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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 17


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 17

Blair is quite shocked to see Victor alive!

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(Flash back to St. Ann’s. Both Téa and Blair have received calls from Tomas. Téa stops Blair from answering Tomas’ call. She is confused.)

Blair: “Will someone PLEASE tell me what the hell is going on here? Why can’t I answer Tomas’ call”

John: “Sit tight, Blair, and it will all be clear soon.”

Téa: “We have proof that Tomas is involved with what happened to Victor. He was there that night with the person who shot him.”

Blair: “What! What proof?”

John: “We have two…(points to Todd) and a half, witnesses to the true events of the night Victor was shot. We’re expecting someone soon that will be here to give all the details.”

Blair: “John, you have to know SOMETHING you can tell us to give us a head start into this mess.”

John: “I can tell you that it was Agent Baker who actually shot Victor, and Tomas was there to help carry Victor away.”

Blair: (looking in shock at Todd) “Oh, my God! Todd…”

Todd: “I knew it. I told you Delgado was dirty.” (Blair makes a childish face at him and rolls her eyes.)

Téa: “Yeah, well there’s no time for gloating right now. But there is time for me to apologize to you. I’m sorry.”

Todd: (remains silent as he absorbs what she said) “Forget about it. There wasn’t too much to go on to buy my version of events. I just care about getting this wacky bitch out of my head. When are you going to meet this person with the info, McBain?”

John: “Very soon.”

Todd: “How soon is that?”

John: “You’ve waited this long, just sit tight for a little while longer.”

Todd: “That’s easy for you to say! It was your stupidity that caused all of these delays in the first place.”

Téa: “Todd, why don’t you act like a human being for once in your damned miserable life?”

(There’s a knock on the door while Todd and the ladies bicker.)

Todd: “I wonder why I’m so miserable, huh, Delgado? My mother is a mind-altering demon bitch from Hell, my twin brother has been living my life for eight years, only to die on me and have me remembering things that may or may not be real about his murder, and now there’s someone who has the truth out there and I have to sit and WAIT some more to get to the bottom of all this. I’m ENTITLED to be miserable!”

Male: “Yes, you are..but if you don’t stop bullying my wife like that, I’m gonna kick your ass!”

(All turn to see Victor dressed as an orderly in an oversized painter’s hat. Blair is completely shocked, but Todd almost expected him.)

Téa: “Hi, honey. You’re late.”

Victor: “Sorry about that. I had to peek around every corner on the way here. Hell of a lot of corners.”

(He winks and smiles at her. She smiles back.)

Blair: “Victor! What..how…?”

Victor: “I’ll explain everything in a minute. But I came here for him.” (He points at Todd.)

Todd: “Grudge match?”

Victor: “Maybe later. We have a lot of work to do first. We may not like each other much, but I think we are on the same side of the fence when it comes to our mother and Delgado. The other one.” (Smiles at his wife again.)

Todd: “I’ve been having some crazy visions, or memories…or SOMETHING. They’re like clips from different movies that don’t come together. You know anything about that?”

Victor: “Irene programmed Baker to carry out a revenge execution against me because I wouldn’t help her when she went to jail. She thought I owed her my loyalty for…(he stops.) Well, the night I was shot, I was on the phone leaving Shaun a voicemail. I heard a noise by the door, and I thought it was the thunder at first, but then I heard it again. When I turned around, I saw Baker in the doorway, pointing a gun at me. I asked him what the hell he was doing there, and he just fired.”

(He pauses, as if reacting to the recollection. Téa pats his shoulder as if to console him.)

Victor: “Baker came in and stood over me, telling me that I should have expected things to get bad for me when I chose to betray Irene, and then Tomas came in. I thought he came to help, but he just stood there…”

(The camera fades out and fades back into flashback mode as Victor continues to narrate the details of the night he was shot. In the flashback, Victor is lying on the floor, trying to catch his breath through the gunshot, while Baker, Tomas and one of Baker’s agents stand over him. Viewers see the flashback scene.)

Baker: “What a pity, Victor, that it had to come to this. You were your mother’s best work, and what a team you would have made.”

Victor: (gasping and coughing) “Go to hell! Delgado, don’t just stand there!”

Tomas: “I’m on his side on this one. I want you out of my sister’s life. You and your brother have put her through enough hell.”

Victor: “She….is…hap…py. You think killing me is going to make her….” (He pauses to cough and grimace in pain.) “She’s going to hate your guts and prosecute you!”

