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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 18


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 18

Natalie: “What the hell? Tomas! What are you doing? Are you crazy?”

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Flash to the St. Ann’s lobby. John has put a safe distance between himself and the women to make his phone calls in private. He makes sure that the room door and the women are in plain sight and within close enough range to assist them if anything should happen. We hear the phone ringing through his phone. The camera fades out and back in to Clint. His cell phone is ringing.)

Clint: (checking the caller ID) “Hello, lieutenant. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

John: “Clint, I have very little time, but I need you to do something very big without getting too much information.”

Clint: (on alert) “What’s going on, John?”

John: “I need you to be on super alert, Clint. Keep all of the family members indoors and in sight at all times. I especially need you to keep Tomas Delgado away, and call me immediately if he contacts you.”

Clint: “What’s going on, John? I need to know SOMETHING.”

John: (sighs) “Clint, the most I can say right now is that Manning didn’t shoot Victor, and Tomas is involved with the person who did. There’s some residual dangers lurking about set in motion by Irene Manning before she died, and I have reason to believe that Victor’s and Todd’s family members are targets. Tomas wants to find Todd, and we have him in protective custody. Keep Natalie indoors until I get a chance to come to all of you and explain things. I’ll send a few cars to discreetly patrol your area.”

Clint: “Absolutely. I’ll get right on that. Thanks for calling, John.”

(Clint hangs up and races to the front door. He calls Dani and Nate inside, then rushes upstairs.)

Dani: “Uncle Clint? What’s going on?”

Clint: (rushing upstairs) “Um..nothing, sweetheart. It’s getting late and I would feel more comfortable if both of you continued Nate’s visit indoors.”

Nate: “You buying that?”

Dani: “Not at all. Something’s up, Nate.”

(Flash to the upstairs rooms. Dorian and Viki are still catching up and discussing their small victory with Jack, and Viki catches glimpse of Clint’s scurrying figure.)

Viki: “Clint darling? Is everything alright?”

Clint: (reversing his steps and stopping in the doorway) “Everything’s ok, Viki. Where are the kids?”

Viki: “Which ones?”

Clint: “The entire generation of them.”

Viki: “Jessie is in with Sam, Bree and Ryder. Jack is using the phone, and Natalie is in with Liam. Darling, you looked absolutely flushed. Are you having chest pains?”

Clint: “No, no, sweetheart. I just wanted to say goodnight to the grands.”

Dorian: “Ha! You can’t kid a kidder, Clint. You look pasty and breathless, Clint. What’s going on?”

Clint: “I think your horns are detecting false alarms, you wretched she-devil. I just climbed up the stairs, and I’m a bit winded is all.”

Dorian: “If that’s the case, then you should carry a portable defibrillator over your shoulder and spare us the task of reviving you.”

Viki: “Alright, you two! Cut it out this instant! Clint, you didn’t walk up the stairs, you flew past the door looking for the clan. WHAT is going on?”

Clint: “I’ll get back to you on that in just a few minutes.”

(He slips away, leaving the two women confused. The camera follows Clint as he goes into each room. He sees Jack on the phone in Jessica's room and he moves on. He goes into the nursery and he sees Jessica holding Ryder in a rocking chair, and Liam asleep in his crib. He turns away to peek into the room across the hall, and through the open door, he gets a glimpse of a sleeping Sam and Bree. He hisses to get Jessica’s attention.)

Clint: (whispering) “Jessie, where’s your sister?”

Jessica: “She went to the airport to pick up Starr.”

Clint: (panicked) “What! When?”

Jessica: (frowning in confusion, becoming alarmed) “She left about fifteen minutes ago…why? Dad, what’s wrong?”

Clint: (grabbing his phone and dials a number) “I’ll tell you in a minute.”

(Viewers hear the phone ringing. Camera flashes to Natalie, walking into the waiting area of the airport from her car. She taps the Bluetooth to answer the call.)

Natalie: “Hey, Dad, what’s up?” (She spots Starr and waves to her, walking toward her.)

Clint: “Where are you, honey?”

Natalie: “I’m at the airport. I just caught up with Starr. Why? What’s wrong?”

Clint: “Um, nothing. Honey, stay there and I’m going to meet you.”

Natalie: “Dad! That’s ridiculous! My car is just fine and Mom needs you there. We’re already leaving.”

Clint: “You’re in your car already?”

Natalie: “No, Dad, I just caught up with Starr, and we’re heading out to the parking lot as we speak. What is going on?”

Clint: “I would just feel better if you were all safe indoors with everything that’s going on with your uncle.”

Natalie: (walking, but becoming suspicious of Clint’s motives) “Yeah..Dad. What’s really going on?”

Clint: “Just get home and humor an old man, would ya?”

Natalie: “Okay, Dad. We’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

Clint: “Thank you. I’ll see you then.”

(He hangs up and turns to see Viki in the hallway, her arms folded across her chest.)

Viki: “Okay, Clint. You may have pulled the wool over our daughter’s eyes, which I seriously doubt, but I am no fool. What is going on? The truth!”

(Clint sighs and gives in. He ushers her back into the room where Dorian is. He closes the door behind him and turns to face the ladies.)

Clint: “Okay, ladies. This affects us all, so I’ll fill you in, but I don’t want to risk Jack hearing anything.”

Dorian: “Wow! For once, I agree with you.”

Viki: “Of course. What is it?”

Clint: “I don’t have a bunch of information, but John called me and asked me to make sure all of the family members were under close watch, INDOORS.”

Both Ladies: (overlapping) “What? Why, what’s happening?”

Clint: “He said that Irene left some dangers lurking around, and he has reason to believe that Todd and Victor’s families are targets. He couldn’t say anymore, but that’s all I needed to hear.”

