tone) “Well, let’s see if you will classify this as ‘pleasurable’ upon its conclusion, shall we?”

Mayor Finn: (glaring at Bo, but maintaining her self-control) “Well, then I guess we’d better get down to the reason for your visit, hm?”

Dorian: “That sounds like a good idea. Wait here, Bo.”

(Inside, the women assume their respective seats.)

Dorian: “I’ll get right to the point, Mayor. Please state your reasons for firing Bo Buchanan as the Commissioner of the Llanview PD. He’s done an impeccable job during his tenure.”

Finn: “With all due respect, Senator, Bo Buchanan's history is far from impeccable. There have been some shady implications in several past cases that have involved personal affiliations of the former commissioner.”

Dorian: “And if those implications had been proved FACT, he would never have held the title in the first place. You still haven’t explained your reason for firing him NOW. Because the way I see it, there are several ‘shady’ implications surrounding YOUR involvement with Mr. Buchanan, Kathleen, and without some professional backup for your decision, one might think your decision is based on those implications.”

Finn: (heatedly) “And what might those implications be, senator?”

Dorian: “Do you REALLY want to go there, Kathleen? Because if you know your history, then you know I can tangle with the best of them. Chewing you up is pure butter.”

Finn: “Are you threatening me, senator?”

Dorian: “My, my, my…’threatening’ is so harsh and inappropriate! I am merely putting the professional stats out there.

Finn: “Mr. Buchanan was dragging his feet in making an arrest in the Victor Lord, Jr. murder. I gave him a deadline to do so, which he did not meet, and therefore lost his position.”

Dorian: “You simply can NOT impose a deadline for evidence! If there was no evidence to point him to a suspect, he cannot ARREST a suspect. Or did you miss that little lesson in the due process law of America? Look, Kathleen, Buchanan is the best. He has been the best, and history has proven that. Llanview residents love him, and crimes have been solved because of the stellar partnership between him and McBain. Get him back in the office ASAP, or I’ll expose your unresolved resentment and jealousy of having lost the romantic race for a place in Bo’s bed to a certain district attorney. Let’s see how well that does in your campaign for re-election this year. If you think I don’t have the power to do so, try me.”

(Kathleen glares at her silently, then walks past her to her office door. She summons Bo inside with her hand. Bo complies. She reaches into her desk drawer and pulls out his badge and gun and tosses it on to the desk.)

Finn: “It seems that you have nine police commissioner lives, Bo. You are reinstated as Commissioner, effective immediately. But I’ll be watching you like a hawk. I’ll have that badge in a flash if there isn’t some movement made on this case soon.”

Dorian: “Just as long as you’re only watching his JOB, Mayor Finn, that’s fair enough. (singing)“Ta-ta!”

(Bo stifles a giggle as he follows Dorian out of the office, watched by a seething Finn.)

Bo: “Dorian, WHAT did you say to her?”

Dorian: (mischievously) “I only spoke the truth, Bo.” (Bo gives her a “what-really-happened” look).

Dorian: “I just did it by pointing out how bad it would look for her to be painted as a woman scorned in her campaign.”

Bo: (laughing as he holds the exit door open for her) “Dorian, you’re too much!”

Dorian: “Only when necessary. Now let’s go get our family.”

(The camera flashes back to Llanfair. Jessica is comforting Liam, who has begun to cry and can’t be comforted. She picks him up and heads out to the hallway. She checks in on Bree and Sam, and notices that they are sleeping. She finds Jack listening to his MP3 player in his guest room, and she motions for him to take the headphones out of his ears.)

Jack: “What’s the matter with Liam?”

Jessica: “I don’t know..um, Jack? Have you heard from Natalie or Starr?”

Jack: “Starr? Why would I hear from Starr? She’s in California.”

Jessica: “She’s back for your dad. Uh, can you look in on the kids for a little while? I’m going to go get Liam a bottle from the kitchen and talk to my parents for a minute.”

Jack: “Sure, no problem.”

Jessica: “Thanks, Jack. (to Liam as she walks down the stairs) There, there, Liam. What’s the matter, handsome? You miss your mommy and daddy? Oh, they’ll be home soon.”

(Viki and Clint hear the commotion and meet her in the foyer.)

Clint: “What’s all the fuss about, little fella? Come on over here to Grandpa.” (He takes the baby from Jess.)

Jessica: “Mom? Dad? Have you heard from Natalie?”

Clint: “I spoke to her a little while ago. She said she’d caught up with Starr and was heading back home.”

Jess: “How long ago was that? She left for Starr two hours ago. She hasn’t called since?”

Viki: “Darling, you seem upset. What is it?”

Jess: “I am just a bit worried. It’s not like her to not call when she’s away from Liam this long. And she isn’t answering her phone. I was going to call John, but he’ll worry, and if it turns out to be nothing, then….”

(Clint’s phone rings. He checks the caller ID and tells Viki to take Liam before hurrying off to the family room.)

Clint: “John, what’s up?”

John: “Natalie and Starr were in a crash. Both of their personal purses are gone, but Starr’s suitcases are still in the trunk.”

Clint: “Oh, my God! Are they hurt?”

John: “There’s no sign of them, Clint. My men have been combing the area for awhile, and they haven’t found any signs of them.”

