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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 16


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 16

Matthew begins to take a better look at his life over the past few years, and all that has happened to him.

Copyright ABC, 2012
(Flash back to Jack, and fade out.)

(Flash back to Tomas. He is very agitated being in the dark about Blair and his sister. His cell phone rings and he checks the screen. He wants to ignore the call, but he knows he can’t. Defeated, he answers the call.)

Tomas: “I told you I would call you as soon as I found out something.”

Baker: “No, Mr. Delgado…what you said was, you’d call when you arrived at your sister’s house. You’ve been there for some time, and I haven’t heard from you.”

Tomas: “I can’t call you if I’m around people, Baker.”

Baker: “Ah, then I take it she’s home?”

Tomas: “No, she isn’t. I was making some calls to people who I think may have some information on where she might be.”

Baker: “And?”

Tomas: “Oddly enough, the usual suspects are fruitless.”

Baker: “Well, Mr. Delgado, it appears that we are at the point where we choose a different strategy to lure them out, don’t you agree?”

Tomas: “What do you mean?”

Baker: “If you can’t get to Todd Manning or Victor Lord Jr.., then maybe it’s time they came to us….via a loved one.”

Tomas: “I just told you that my sister and Blair are nowhere to be found, Baker.”

Baker: “But there are others that would get speedy results, Mr. Delgado. Irene’s sons would kill for their family—especially their children.”

(Flash to Starr, arriving at the airport…then to Sam, sleeping peacefully in Llanfair.)

(Flash back to Llanview Hospital, Destiny and Matthew are separated by silence. Baby Drew is asleep in his crib.)

Destiny: “Why am I on your mind?”

Matthew: “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since I came out of the coma and David talked to me. It’s just that I was hit with a bunch of whammies the instant I woke up, and I didn’t have time to absorb it all.”

Destiny: “You definitely went through a lot, Matthew. And the news about the baby was definitely a bomb.”

Matthew: “Destiny…I have some things to say, but I am having a hard time putting them all together.”

Destiny: “We’ll be going through a lot of that with the baby. And right now, we should only be focusing on enjoying him for the time being. We’ll have plenty of stuff to work through when he goes home.”

Matthew: “You’re right. Get some rest, Destiny. I am going to make some calls to my dad to find out what’s going on with Aunt Viki and my mom. I’ll be right back.”

Destiny: “That’s a good idea. Maybe some new developments have happened.”

(Matthew leaves and stands outside the hospital room, peeking in through the window and watching as Destiny stares at their sleeping son. Visions of their earlier days flash through his mind, dating all the way back to his days in a wheelchair. He smiles at his family, and then walks off.)

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