Viki: “Of course! I wonder what’s going on? Why would…Oh, my goodness! Clint, you were on the phone with Natalie! Where is she?”

Clint: “She went to pick up Starr at the airport.”

Dorian: “What! Starr? When did Starr leave California? She didn’t tell anyone that she…why would she come back?”

Viki: “Her father was arrested.”

Dorian: “That stubborn Cramer woman! Oh, hell! Viki, our girls are targets out in the open! We’ve got to do something!”

Clint: “YOU aren’t going to do anything, Dorian! John will be informed and you will stay put and not become an obstacle.”

Viki: “Clint’s right, Dorian. We have to stay out of John’s way. Clint, darling, PLEASE call John immediately and tell him that the girls are out. Please, hurry!”

(Clint picks up his phone and dials, walking over to a far off corner of the room to make the call. The camera flashes over to Jack on the phone.)

Jack: “Neela, you were nothing but a friend to me, and I know that I overreacted to the news that you turned over that tape, but it doesn’t matter now. Shane’s mom is alive…”

Neela: “What! Shane’s mother is alive? Oh, my God! But..how..I don’t understand. Is that true?”

Jack: “Yes, it’s true, and it’s a very long story. It’s one that I hope you’ll give me the chance to tell you about over ice cream sundaes.”

Neela: “I don’t know, Jack…”

Jack: “…I know you don’t trust me, Neela. You have every reason not to, but a lot has happened since I last saw you. My real dad was arrested for killing my….uncle. My family is a mess, and my aunts just had a long talk with me that made me realize what’s important.”

Neela: “What have you learned to be important, Jack Manning?”

Jack: “One of the most important things is you, Neela.”

Neela: “Your father hates me, Jack.”

Jack: “Don’t worry about that, Neela. We were all under a lot of pressure, and so much has changed..please. I never could talk to anyone like I could talk to you. I want that again. Please?”

(Neela pauses for a long while. She turns to see Rama and Vimal sitting together on the couch making jokes with each other.)

Neela: “I’ll think about it. I’ll call you tomorrow, Jack, and I hope everything works out for your family.”

Jack: (happily) “Okay. I’ll wait for your call. I am at my Aunt Viki’s for the night. You can call me here.”

Neela: “Okay. Good night.”

Jack: “Good night.”

(He hangs up smiling, and heads out to join his aunts. The camera flashes back to St. Ann’s. John is still in the lobby, and his phone rings.)

John: “Clint, what’s up?”

(The camera jumps from one man to the other as they speak.)

Clint: “Natalie is at the airport picking up Starr.”

John: “What? I thought Starr was in California! Did she tell you what gate she was at? I’ll send a car for her.”

Clint: “I spoke with her about five minutes ago, and she said that she and Starr were leaving out to the parking lot as she was talking to me.”

John: “Thanks, Clint. (starts racing over to Blair and Téa) I think I can still get to her.”

(He races over to the ladies)

John: (hurriedly, as he’s racing off) “I have to go. I’ll be right back. Keep an eye on those two until I get back.”

Blair: “John, what’s going on! What happened?”

John: (dialing a number as he runs out the front door) “I’ll fill you in later when I…Lancaster! Get some men over to the Llanview Airport! Follow all routes going to and from Llanview starting with the arrival gate for incoming flights from California.”

(He hangs up and dials another number. Flash back to Natalie and Starr. They are packing Starr’s suitcase in the trunk. Natalie closes the trunk and hits the remote to unlock the doors. They get in and begin to strap their seatbelts into place. Natalie starts driving.)

Natalie: “Okay, we’re ready. Was your flight okay coming in?”

Starr: “Yeah, it was fine. I had to get back here as soon as possible. My dad didn’t shoot Uncle Victor.”

Natalie: “I thought he did at first, but I don’t anymore.”

Starr: “Why not?”

Natalie: (hesitates, remembering that John told her not to mention anything about the case) “Because it’s way too stupid for Todd. He just got his life back after eight years…”

Starr: “Exactly! He may be a lot of things, but he wouldn’t risk losing…”

(Natalie's cellphone rings. She taps the Bluetooth.)

Natalie: “Hello?” (The camera split screens to John, driving frantically in his detective’s car.)

John: “Hi, it’s me. Where are you right now?”

Natalie: “Hi, honey. I just picked up Starr from the airport and I’m driving down the highway near the old mill pond.”

John: “Pull over at the diner and meet me there.”

Natalie: “John, why? I’ll be home faster than….”

(A loud pop startles them both, and they scream as the car begins to swerve out of control.)

John: “NATALIE! What’s happening? NATALIE? NATALIE!”

(The camera slowly combs over a tree that came into contact with the front end of Natalie’s crushed fender. Then the camera slowly makes it way up to Natalie and Starr. They are shaken up, their foreheads are cut, but they are awake.)

Natalie: (painfully reaches out to Starr) “Starr, are you ok?”

Starr: (nursing her bleeding cut on her forehead) “Yes. What the hell was that?”

Natalie: “I don’t know, but I have to call John and get help.”

(She picks up her phone and hears the sound of a gun clicking. She looks up and sees a strange man with a gun standing at Starr's side of the car. He’s aiming the gun at Starr. Tomas soon follows on her end, pointing the gun at her.)

Tomas: “Come with us, ladies. You can call McBain in a little while.”

Natalie: “What the hell? Tomas! What are you doing? Are you crazy?”

Tomas: “Do as I say, Natalie, and keep this easy.”

Natalie: “No!” (She reaches for the phone and a shot rings out, startling her.) Tomas: “That was just a warning shot. Next time is the real thing. Let’s go.”

(Natalie and Starr realize he’s serious. They get out of the car. Natalie manages to grab her purse and the cell phone before complying. They shove the girls into a dark van and drive off.)

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