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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 14


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 14

Dorian returns home to Llanview!

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Flash over to Llanfair…Jack is not happy to have been busted, and he defiantly retreats into his room. Viki is not about to tolerate Jack’s shenanigans.)

Viki: “Jack, darling, you’re not going to get past the Buchanan troops tonight, so please get ready for bed.”

Jack: “Dani is younger than me, and SHE’S not being forced to go to bed!”

Viki: “Well, first of all…I am dealing with YOU at the moment. Secondly, Danielle has company, which she’s entertaining under supervision on the front porch. And last, but most importantly, SHE has earned the right to be trusted with a little more leniency than you have, Sir Jack.”

(Jack plops down on the edge of the bed and brings a pillow to his chest. He stares at the floor, chin resting on the pillow. Viki softens.)

Viki: “There’s a lot going on in this family, Jack, I know. But, indulging in this wicked behavior is not going to get you your way, nor is it helping your mother keep a cool head.”

Jack: “She wouldn’t be going through any of this if she had just listened to me when I told her that Scarface killed my father!”

Viki: “Alright, young man, I’ve had about enough of this, and we are going to get a few things straight.”

(Jack is briefly startled by Viki’s uncharacteristically sharp tone, then defiantly rolls his eyes at her and looks away.)

Viki: “No, sir, you are going to look me dead in the eyes as I speak to you, mister. Look at me, Jack.”

(Jack obeys her.)

Viki: “First of all, your FATHER’S name is TODD, and I will no longer tolerate the use of ‘Scarface’ or any other derogatory term for my brother, do you understand?”

Jack: “Why do you defend that monster all the time? He’s a murderer!”

Viki: “People ask me that exact question, expressing the SAME description, about YOU, young man. So, why don’t you tell me what the answer to that question is with regards to you? Why do I defend YOU all the time, Jack? Tell me how I should answer Gigi, Shane and Rex when they ask me that question? Did you not facilitate several activities that led Shane to near suicide and Stacy Morasco to her death? What makes you more deserving of my defense and not your father?”

Jack: “Scar..he’s NOT my…”

Viki: …. “He IS YOUR FATHER!” (Jack is startled.)

Viki: “Listen to me, Jack, because I am only going to have this talk ONCE. EVERYONE who loves you has to pool all of their energy, sanity and strength to get through this ordeal without dealing with your impish little spites in the process. Blair and Téa are hanging on by a mere thread, Dani has been robbed of the two fathers she’s known, and on top of all of that, she’s NOW dealing with speculations about her true father, which she has to become acquainted with while supporting her pregnant, grieving mother. You may not like it, but Todd IS your father, and you can’t change that. I hated my father, but I am his daughter. With all that is going on here, you are the next man of the house, and you’re acting like the enemy.”

Jack: “Oh, sure! EVERYONE else gets to go through something, and I have to sit n the sidelines and handle the situation unaffected, huh? I don’t have feelings?”

Viki: “Of course you do, darling! But who could possibly know that when you made the choice to act like a tough criminal? And no matter what you were going through, you had NO RIGHT to tread all over the civil liberties of Shane Morasco the way you did! Believe it or not, you are your FATHER’S son!” (She laughs, and slowly becomes serious again).

Viki: “Jack, honey, here’s the answer to your question. I defend my family, because I love you all…plain and simple. People make mistakes, and good people do bad things, but love doesn’t die for a person because they did bad things, Jack. Love keeps you standing at their side through it all. You support them while they deal with the consequences of their bad choices, or the rewards of their good ones. Just as love did for you and your bad choices.”

(Jack is thoughtfully silent.)

Jack: “Aunt Viki?”

Viki: “Yes, sweetheart?”

Jack: “Why didn’t Scar…my father love me?”

Viki: “WHAT? Where on earth did you get such a ludicrous thought like that? Your father has ALWAYS loved you, Jack! More than his own life!”

Jack: “Then why did he give me away? Even if he thought I wasn’t his at the time…what was so wrong with me that he couldn’t love me as a person? I was just a BABY!”

(Viki is distraught by his words. She fights back tears as she puts her hand up to her mouth. The doorbell rings downstairs, but neither of them care.)

Viki: “Jack, is this the burden that you’ve been carrying around with you all these years?”

(Jack remains silent. Viki moves to hug him.)

Viki: “Oh, my sweet darling. You have been carrying a burden built on scandalous gossip, third-party accounts and half-truths. I think it’s time you got the true version of that incident.”

Jack: “You can’t make me believe that it didn’t happen, Aunt Viki.”

Viki: “Oh, it happened all right. But you don’t have the slightest idea about the price your father paid for it once he realized what he’d done. You are a bright young man, Jack. Listen to the truth and determine for yourself if your father loves you or not.”

Female: “Would you like some help in telling that story?”

(Viki and Jack turn to see Dorian Lord Cramer standing in the doorway.)

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