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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 11


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 11

Can Bo help Nora keep objective about her case against Todd Manning?

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Flash back to Llanfair. The children have gone to bed, and Natalie prepares to give Viki, John's message.)

Natalie: “Jess, please do me a favor?”

Jessica: “What is it, Natalie?”

Natalie: “I need to talk to Mom and Dad about what John said. I promise to fill you in on everything afterwards. But I need you to guard Jack, and make sure he doesn't pull a fast one and start eavesdropping. The last time he did that, he set up Uncle Todd for Uncle Victor's shooting. We don't need any obstacles in the investigation this time around.”

Jessica: “Ah, gotcha. I'm on it.”

(Jess runs upstairs and Natalie takes a deep breath before going inside to her parents. Viki has calmed down and Clint has taken Matthew out into the yard.)

Natalie: “Mom?”

Viki: “Oh, hi sweetheart....are you okay? You look like you have something on your mind.”

Natalie: “Well, yeah, I do. You.”

Viki: “Oh, darling, don't fret. I'll be fine. I am just trying to wrap my head around Todd being arrested. I feel like a deer in headlights. I am battling what I know about my brother, the good, the bad and the ugly, and I can't come to a decision about whether or not I should trust him again.”

Natalie: “Mom, you know you can't turn your back on your family. It's just not who you are. You always believe that the worst of people can change. Look at what you did with me, Aunt Tina and even Dad. But, maybe what I came to tell you can help you come to a decision more easily.”

Viki: “What is it, darling?”

Natalie: “John asked me to tell you this in private, and I have taken all precautionary measures to ensure that our little troublemaker is on lockdown until I do.”

(Viki chuckles.)

Viki: “Ah, I take it you're referring to Jack. Well, honey, he's suffering, too.”

Natalie: “You see? That's what I mean about you. Okay, John told me to tell you not to be angry at Uncle Todd just yet. He wasn't able to say any more than that, but he said that the evidence they originally had is not so cut and dried anymore. He can't say more without jeopardizing himself and the investigation, but he wanted to give you some peace.”

Viki: “Of course, he can't. Oh, thank God for that little bit of hope.”

(She hugs Natalie as the camera flashes over to Jessica. She's just put Ryder back into his crib and she pretends not to see Jack trying to creep downstairs. Jack grins smugly, and quickly scurries past her to the top of the staircase.)

Jessica: “Freeze, Mata Hari!”

Natalie: (From the bottom of the steps) “That's okay, Jess. The coast is clear.”

(The camera fades as Jack scowls once he spots both of his cousins and Viki on either end of the steps with their arms folded across their chest.)

(Flash to the hospital...Destiny, Nigel and Roxy are watching the news. Baby Drew is in Destiny's arms.)

Roxy: “This is the best case of 'siblet rivalring' out there, eh, Nige?”

Nigel: (with a sickened expression on his face) “Er...uh..y-yes, Miss Roxy.”

Destiny: “I don't buy it. I don't know Dani's real father, but none of this makes any sense. Who would blow their chances at getting back a family they've lost for eight years by going to jail for murder as soon as they got them back?”

Roxy: “Oh, Des, you are so new. Todd Manning is as mean as a rattlesnake. He would off anyone that got in his way in the spit of an eye.”

(Nigel cringes.)

Destiny: “I know how the other Mr. Manning was, but even with their meanness, they both love their family. Starr grew up with the real Mr. Manning, and she confirmed that. Poor Dani, she must be going through a real hard time with all of this daddy drama.”

Nigel: “Yes, poor girl. She has been told the wrong story about her identity twice before. I do hope she is okay.”

(Flash back to Llanfair...Dani and Nate have gone out into the garden to talk more privately.)

Nate: “Do you think your uncle is involved, Dani?”

Danielle: “I don't know, Nate. I don't really know him, but he's the only logical piece in this puzzle, and he always seems to have some secret going on. He DID work for my psycho grandmother's organization, whatever that is, and he was involved with my real dad going missing in the first place eight years ago.”

Nate: “What is your gut telling you?”

Dani: “Something I don't want to accept because it would devastate my mom and my Aunt Blair.”

Nate: “Do you want to do some private investigating?”

Dani: “I don't...My mother can't take anymore. She's barely had time to grieve.”

Nate: “Okay, Dani. If you change your mind, I'm in.”

