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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 15


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 15

Jack Manning - Does Viki and Dorian finally mangage to get through to Jack?

Copyright, 2012
(Flash to Tomas…He came back to find that his sister’s apartment is empty. He seems very agitated as he tries to figure out how to get information. He pulls out his cell phone and begins to dial a number.)

Blair: (through Tomas’ phone) “This is Blair. Leave a message after the beep.”

(Tomas swears loudly before the beep.)

Tomas: “Hi, Blair, it’s me. I am worried. I came back from making a phone call and everyone was gone. No one at the station seems to know anything. Call me and let me know you’re okay? I love you.”

(He hangs up and dials another number.)

Téa: (through the phone) “Hi, this is Téa Delgado. Please leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”

(Tomas swears again.)

Tomas: “Hey parrita. I came back from making a phone call and everyone was gone. No one at the station is telling me anything. Let me know that you are okay.”

(He hangs up and exhales deeply. He dials John's number, and gets the same response. He balls up his fist and puts it up to his forehead. After two seconds, he stops to think, then he gets an idea. He dials another number.)

Tomas: “Hello, Dani?”

(Split screen between Tomas and Danielle. Dani silently mouths the word “Tomas” to Nate. Nate leans down to listen to the conversation with Dani.)

Dani: “Hi, Uncle Tomas. What’s the matter? Is my mom okay?”

Tomas: “I was hoping you could tell me. You haven’t heard from her?”

Dani: “Not since she brought me to Aunt Viki’s so she could go to the police station. Wait, I thought you went with her?”

(Nate gives Dani a “Thumbs Up”)

Tomas: “I did, but I went outside to take a call, and when I came back to the station, your mother, Blair, John and Todd were gone, and no one is telling me where they went. I thought maybe your mom called you.”

(Nate motions for her to tell him to hang on.)

Dani: “Oh, man!” (Dani covers the mouthpiece while Nate whispers something into her ear. She nods and returns to the call.)

Dani: “I’m sorry Tomas. I dropped the phone like a klutz. No, Mom hasn’t called me, and now I’m getting worried. Will you please call me if you hear anything? I have to go deal with my brat brother now.”

Tomas: (chuckles) “Okay, I will. Bye, Daniella.”

(Fullscreen to Dani and Nate).

Dani: “Okay, something is seriously weird right now. My mother left to the police station WITH my uncle…there’s no way she would go somewhere and not tell him about the change in plans unless something is wrong.”

(The camera zooms in on Dani’s face, and then flashes over to Llanfair. Viki races to hug Dorian, happy and relieved to see her. Their hug stretches out a bit over some time.)

Viki: “When did you get here? I didn’t know you were coming back?”

Dorian: “Well….I heard about your brothers, both of them, and I took a short leave to come back here to support my girls, all of you. And I’m glad I did, because I think I agree with you about Master Jack here. It’s time for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about that incident in Mexico.”

Jack: “What? Now you’re defending Sca…Todd Manning now? I know you hate him!”

Dorian: “I don’t hate him, Jack, I merely despise his methods. It’s true, I wouldn’t shed any tears if he would leave your mother alone and dissolve into the celestial gases of space…”

(She stares blankly at the ceiling, as if relishing the idea. Viki rolls her eyes.)

Viki: “Dorian!”

Dorian: (shrugging her shoulders, as if she doesn’t know what the fuss is about) “What’d I say? Oh, never mind. The fact of the matter is, despite my personal feelings for your father as a love choice for Blair, there is no question that he loves his children, and he loves Blair.”

(Jack rolls his eyes.)

Dorian: “No matter how much you want to hate him, it won’t change the truth.”

Jack: “He loved me so much that he gave me away to some Mexican maid straight out of my mother’s womb. Right!”

Dorian: “And how do you think you happen to be right back here where you belong, hm?”

Jack: “Oh, I know that! He brought me back after his lies caught up to him.”

Viki: “Oh, no, darling! He brought you back when Blair told him the truth about who your father really was. Look, there’s no excusing his original choice in the first place, I know. But try to understand that both of our parents were young and completely different people back then. They both were hotheads, and traumatized victims of a whole lot of family messes and pain. Blair and Todd’s love runs DEEP, but at some points in their history, it sometimes was toxic.”

Dorian: “Toxic to themselves and to others. Sometimes they hurt each other as deeply as they loved each other. They lashed out without thinking the minute something bad happened and they never once stopped to actually get to the bottom of an incident before they sought vengeance on each other.”

(Viki and Dorian laugh out loud as both of their minds simultaneously remembered a few things.)

Viki: “Anyway, here are a few things you don’t know. You had contracted Aplastic anemia, a horrible blood disease causes your bone marrow not to produce enough cells to replenish blood cells. Your sister Starr had contracted the disease as a baby before you. Your parents were devastated when they heard that Starr could die.”

Jack: (shocked, but very interested) “I heard something about that before….I contracted it, too?”

Dorian and Viki: “Yes.”

Jack: (quietly) “I didn’t know that.”

