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'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 10


'One Life To Live' Fantasy Fiction - Part 10

John finally learns the truth that Victor is alive!

Copyright by ABC, 2012
(Flash back to Victor and Louie...Victor is overridden with different emotions after seeing his pregnant wife from the station window.)

Victor: “I'm going to be a father! I...WOW! She's...I'm going to be a father, Louie!” (He laughs hysterically, and Louie chuckles with him.)

Louie: “Congratulations, Mr. Victor.”

Victor: (still laughing) “I hope I have a girl. Having had Dani and Starr was..WOO! I can't believe....” (His laughing abruptly stops.) “That son of a BITCH! He would do this to me, to his unborn niece or nephew..to his SISTER! OOOOOH, are they gonna PAY for this!”

Louie: “Now, Mr. Victor, I know this is a tough situation, but you need to turn all of that anger into a really good plan to get your life back.”

(Victor pauses and stares at Louie as if he were burned.)

Louie: (frowning) “Sum'n I said, Mr. Victor?”

Victor: (snaps out of his daze) “You're damned right it was something you said! And I don't like you very much for it. You just made me understand what my brother was going through. Now I want to make Baker and Delgado pay for me, my family AND that idiot! Nice going, old man!”

(Louie laughs, and Victor shoots a furious look in his direction.)

Victor: “Ha, ha ha! Very damned funny. Look, I have a plan. Step One, anyway. Pay attention, and get this right.”

(The camera zooms in and fades out.)

(Flash back inside the station. Nora has left and Téa has gone to the restroom. John's cell phone rings.)

John: “McBain. Yeah, where are you? I'll be there in fifteen minutes.”

(He hangs up and dials a number.)

John: “Téa? Yeah, I have to step out for a few minutes. Feel free to wait in the office until I get back. Ok, I'll see you when I return.”

(He goes out into the main area of the station.)

John: (to desk officer) “ I have to step out for a few minutes. Téa Delgado is in the restroom. Send her into my office to wait for me till I get back.”

Desk Officer: “Okay, Lieutenant.”

(John walks outside to a hidden area a good distance away from the station.)

John: (quietly, as he looks around) “Okay, I'm here. Come on out.”

(There's a soft bristling of the hedges behind him. Louie emerges wearing an oversized hooded jacket, but he doesn't fully come out of the bushes.)

Louie: (talking softly) Lieutenant, please don't turn around. I need to remain unseen for my own protection.”

John: “Okay, Louie. What's going on?”

Todd: “Mr. Todd didn't kill his brother. Mr. Victor was shot by some very bad people who worked for that Irene lady. That Delgado man is involved with them, too. I saw when they took Mr. Victor away. And Mr. Victor is alive.”

John: “Louie, what are you talking about? Victor Lord Jr. was buried weeks ago.”

Louie: “No, sir. He had a memorial service, not a funeral with a burial. He's alive, sir.”

John: “Do you have any proof of this?”

Louie: “Yessir, I do. I have it right here. I can't bring it out there, you have to meet me over at the employees' parking lot, by the dumpster, in five minutes. I can show you the proof there.”

John: “Okay, Louie. I'll go around through the north exit and meet you there.”

(The camera follows Louie back to where Victor has resumed his hiding spot in Louie's car. Louie stands against the driver side door and pretends to talk himself.)

Louie: “All taken care of.”

Victor: (whispering) “Good job.”

(John arrives, and quickly slips into the shadows. He follows Louie's lead and slips into the front passenger seat after seeing Louie get inside the driver's seat.)

John: “Alright, Louie, whatcha got for me?”

Victor: “He's got me.”

(Fade out.)

(Flash back to St. Ann's. Blair is shocked by what Todd has revealed about Victor possibly being alive.)

Blair: “Todd, that's impossible! We buried him.”

Todd: “Did anyone verify a body in that coffin?”

(Blair opens her mouth to say something, then stops).

Todd: “You know what? Even if there was a body in that coffin, my wack job of a mother would have found a way to steal it and hypnotize it back to life. That crazy bitch. More importantly, you need to know that Delgado is involved with Baker and was involved with Victor's shooting.”

Blair: (strongly defensive) “That's A LIE, Todd! You would say anything to get him out of life!”

Todd: “True, but you'd say anything to keep him there because it's better than entertaining the possibility that I'm telling the truth...and, I AM telling the truth! I swear on my children.”

(Blair cringes at the oath, but remains silent.)

Todd: (sympathetically) “Look, Blair. I don't play fair when I want something, I admit that. But this is not a lie. Delgado is dangerous. It's becoming clear why he offered to take my place in Irene's shooting. It's why he felt 'indebted' to me. This wasn't about what happened to me eight years ago. He was trying to off my bastard twin because he wanted neither 'Todd' in Téa's life. Victor was struggling for dear life in my memory, and Tomas was calmly telling him that he would never get the chance to tell her anything about his involvement. As a matter of fact, those men who offered to 'help' me led me to Baker! THAT'S why Delgado was so calm when the men took him away! He was never really a captive in the first place.”

Blair: (putting her fingers up to her temples) “Oh, my God! This is too much to process all at once.”

Todd: “Well can you at least try to process that I'm being truthful?”

Blair: “How can I? You lied for months about shooting your brother.”

Todd: “When I told you I didn't do it, I was sure of it...and until those memories of Irene, I didn't know I WAS lying, and now that I am getting my memory back, I KNOW I was telling the truth all along. No matter what else I've done, I told the truth about this.”

(The camera fades out with Blair struggling to believe him.)

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