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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 12


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 12

Téa: “No matter how many times I've had this dream, you always seem to look more beautiful. This is the best one yet.

Copyright by ABC, 2012
Flash to the precinct. John returns to his office to see a very exhausted Téa sitting in the chair by his desk.)

Téa: “Did you find anything?”

John: “Yeah, but I can't talk to you about it here. I'm going to tell the officers that I'm going to give you a lift home, and I'll explain in the car.”

Téa: (rising from the chair) “Okay.”

(They reach the squad car and John immediately pulls out of the station parking lot.)

John: “Louie, the homeless man from the docks who hid Manning contacted me today. He needs to see you to give you some information about your husband. I can tell you that he confirmed that your brother is deeply involved in everything.”

Téa: “I knew it! That lying bastard!”

John: “Try to remain calm, Counselor. I know that's easier said than done, but you've been through enough, and Louie has much more to tell you. I can tell you that things are going to get much easier for you from here.”

Téa: “I certainly hope so, Lieutenant. I'm not sure how much more I can take here.”

John: “I can see that. Well, we're here.”

Téa: “At the church? What could be here?”

John: “Louie.”

(John parks the car and quietly closes his door before helping Téa out of the car. He leads her to the fountain and pulls out a few coins. She's confused, but she accepts the coins he gives her.)

John: (pointing at the base of the water fountain) “Make a wish.”

(Téa frowns in confusion, but slowly drops to her knees and assumes a praying position.)

Téa: “Holy Father, I send a wish up to you and your angels to help me connect to Victor, and help me get true justice for him. Amen.”

(She rises to throw the coins into the water, and the slow creaking of a door emerges from the behind a few vines that cover the base of the fountain. Louie emerges only enough for her to recognize him.)

Louie: (quietly) “Mrs. Victor? It's me, Louie. Please follow me. I have news about your husband.”

(She and John swiftly slip into the opening and Louie closes the door just as swiftly.)

Téa: “Hello, Mr. Louie. You certainly clean up well.”

Louie: (chuckling nervously) “Yeah, well...Mr. Manning took good care of me.”

Téa: (sarcastically) “I'll just bet he did.”

Louie: “Mrs. Victor, I know whatcha been led to believe all these weeks, but you got Mr. Todd all wrong, and Mr. Victor's situation was complicated. Things ain't always what they seem.”

Téa: “Mr. Louie, I have had a long few weeks since my husband was killed, and I have been put on a merry-go-round of false leads since this whole circus started. Now, Lieutenant McBain has informed me that you requested to see me to give me information about my husband's murder. What can you tell me?”

Louie: “I can tell you that Mr. Todd did NOT kill your husband. He just happened to be at the wrong place at the worst of times.”

Téa: “If Todd didn't shoot him, who did? Was it Tomas?”

Louie: “No, ma'am, that Irene woman's agent shot him. But Tomas was there, helping that Baker fella carry him away.”

(Téa sits in one of the old chapel pews, rubbing her temples in agony).

Louie: “I don't mean to cause ya no stress, Mrs. Victor, especially in your delicate state. I have a lot to tell ya, and there is a rainbow in all this, but can ya handle it?”

Téa: “Mr. Louie, I need to know. I need the truth. Whatever it takes, I need to know. I'm already stressed out, but the stress is from the not knowing...” (She fights back tears.) “At any cost, I need to know.”

Victor: “Oooh, no, no, no... That's not acceptable. Nothing is more important than getting our baby here healthy.”

(Téa slowly turns to see Victor. Her eyes widen in shock, her mouth opens to say something...but she faints instead. Victor catches her and the men scramble to put her down safely.)

John: “Wow, Vic, you really know how to make an entrance.”

Victor: “Oh, yeah? Then how come YOU'RE still standing? Why don't you make yourself useful and get me some cool water and cloths to cool her down.”

John: “Where can I find that stuff?”

Victor: (pointing to a closet behind John) “Right in there. There are some bottles of water there, too.”

(Louie rolls one of the pew cushions into a pillow and places it under her Téa's head. John pours some water into a white cloth and hands it to Victor. He wipes her face and forehead tenderly, smiling as she slowly comes to.)

Victor: “Well, hey there, lawyer cutie.”

(She pauses to regain her vision, then registers his smile and returns the gesture as tears pour out of the corners of her eyes.)

Téa: “No matter how many times I've had this dream, you always seem to look more beautiful. This is the best one yet. Since I have you here for the moment, I wanted to tell you I'm pregnant.”

Victor: “I think we caught you before you hit your head, so newsflash, baby. I'm real. And you are always the most beautiful thing I see every day. I certainly held on to that while my mother's crazy squad goons and your crazy brother tried to keep me away from you. And I can see our baby bump very clearly.”

