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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 19


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 19

Clint: “I NEVER thought I’d hear myself say this aloud, but I’m glad Dorian's back.”

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(Flash to Nora and Bo’s house. Bo is watching the ball game when his phone rings. He mutes the television and reaches for the phone.)

Bo: “Yeah?”

Clint: “Hey, little brother. I need your help. Are ya busy?”

Bo: “I’m never too busy for family. What’s up?”

Clint: “Family’s up. I need you to get over here as soon as you can, Bo.”

Bo: “I’m on my way out the door right now. See ya in a few.”

(He hangs up the phone and grabs his keys. He heads to open the door, but Nora is returning from getting Chinese food and beats him to it.)

Bo: “Hey, Red!”

Nora: “Hey, you! Um, are you leaving?”

Bo: “Yes, honey, for a little while. My brother called and asked me to drop by. He says it’s family-related and he needs to talk to me. I’m sorry.”

Nora: “Oh, don’t be. There’ll be plenty of food here when you get back. I have to go over the Victor Lord, Jr. murder investigation files anyway. If I’m lucky, I’ll find something that will help me nail Mayor Finn’s butt to the Hall of Shame.”

Bo: (chuckling, and kissing her) “Go get ‘er, Red. I’ll be home as soon as I can.”

Nora: “Give Viki my best.”

Bo: “Will do.”

(They separate. Flash over to John at the crash site…John is uncharacteristically panicked. He squats down to examine the flat tire and realizes that there’s a tear in the rubber. He picks up his cell while still examining the tire, and he dials a number.)

John: “Come on, come on, pick up.”

(The camera flashes back to Todd and Victor at the hospital. Victor adjusts his janitor’s outfit back to perfection while Todd climbs into his cleaning cart. Victor fixes the bed to look like Todd is still in it.)

Todd: “Jeez, the oldest trick in the book!”

Victor: “Yeah? It works every time. Shut up and blend in with the trash bags, will ya?”

(Todd grumpily complies. Victor adjusts his grip on the cart and begins steering the cart out the door. Téa and Blair immediately catch glimpse of Victor. Victor gives his wife a silent signal with his eyes, and she nods in understanding. He blows her a very discreet kiss, which she returns, and he wheels the cart away.)

Blair: (whispering) “I hope Victor gets back to safety.”

Téa: (whispering, and being careful not to move her lips too much) “I have nothing but faith, Blair. (giggling) He cheated death, for crying out loud!”

Blair: (giggling with her) “He sure did, didn’t he? It must be genetic. Todd cheated an eight-year death. Speaking of Todd, let me go look in on him. I’m sure he’s relieved that the truth is out.”

(The ladies turn to return to the room. Blair quietly calls out to who she thinks is Todd in the lump bed. He doesn’t respond, and she goes to shake him gently, only to find that he’s not there. She is angry and terrified at the same time.)

Blair: “That rotten bastard! He distracted us so he could go out and do something stupid!”

Téa: “He certainly didn’t do it alone. He had the help of my crafty husband!”

(She breaks out into a hearty laughter, much to Blair’s annoyance.)

Blair: “What the hell could possibly be so funny, Téa?”

Téa: “It looks like we got our wish, Blair. Our husbands our working together!”

(Blair looks at her with annoyance, then as if the truth of her words sinks in, she erupts into laughter with her before the camera fades out.)

(Flash back to Llanfair..the doorbell rings, and Clint races downstairs to answer it. He pulls Bo inside and closes the door. He ushers Bo into the family room and locks the doors. After checking that the sliding doors are locked and no one is within earshot, he turns to Bo.)

Bo: “Hey…Bro…what’s going on?”

Clint: “Bo, I have to tell you this, and I don’t have a lot of time. I can’t risk Viki and Dorian hearing this.”

Bo: “DORIAN? When did…”

Clint: “….I’ll explain that later. Listen. John McBain called me not too long ago. He told me to keep all of my family indoors and I sight. I told him that he had to tell me SOMETHING to clue me in after making such a demand.”

Bo: “What did he say?”

Clint: “He told me that Todd didn’t shoot Victor, and that there was a residual danger set in motion by Irene before she died that he believes involves Todd’s and Victor’s family members as targets.”

Bo: “What?! Did he say anything else?”

Clint: “Oh, he certainly did! He said that Tomas Delgado is involved with the people who DID shoot Victor and he was not to get anywhere near anyone here.”

Bo: (frowning thoughtfully) “Tomas? I know he has gripes with both Todd AND Victor, but he seemed to have dealt with his issues for both the ladies’ sake.”

Clint: “Apparently, it was an act. There’s more. Natalie went to get Starr at the airport, unbeknownst to me or her mother, and she told me she was leaving the airport and would be home in twenty minutes. That was ninety minutes ago. She’s not answering her phone, Starr isn’t answering hers, and JOHN isn’t answering his. I need some answers here, Bo. Viki doesn’t know about Tomas’ involvement, nor about Natalie not returning my calls. She’s already a wreck about her brothers, Bo. If anything happened to our daughter, she’ll fall apart.”

Bo: “Viki is stronger than you think, Clint, but if we can ease any extra pain, we will. I am off the force, but I know I can get some information.”

(There’s a loud banging on the doors, and Dorian is screaming on the other side of it.)

Dorian: “Clint Buchanan, open this door or I’ll kick it down!”

Clint: “For pete’s sake, that woman is a bona fide hellion!”

Viki: “For God’s sake, Dorian! Stop threatening my husband, and my property! Clint, darling, please let me in.”

(Clint crosses the room to open the door.)

Clint: “For heaven’s sake, Dorian! Are you trying to wake the dead? What the hell do you want anyway? Don’t you have a broom to polish before you fly out of here on it?”

Dorian: “I’ll match your quibble later, Clint. You’re holding something back and I want in. One of my girls is involved here, and my family is also in danger. Oh, hello, Bo! You’re the perfect addition to this little party. You’re the Commissioner of Police, for pete’s sake. Do something!”

Bo: “Dorian, you’re a little behind with the latest news. Mayor Finn fired me.”

Dorian: “WHAT! That’s absurd! For wh..why..what for?”

Bo: “Apparently, I didn’t come up with an arrest in Victor’s murder quickly enough for her taste.”

Clint: “Of course that’s what she would say! It’s a lot prettier than admitting that she is using her title to find any method of extracting revenge that she can.”

Dorian: “Revenge? Scandalous! Pray tell.”

Bo: (grinning) “Clint, don’t go starting libelous rumors.”

Clint: “Oh, puhleeze, little brother. That filly’s had the hots for you since you were wearing bell-bottom jeans, and she never got over the fact that she lost out to a certain redhead. Why else would she fire you just as she caught glimpse of you kissing your wife in the office?”

Dorian: “Bo, give me a lift down to City Hall, would you?”

Viki: “What? Dorian, what are you up to?”

Dorian: “Maybe you’re okay with the hogwash happening around here, but our families are in trouble, and they need BO in office. I am a United Sates senator after all, and I am more than capable of being the bitch that can tame that jealous filly! Saddle up, commissioner, and let’s get your badge back in the right hands.”

(She turns to leave, and notices that no one else moved.)

Dorian: “Andale, amigo!”

(Bo scurries after her. Viki rolls her eyes in exasperation before leaning into Clint’s chest.)

Clint: “I NEVER thought I’d hear myself say this aloud, but I’m glad Dorian's back.”

(Viki laughs out loud and the camera fades to black.)

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