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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 13


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 13

Matthew Buchanan

Copyright, 2012
(Flash back to St. Ann's....Blair snaps her cell phone shut after talking to Téa. Todd has taken a rest to alleviate the headache he got from the visions. Blair looks at him sleeping, and she goes soft. She pulls the covers up over him, then sighs as she walks to the door and peeks out in search of John and Téa. Just as she turns away to return inside, she feels a touch on her arm. She turns to see her mother, smiling up at her.)

Addie: “Blair! Oh, my beautiful girl! What are you doing here? Are you having trouble?”

Blair: “Um, no, Mama....it's...” (She chokes up. Addie frowns in concern).

Addie: “What's wrong, my angel? Is it Starr?”

Blair: “No, Mama...it's Todd.”

Addie: “Todd?? What's wrong? Is he that Tommy boy again?”

(Blair laughs as her tears spill over.)

Blair: “No, Mama...he just had some bad dreams.”

Addie: “Oohhhh! THAT'S okay! I have something that stops MY bad dreams.”

(She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a photo of Blair, Todd, and Jack and Starr as babies. Blair tries to keep up her smile, although she is saddened by the photo.)

Addie: “Every time I have a bad dream, I just pull that picture out and hold it close to me. It protects me with the love of all of those people in that picture, and then I sleep like a baby. It will work for Todd. He loves you all very much. I have to go to knitting class now. I will see you later, my girl.”

(They hug tightly, and Addie scurries off with a nun who gestures for her. Todd is waking from his nap, and she hurries back inside.)

Blair: “Todd? Are you okay?”

Todd: (groggily) “You're still here, so yeah.”

Blair: “Are you feeling better?”

Todd: “Yeah, my bitch mother is out of my head for the moment. But Victor isn't. I am not sure what's real anymore, but I have a strong feeling that Victor is alive. And I KNOW I didn't shoot him. If only I could find some independent source of info that isn't tied to this brain game of Irene's and prove my case.”

Blair: “Or prove you are wrong.”

Todd: “Still doubting that I am being truthful? Tell me something. Are you equally doubting Delgado's innocence? Or am I the only one who gets your suspicions?”

Blair: “I am not standing on either team, Todd. But, I'm HERE, aren't I? Doesn't that say something? Or should I go with my first reaction and wonder if your psychosis was just another one of your ploys?”

Todd: “Dammit, Blair! The visions that haunt me are no damned game, ok? I am seeing clips of things that seem real, but may be fake, and things I remember, but don't know if they were implanted, and I have no idea where to turn for any answers. I'm no stranger to games, honey, but they're never games that control ME. I need to find someone, or some THING to put me on the right path to solving this mystery. I don't know why I'm seeing myself doing things I don't remember doing.”

John: “We can help you with that.”

(Blair and Todd turn to see John and Téa. The camera flashes over to the precinct. Tomas is antsy when he realizes that Blair, John, Todd and Téa are gone, and he can't get any information as to their whereabouts.)

Tomas: (to a desk officer) “Excuse me, Officer...(stops to read the officer's badge)..Lancaster. Do you have any idea where Lieutenant McBain is?”

Lancaster: “Uh, last I saw him, he was giving that lady lawyer a lift somewhere.”

(Tomas tries to conceal his relief.)

Tomas: “Thank you, officer. Did you happen to see Blair Cramer and Todd Manning?”

Lancaster: “I'm sorry. I'm new here, and I don't know who they are. Um, you could try asking those guys over there.”

Tomas: (smiles to keep up pretenses.) 'No, that's okay. I'll call them myself. Tell the lieutenant to call Tomas Delgado when he gets a chance.”

Lancaster: “Will do, sir.” (Tomas hurries out and Lancaster picks up the phone and dials a number.) “Hi, sir. I'm sorry to bother you, but you told me to let you know if that Delgado fella came in. Yeah, he was just here asking for you and Ms. Cramer. I followed the plan to the tee, sir. Thank you. Yes, sir. Okay, then, I'll see you then.”

(The camera flashes outside to Tomas. He is on the phone.)

Tomas: “Baker, McBain, Manning and the ladies are not here, and I got a hunch that the officers either don't know anything, or they were told not to know anything. One of his men said McBain gave my sister a lift. I'm guessing she went home to rest. I'm heading there now. Fine.”

(He clicks the phone shut and rushes off.)

(Flash back to the hospital. Destiny has been joined by Matthew, Roxy and Nigel have left. Baby Drew is fussy in his crib, and Destiny moves to reach for him.)

Matthew: “No, no, I'll do it. You rest.”

Destiny: “How thoughtful of you. Thank you.”

Matthew: (rocks his son back and forth, without looking up at her.) “You're very welcome. We're partners in this gig, remember?”

Destiny: (giggles) “It's going to be one long gig, cowboy!”

Matthew: “Yeah, I heard. But you're a Buchanan, right, big guy? We're warriors! You'll be a pro horseback rider by the time you're walking.”

(Destiny laughs, then bends over in pain. Matthew puts the baby in the crib and races over to the bed in concern.)

Matthew: “Are you, okay, Des?”

Destiny: “I'm fine. It's just a cramp. Can you pass me that little cup with the white pills in it and a glass of water?”

Matthew: “Sure. Here you go.” (Matthew watches her with a softness in his eyes. She sets her cup down and catches him staring at her.)

Destiny: “Is there something on my forehead?”

Matthew: “What?”

Destiny: “Well, you're kinda staring at me, and I thought maybe you saw something on my forehead.”

Matthew: “No, I....never mind. I was just making sure you were okay.”

Destiny: “I..well, thank you.”

(An awkward silence falls between them. Matthew stares at his son, and visions of his history with Destiny plays back in his mind. He cringes as he sees his behavior when Destiny asked him about his plans about being a father to his child.)

Destiny: “What's the matter, Matthew?”

Matthew: “Um, nothing.”

Destiny: “Please don't lie to me. I know you. Something's bothering you. We've always been able to talk to each other before, and nothing's changed for me.”

(Matthew remains silent.)

Destiny: “Are you thinking about what's going on with Dani's father?”

Matthew: “Not really. I mean, I feel bad for her and Starr, and my Aunt Viki, but that wasn't on my mind right now.”

Destiny: “Well...what WAS on your mind?”

Matthew: “To be honest...YOU were.”

(Destiny is shocked, and the camera fades to black.)

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