(Téa doesn't move. She just continues to cry silently.)

Téa: “You're still a wise ass, even as a ghost.”

Victor: “A GHOST? EWW! I'm offended. No, honey, I'm HERE. Feel me.”

(Victor touches her arms and face desperately to prove his point. It finally seems to register, and Téa grabs him and hugs him tightly, sobbing loudly.)

Victor: “Shhh, shh. There, there, baby. It's okay. I'm here. I promise you, I am not going anywhere. Come on, Delgado. Baby Victor is going to be upset with all that bubbering.”

(Téa lifts her head and laughs through her tears, punching him playfully in the arm.)

Téa: “Stúpido. And what do you mean, 'Baby Victor'?”

Victor: “I was working with the moment. Are you okay now, gorgeous?”

Téa: (wiping her face with tissues Louie hands her.) “I'm furious and happy, and I'm furiously happy. I want to choke the LIFE out of Tomas! And I want to raise your damned sick mother from her coffin in hell and kill her again!”

Victor: “I feel everything you are, but leave Tomas to me and my brother.”

Téa: (gasps) “Oh, my God! Victor, they think Todd...”

Victor: “... Téa, honey, I already know about Todd. McBain and Louie filled me in. Look, I wanted to see you first, because I wanted most of your suffering to come to an end. My brother's turn is next. And when I see him, I'll be able to fill you all in at once. Besides, I need real backup in case you faint again. Where is he?”

Téa: “He's in St. Ann's. He was screaming at someone in his head, and I wasn't sure if he was up to his old tricks or not, but I was more suspicious of Tomas than Todd, so I suggested that John use the excuse to get Todd out of the prison so Blair could get him to talk. Tomas got two phone calls, and he used the commotion to slip away.”

John: “Yeah, he got a call from Baker, and another from Allison Perkins.”

Victor: “The call from Allison was me. I have her phone. I took it when I drugged the looney bitch and tied HER to the bed before I escaped. And Todd is not pretending. Our wacky matriarch was playing Brain Hockey with our heads since the day I turned her down for the family asset transfer. I want to put all the chaos to rest so we can focus on the real bastards.”

Téa: “It would be a big relief if you were to tell that to Blair and Todd in person, quérido. They've been through hell.”

Victor: “I can't risk being seen just yet, Téa.”

Téa: “Oh, I know that! If Tomas knew that I saw you, he'd be planning his web of lies and explanations before I made it home. But Blair needs to know the truth to keep her from believing they have a shot at anything. She chose Todd, but then...well, you know the rest.”

Victor: “Yeah, I do.” (He turns to John and looks him up and down.) “Can you do something?”

John: “Yeah. I'll get you into St. Ann's to see your brother.”

Téa: “I'll call Blair and tell her to stay put because I'm coming to see her.”

Victor: “Make sure she keeps her big fat mouth shut, and don't tell her about me yet.”

Téa: “I won't. Your arrival will be a tell-all, darling.” (She hugs him tightly again.) “I'm afraid to leave you. Every time I run an errand, you get in trouble! Victor, you make sure you get to St. Ann's, you hear me?” (She breaks into tears again.)

Victor: “Nothing is going to get in our way again, lady. Not ever again. I promise you.”

Téa: “No haga las promesas que usted no puede guardar.”

(The men stare at her in confusion.)

Téa: “It means don't make promises you can't keep.”

Victor: “I never do, honey.”

Téa: “John? Are you ready to go?”

John: “Yeah, just give me two minutes. Vic? Louie? Surely we are standing in the perfect place to grab a priest's disguise or something of the sort. Louie, it's best if you stay outta sight, because you are apparently a phantom to Irene's goons. Vic, find a good disguise to blend in with the St. Ann's staff. I'll have backup for you and ensure that you have no problems getting in. Louie, you got a cell phone?”

Louie: “No, sir. I stay away from being traced.”

John: (chuckling) “I don't blame you, man. Okay, hold on.” (He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a phone, tossing it to Louie.) “If either of you need to reach me, use this phone. It's a disposable cell phone I used when I was economically challenged in my rookie days. Vic, Allison Perkins is dead. Any calls from her phone will be a red flag and a step closer to danger for you. Let me get your wife over to Blair, and we'll meet up soon.”

Victor: “Thanks.” (He kisses Téa passionately, then hugs her tightly.) “See ya soon, honey.”

Téa: “Don't be late. You stood me up for months on our last date.”

(They kiss again and John ushers Téa out the hidden door. Once they're in the car, she pulls out her cell phone and dials a number.)

Téa: “Blair! It's me. Are you still at St. Ann's? Great. Stay put. I found out some important information and I'm on my way to tell you about it. Did you find out anything from Todd? Great. I'll see you soon.”

(The camera fades out as she hangs up the phone.)

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