Dani: “I know...(she hugs him)...Thanks.”

(The camera fades back to Louie's car. John is shocked.)

Victor: “Well, are you ready to hear the details, or are you going to let the flies into that open cave your open mouth is making.”

John: “Now I KNOW you're really alive. You're still a wise ass. Talk to me, Victor. Your brother's been charged with your murder, and he started having some sort of breakdown with paranoid delusions.”

Victor: “As much as I'd like to roll over him with a tractor, he didn't kill me. He wasn't involved at all.”

John: “Who was?”

Victor: “Baker, Allison Perkins, and that scum of the earth brother-in-law of mine.”

John: “Tell me about what happened to you.”

Victor: “Listen McBooger, I want to see my wife and my brother. I can't expose myself to the rest of the world just yet, but I owe it to my wife to remove her stress for our baby, and to free my brother from the hypnosis-injected visions our mother put in his head about shooting me. I may want to annihilate the bastard, but on my terms. Irene has ruined us both enough, and I want Baker eliminated. Tomas will die a slow, tormenting, living death. I want him to live while he's dead.”

John: “I've had enough Manning arrests for one year, Vic. Don't need to see you occupying a cell, too. Keep your mouth shut about anything other than what happened to you.”

Victor: (pausing, then apologetically) “Sorry, man. Really. I'm just...I am FURIOUS!”

John: “I get it, man. Look, I am furious for you, and I don't like people messing with my investigations giving me false leads. I'll arrange for you to see your wife first. Let me prepare her slowly, because she's about to drop from all of the mental anguish she's been through since you..um 'died'. Louie, where can you go where you and Vic will remain unseen?”

Victor: “Meet us at the church. In the back of the priests' quarters is a chapel that isn't being used anymore. It looks like its part of the landscaping of the church, but there's an entrance door built into the base of the water fountain no one knows about. You can slip in without being seen, and anyone watching wouldn't be suspicious. People kneel there to make a wish and throw coins in.”

John: “How do I get in touch with you?”

Louie: “Tell Mrs. Victor to make a wish when she gets there. We'll hear you from the grate in the fountain base and come out for you.”

John: “Okay. I'd never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I'm glad you're alive, Vic.”

Victor: “Hmph, I never thought I'd ever find myself wanting to HEAR you say it. Thanks, man.”

(They shake hands and John heads back inside. After a good look around, the car leaves.)

(Flash to Irene's Center...Baker and Tomas are strategizing.)

Baker: “Where could Mr. Lord be, Tomas? Based on the amount of Ketamine he was given, he couldn't have walked that far.”

Tomas: “Baker, it's possible that he's hiding in the woods or he's hitched a ride.”

Baker: “He couldn't have hitched a ride, because my men have been watching the roads on camera since the moment he escaped. Not one vehicle stopped, even for a flat tire.”

Tomas: “Then we need to search the flatlands, Baker. He's probably passed out from the drug.”

Baker: “You seem a bit rattled, Mr. Delgado. Is there something you want to share?”

Tomas: “I don't want to be here. Does that explain things?”

Baker: “Participation remorse? Should I worry about you?”

Tomas: “Not at all. I just don't like the insurance policy you have to ensure my participation. Never liked my hand being forced. That's why I left in the first place.”

Baker: “And you went soft once you left. Irene was disappointed.”

Tomas: (sarcastically) “My heart bleeds. Do you want me to out a search for Victor?”

Baker: “Yes.”

Tomas: “And if I find him?”

Baker “First do no harm....unless you have to.”

(Tomas nods in acknowledgment and heads out the door. Outside of the building, he pulls out his cell phone and dials a number.)

Tomas: (to other party) “Hey! It's me. No, no, there's no problem. I'm just making my usual check-in call, that's all. (chuckles) Yeah, okay. I'll check in with you later, or tomorrow. Okay, take care. Yeah, me, too. Bye.”

(He hangs up the phone and lets out a deep sigh.)

Tomas: “Victor, where are you?”

(The camera fades to the house of Nora and Bo. Bo is replacing a soiled bandage as Nora walks through the door.)

Nora: “Hey! Are you alright?”

Bo: “I'm fine, Red.” (He winces as the tape pulls his skin.) “I'm just following the doc's orders. The bullet wound is almost healed.”