Viki: “I think we were all so focused on making sure the bone marrow transplant was permanently successful, that we lost track of the tragedy and focused on you growing up. I think we somehow indirectly suppressed the memory of that grippingly fearful period.”

Dorian: “But we do not want to stray from the original point of this conversation, Jack. Your father was devastated, and not just because of the diagnosis. Whatever schemes, or evil, or bad Todd may have exuded or cared to practice went out the window when he thought he would truly lose you, Jack.”

Viki: “Your father believed that God was punishing him for almost giving you away by giving you the condition. He stayed in the hospital chapel for hours, pleading with the Lord to take him and spare you. He told God that he loved you, and you were nothing like him. You were good and perfect, everything the opposite of himself. He promised everything he could if only God would send you a cure.”

Dorian: “He cried for hours, and he wouldn’t leave your side. Not one person in this town who encountered him in that state could think of the bad person Todd presents himself to be when they saw him. He was a completely different person.”

(Jack looks at both of his aunts thoughtfully and as if searching for a moment one of them would say “April Fool’s”. He seems to submit.)

Jack: “I never heard any of that before.”

Dorian: “Jack, a lot has happened to this family almost back-to-back over the years. Todd’s identity has been a ping-pong game since…oh, dear…I can’t even remember when. You were raised by Victor, so you never really knew about Todd, and by the time Todd returned, you had pretty much bonded with Victor and Todd was a threat to the father you knew. And you certainly haven’t made things any easier behaving like a first-class brat!”

Viki: (indignantly) “Dorian!”

Dorian: “Oh, can it, Viki! It’s the hard truth and the Saint Victoria sugar-coating doesn’t apply here. Jack has taken great pleasure in behaving like a crude miscreant for quite some time! But we loved him, knowing that beneath it all , he is a product of love and a loving network of family. He would eventually come back to that great person he really is sooner or later. This is the most important first step of them all.”

Jack: “I never knew that I was sick, and I can imagine how a parent would feel when they already suffered watching one child get sick, and then another one gets the same condition. I know how crazy Mom gets when we just get a fever….I know she must have been a mess, but..thinking about my father.. praying and believing he cursed me or something…..

(Dorian and Viki smile at each other as Jack drifts off in thought)

Jack: “I am not making any promises, but I will stop disrespecting him at least.”

Viki: “I’m glad you’re making that decision, even though you wouldn’t have had a choice anyway. I think that you should actually talk to your father, and ask him all of the questions you want. After all, HE’S the one who can answer them the most accurately. I’m sure he’ll welcome the chance to set the record straight with you.”

Jack: “I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to feel connected to him as a son like I feel about Victor.”

Viki: “That’s perfectly understandable, Jack! Everyone, including and especially your father understands that more than you know! Your father already expected to stand back and give you the room you need to come to love him on your own. Trust me, you’ll love him all on your own, Jack. The love he has for you is contagious. He would give up his own life for his children.”

Dorian: “As much as it churns my stomach, I have to agree and authenticate that statement. No matter what else Todd may or may not be…there’s no doubting the deep sincere love he has for his children. You should work on connecting with your father and getting your share of that love, Jack. You’d be a blessed recipient.”

Jack: “I will try. Aunt Viki, may I please make a phone call? I need to make amends in other parts of my life, too. I won’t be long.”

Dorian: (staring at him, as if she’s trying to look inside of his mind) “Ummm, he SEEMS sincere. However, you are half-Cramer, so I have to put on my detective’s hat before I concede.”

Viki: “OH, for heaven’s sake, Dorian!”

Dorian: “Hush, Viki. Jack, honey….you promise that if Aunt Viki allows this phone call that we won’t have the FBI at our door with a warrant for your arrest in 24 hours?”

Jack: (rolling his eyes, and scoffing playfully) Yes, Aunt Dorian. It’s claen and legitimate. No plots, no schemes, no kidnapping plans, no stalking..I promise.”

Dorian: (smiling sarcastically) “Oookay.”

Viki: (laughing and guiding Jack to the door) “Never mind your silly aunt, sweetheart. You can use the phone in Jessie’s room. Just knock on the door and ask her.

(Jack laughs and leaves. Viki closes the door, then turns to Dorian with her arms folded across her chest)

Viki: “You’re impossible, Dorian, you know that?”

Dorian: “I’m a realist, Viki. And don’t look now, but I think we just broke the demon within.”

Viki: “I have to agree. There’s hope for Jack Manning yet.” (They high-five each other.)

(Flash to jack on the phone. The other line is ringing, and a female voice answers.)

Female: “Hello?”

Jack: “Hi, it’s Jack Manning. Please don’t hang up. I just need fifteen minutes. Please give me the chance to apologize? I know I blew a chance for us to ever be friends, but I don’t want to lose that friendship without apologizing for being a total ass. Please?”

(Flash to the other party…the camera zooms in on the arms of the female holding the phone receiver, and then the lens slowly goes up and lands on the female’s face.)

Neela: (after a long silence and looking back to ensure she’s alone) “Okay, Jack. I’m listening.”

(Flash back to Jack, and fade out.)

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