Tomas: “She’ll never know anything. Not from either of you. You’ll be legally dead, and Todd will go down for your murder. Blair will be free of Todd and my sister will be free of you. What a neat little bonus package all the way around.”

Victor: “Where’s….. my…. brother?”

(Baker points to the front door and Victor raises his head as much as he can to follow in the direction Baker’s indicating. Lightning flashes, but Victor can see Todd’s unconscious body on his porch. Victor is furious, and he struggles to go after Tomas, but Baker strikes him and he falls back, screaming in pain.)

Victor: “You are going to pay! All of you will PAY! YOU HEAR! ALL of….”

(Victor is slowly losing consciousness, but he hears the men scrambling away. The camera returns back to the present time.)

Victor: “The next thing I remembered was Téa crying over me and things went black. I woke up some time later to find Baker, Delgado and his men dressed as morgue workers wheeling me out on a gurney to a van. I was still pretty drugged up or something, but I heard that other psycho Allison in the midst. She was saying something about having had already set Todd up in ‘the room’ as Baker instructed, and as soon as they brought me there, they could begin the process.”

Todd: “What did she mean? What procedure?”

Victor: “We were kept in a place that I assume was another lab of some kind. (He grimaces with disgust.) “ I suppose all mad scientists need to have a backup lab in case of emergency raids. I was in and out of it, but I remembered a bunch of wires coming out of some device they put on our heads, and I saw flashes of Baker ordering you to remember shooting me. They had recordings of Irene’s voice with those commands playing over and over until you responded with understanding.”

Blair: “Todd was shouting out something to that effect back at the prison. He kept saying ‘YOU killed him! Not me!’ Then he would get calm again.”

Victor: “What exactly do you remember about the visions you had, Todd?”

Todd: “I kept seeing clips of the rainy night….sometimes I was charging to your door with the gun, and getting to your door…then it would flash to seeing Irene shooting you, then Baker and Delgado would pop up…I saw that Morasco kid, and then I saw myself backing away. THAT is what I know happened. But then Irene popped up, commanding me to remember the ‘truth’ about that night, and then I saw myself actually shooting you…even though I KNOW I didn’t! But she KEPT coming back in my head…”

Victor: “Well, you can cut through some of the fuzzy parts with what you KNOW to be fact. I’m not dead, and Baker shot me. Tomas is dirty and was involved. They had Allison take me to the room to keep me out of the public’s eye once Todd’s programming set in and his mind believed the implanted memory of the shooting. When I escaped, I discovered that they were drugging us with Ketamine and Allison was more than likely killed by Baker for her failure to keep me locked up. I contacted Tomas with Allison’s phone. He is terrified and on full panic right now, so his next moves will be moves of desperation to keep Baker from killing him. There’s no telling WHAT he’ll do.”

Todd: “What do you mean?”

Victor: “Allison said something to me when I was leaving, and psychotic as she is, she knew what she was talking about. She said they won’t let me live to expose them. Even if I escaped, they’d find me and kill me. My guess is that Tomas is under orders to scour the earth until they lure us out, and if they can’t find us, they’ll stop at nothing to make us come to them.”

(Todd, Blair, and Téa all are terrified with Victor’s implication. John immediately pulls out his phone to make a call, and Todd gets up and sits on the edge of his bed.)

Todd: (with certainty) “You’re thinking our families.”

Victor: (confirming) “Absolutely. That’s the one thing you and I have in common without conflict, and they know it.”

(The brothers look at each other in silence, but the viewers see that they are communicating something to each other that the others don’t know.)

Victor: “McBain, is it okay if I have a few minutes alone with my brother?”

John: “Will I regret it?”

Victor: “Not any more than usual. Beat it, will ya? We both deserve a little leeway here, okay?”

(John hesitates, then agrees, leading the ladies out with him. He closes the door behind them.)

Victor: “Listen, Baker has something on Delgado.”

Todd: “What?”

Victor: “I don’t know, but I think Delgado intended to get involved only to the point of staging my death and setting you up for it. Baker had other plans for him though, and there’s something he’s using as insurance to keep Delgado on his team.”

Todd: “You’re thinking we have a mystery to solve.”

Victor: “And a family to protect.”

Todd: “My thoughts exactly.”

Victor: “MY thoughts exactly.”

Todd: “I’m older. Come on, we have to get McBain to spring me so we can plan our next move.”

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