Nora: “Yeah? Well your facial expression looks like someone's taking a bite out of you.”

Bo: “Yours looks like someone took a few slugs at YOU. What happened?”

(Nora flings her briefcase on the couch and flops down in the available space next to it. She lets out a long sigh.)

Bo “Uh-oh! THAT sounds big. Spill.”

Nora: “I'm not sure what I can talk about with you, since you're no longer the police commissioner.”

Bo: So tell me what you can as my wife.”

Nora: “Ha! And have Kathleen Finn try to bury you even more as payback for being turned down? I think not. My goodness, baby, you must have been one hot stud back in the day to have some lady gunning for revenge a decade later.”

Bo: (laughing) “Scout's Honor, Red, I did nothing to lead her on.”

Nora: “Yes, you did. You walked into a room and gave her the chance to get a look at you. You're just irresistible, you hot hunk.”

(They kiss, and she rests her head on his shoulder.)

Bo: “Hey, hey. Ok, Red. Enough of the comic relief. Tell me what's going on, sweetheart.”

Nora: “The most I can say is that I raced into John McBain's office, ready to officialize what I thought was a heap of indisputable evidence against Todd Manning for his brother's murder. But, somewhere in the time period between he made the arrest and I arrived at the station, the evidence had become questionable..both in John's eyes and Téa Delgado's. As a matter-of-fact, Téa was insinuating that I wasn't being objective because the suspect is Todd Manning. Can you believe that?”

(Bo is silent, and Nora raises her head to look at him.)

Nora: “Do you agree with them, Bo?”

Bo: “Red, I....”

Nora: “.....Oh my God, you DO!” (She steps away from him.)

Bo: (winces as he moves to follow her) “Red, let me say this to you, and please listen to me, okay?”

Nora: “I can't believe you would have ANYTHING to say, Bo!”

Bo: “Red, Red! Please just listen, okay?”

(Nora sits down defiantly.)

Nora: “Okay, lay it on me.”

Bo: “Red, you are the most justice-seeking person I know. You have a heart that is a deep as the Amazon River, and there's nothing you wouldn't do for those you love, and those that can't fight for themselves. AND you're a shark to boot!”

Nora: “I sense a 'but' clause in there, Buchanan.”

Bo: “But you just might be a bit biased with regards to Todd Manning. And honey, you have GOOD reason to be. Listen, I experienced a lot of that myself as the Commissioner of Police. Our titles don't eradicate our humanity, honey. He looks good for this crime, and the minute we get some evidence to help that image along, it's hard to sit back and wait for everything to be indisputable. I know. It doesn't take away from who you are, Red, nor does it minimize the awesome job you did in putting away the monsters that you have locked up. But you have to concede some things to human weakness sometimes.”

Nora: “YOU have experienced Manning bias?”

Bo: “How COULDN'T I? He's hurt my wife, my niece, Viki, and countless other beloved people in my life. Being the Commissioner only forces my hand in balancing those feelings, not eradicating them. We're not robots, Red. Plenty of times I've had to hand the reigns over to McBain to keep things objective.”

(Nora looks at Bo thoughtfully, and a pauses lengthily.)

Nora: “Téa thinks I should recuse myself from prosecuting this case. Bo, give me your honest opinion, and please don't water it down. Do you think I should?”

Bo: “Well...honey, I would if I were in that position. Not because you aren't capable of separating your personal gripes against Manning from your ethics, but because if the evidence DOES turn out to be indisputable, then there would be NOTHING that Manning could use to find a loophole and appeal a conviction. You have way too many loose connections to the perp in this case. If he did carry out this injustice against his brother, he should be locked up unquestionably. The fiery district attorney I know would want that no matter what.”

Nora: “You keep saying 'if' Todd did it. Do you have doubts?”

Bo: “I can't say either way, but I CAN say that it stands to reason that if Victor's WIFE, AND John McBain collectively doubt the evidence, then we owe it to the taxpayers and the victims to take as much time as we need to get to the bottom of things.”

(A brief silence hangs in the air.)

Nora: “You play dirty, Stud. No wonder Finn is gunning for you so hard!”

Bo: “Well, she can come at me with both barrels blazing, because I only have eyes for a certain redhead, and she'll never get this.”

(Nora giggles as Bo kneels before and starts to kiss her on the neck. The camera fades to black.)

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