Clint: “Do you think they’re unconscious somewhere?”

John: “I don’t know, but I don’t think so. If they were so hurt that they were dizzy or felt faint, they would never be able to walk further past the perimeters that we’ve searched.” (He pauses).

Clint: “John what AREN’T you saying? Do you think someone TOOK them?”

John: “I’m saying it’s a high possibility.”

Clint: “I can’t keep this from Viki, John. And Jessie and Liam suspect something’s wrong, too.”

John: “What’s wrong with Liam?”

Clint: “He’s been crying inconsolably for a bit now.”

John: “I will try to get there as soon as I can.”

Clint: “You stay where you are and find your wife. Liam has support here, and his problem is he’s missing his mother. Get my little girl and Starr home safely.”

John: “Count on it.”

(Clint hangs up and returns to the foyer. The women have retreated to the kitchen for Liam’s bottle. He enters the kitchen and the girls know immediately that something is wrong.)

Viki: (terrified, and gripping the counter for support) “Oh, God! Clint, where’s my baby?”

(Clint rushes to her side to console her, and after securing Liam in his baby carrier, Jessica joins them.)

Clint: “John found Natalie’s car crashed somewhere near the highway just outside of the airport. There were no signs of Natalie and Starr, or their purses, but Starr’s luggage is in the trunk of the car. John thinks they may have been taken by whoever shot your brother.”

Jack: “What? Someone took Starr and Natalie?”

(Viki quickly runs to him.)

Viki: “Oh, poor darling. We don’t know. We just know that Natalie’s car crashed after picking up your sister and they can’t find them. You shouldn’t have heard that, honey.”

Jack: (angrily) “Why not? I’m part of this family, too! That’s my sister! I know I fight with her, but I wouldn’t want her….”

Viki: “Shhh! Darling, fighting with your sister didn’t make this happen. John will find out about it. He’ll bring them home, sweetheart.”

Jack: “My family is in a mess, and it’s my fault.”

Jessica: “No, Jack! You stop that right now. You have done some very bad things, yes, but THIS is not your fault. You didn’t shoot Victor or hurt our sisters. Those things were done by very evil people who don’t even know you!”

Clint: “Jessica ad Viki are right, son. This isn’t your fault. But what happens now is entirely up to you.”

Jack: “What do you mean?”

Clint: “It means that this family needs to fight those people by standing united and letting them know that we can’t be beat. Nor will they mess with one of our own and get away with it. We need to be strong with each other, son, and let the enemies be those guys out there. Can you do that?”

Jack: “We HAVE to, Uncle Clint. I want Cousin Natalie and Starr to come home safely.”

(Clint walks over and hugs him. Viki and Jessica smile tearfully.)

Clint: “So do we, son. Now let’s get started on standing strong. Go sit with your little brother and cousins. We promise to fill you in on any new information we find out about Starr and Natalie.”

Dani: “What happened to my sister and Natalie?”

(They turn to see Dani and Nate in the doorway.)

Viki: “I’ll fill her in, darling. Please call around and find out what you can.”

Clint: “Okay, sweetheart. Jack, come with me.”

(They leave and the camera fades as Viki directs the teens to sit down.)

(Flash back to the crash site…John is busy directing officers and listening in to what they have found, if anything. The officers have dispersed to their various assignments. John picks up his cell phone and dials a number.)

Natalie: (through John’s phone in voicemail) “Hi, it’s Natalie. I can’t get to the phone right now. Please leave a message.”

John: (angrily snapping his phone shut) “DAMMIT! Where are you, baby? Who took you?”

Bo: “How about some help from an old friend to get to the bottom of it?”

(John turns to see Bo emerging from a squad car with flashing lights. He smiles and hugs Bo.)

John: “Hey, man! What are you doing here?”

Bo: “I heard the call on the radio about the crash. When Officer Deele ran the plates in the car and it matched Natalie’s car, I had him dispatch me here immediately.”

John: “I’m confused…how did you, a civilian, manage to sneak a peek at confidential police activities?”

Bo: “I wouldn’t….as a civilian.” (John frowns briefly in confusion, then notices Bo’s badge and gun clipped to his belt buckle.)

John: “You devil! You got your job back? What..how?”

Bo: “I’ll explain all of that later. Right now, we have to find these women. Whatcha got for me, McBain?”

John: “I spoke with Natalie two hours ago. She told me she was on the road driving Starr back from the airport. While we were talking, I heard a loud pop, and then they were screaming. Then I heard footsteps in the background…and then silence. Bo, if something happened to them…”

Bo: “…Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, John. Let’s try to stay calm, and think like cops.”

John: (after a brief pause) “You’re right. Okay, I need to fill you in on some things. Maybe then you’ll understand my panic, and I can use a fresh pair of eyes.”

Bo: “Clint filled me in on Tomas Delgado’s involvement. I know Manning didn’t shoot Victor.”

(John looks around to see if anyone is in the vicinity, then leans in very close to Bo.)

John: “Boss, there’s much, much more that you need to know, and it has to stay between us for the time being.”

Bo: “Okay, shoot.”

John: (almost whispering, and barely moving his lips) “Victor's alive.”

Bo: (shocked) “What!”

(The camera zooms in on Bo’s shocked expression and fades to black.)

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